Bug Shield Outdoor Throw Blanket

Our Bug Shield Blankets, shown on the Flex Collection Arm Chair, are treated with non-toxic, EPA-registered Insect Shield® to safely repel bugs.
Enjoy year-round comfort with the soft, lightweight Bug Shield Blanket made from 100% post-consumer recycled fibers.
The colors and patterns of the Bug Shield Blanket are thoughtfully selected to beautifully complement Outer's collection palette.
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The Outer Difference

Safe, Recycled Textiles

  • Environmentally Friendly Design

    Our blankets are crafted with 100% recycled fibers, giving existing materials a second life.
  • Lasting Defense

    Insect Shield®️ technology bonds tightly to fabric fibers, ensuring long-lasting repellency even after washing. Machine washable for convenience.
  • Safe Protection

    Insect Shield®️, with its EPA-registration, lowest-risk rating, ensures safety for pregnant women, children, and pets.

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For People and the Planet

  • Mindful Materials

    At Outer, we meticulously select each material for our products, prioritizing durability, environmental responsibility, and your comfort.
  • Circularity by Design

    Whenever possible, we integrate recycled materials into our furniture to reduce waste.
  • Created to Last

    We design our furniture to withstand the test of time, ensuring years of enjoyment and connection for you and your loved ones.

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