Pristine furniture is in the forecast
An extra layer of defence to protect your investment.

Advanced protection from rain, snow, wind, and sun

Exclusively designed for Outer sofas and chairs and crafted from recyclable fabric, All-Weather Covers go on and off with ease, protect against all the elements, and sustainably extend the life of your furniture keep your furniture.

Weather doesn't stand a chance

Water-resistant and mould-resistant fabric keeps your sofas and chairs in pristine condition all year round.

Condensation stays out

Vents allow airflow to prevent moisture and heat from building up underneath.

Wind won't blow your cover

Straps and buckles for each leg securely hold the cover in place, even when winds reach 70 mph.

Always looks like new

Come rain or shine, the fade-resistant fabric holds up beautifully.

Tailored protection

The custom design leaves no cushion and no frame uncovered.

Goes on and off with ease

The coloured water-resistant zipper clearly indicates the right side so you don't have to waste any time figuring out which way is which.

Lets everything slide

Sloping angles keep water from pooling and shed debris so the cover doesn't sink or sag.

Minimal maintenance

Simply brush off any excess dust or dirt, gently scrub with soap and water if needed, hose off, and let dry in the sun.

Responsible by nature

The high-quality design and material extend the life of your furniture. And the longer something lasts, the lighter its environmental impact.

Recyclable material

Designed with the future in mind, the fabric can be recycled at the end of its lifespan so nothing goes to waste.
All-Weather Covers
An extra layer of defence for your outdoor seating.