Charcoal Aluminum Outdoor Sectional Chair - Left (Open Box)

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Outer's modular sofa, chair, and ottoman include our OuterShell cover so they're always clean, dry, and ready to use
Outer's proprietary OuterWeave™ fabric is soft to the touch, easy to clean, and more durable than the competition.
OuterCloud™ cushions include multi-layered memory foam, delivering comfort inspired by luxury mattresses.
The Gathering Table, shown with Outer's Charcoal Aluminum Sofa with Pacific Fog Gray cushions, complements Outer's sofa sets.

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Color:Deep Sea Navy

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What Makes Outer Seating Special

  • OuterShell® Protection

    Outer sofa’s are always clean, dry, and ready to use with our patented, game-changing integrated cover. Your backyard is always ready when you are.
  • Life-Proof Fabrics

    Made from recyclable materials, our fabric is machine washable, water-resistant, sustainable, stain, fade, mold, and UV resistant, yet still feels like cotton.
  • Memory Foam Comfort

    Constructed from three layers, including the same memory foam found in luxury mattresses, Outer cushions offer exceptional comfort and support.
  • Ergonomic for Everyone

    The carefully calculated seat depth accommodates the widest range of heights, alleviating pressure points and preventing perpetual slouching.
  • Infinitely Modular

    The Outer Sofa can transform with your space. Effortlessly rearrange seating whenever your needs and preferences change.
  • Safe for the Family

    We carefully consider every material that goes into our products for safety, durability, environmental impact, and comfort.

Aluminum Is Lightweight, Strong, and Stylish

  • Weatherproof

    Stormy weather ahead? No worries. Aluminum is weather-resistant, so it will never rust, decay, or loosen. Our frames are finished with top-of-the-line powder coating guaranteed to last for more than 10 years. 
  • Durable

    Prized for its looks and strength, aluminum is a superior outdoor material. Our aluminum frames are lightweight enough for a single person to handle, but not so light they will blow away in a gusty July thunderstorm. 
  • Endlessly Recyclable 

    In addition to looking beautiful season after season, aluminum is an eco-friendly material. In fact, it's one of the easiest materials to recycle at the end of its (long) lifespan.

Most Popular Aluminum Products

Soft Touch Fabrics Engineered for Outdoors

  • Ultra-Durable

    Made from recyclable materials, our performance fabric is woven from solution-dyed yarn that won't fade in the sun. It's finished with a nano coating to make it water-resistant, too.
  • Easy to Clean

    No amount of dirt, wine, coffee, or tea can destroy this fabric, and with a 10-year warranty to back it up, you can trust that it will stay looking great even after countless washes in the laundry machine.
  • Incredibly Soft

    We applied the characteristics of natural fibers to create a cotton feel and a surface that won't overheat—a combination that's rare in outdoor furniture.

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For People and the Planet

  • Mindful Materials

    At Outer, we meticulously select each material for our products, prioritizing durability, environmental responsibility, and your comfort.
  • Circularity by Design

    Whenever possible, we integrate recycled materials into our furniture to reduce waste.
  • Created to Last

    We design our furniture to withstand the test of time, ensuring years of enjoyment and connection for you and your loved ones.

Your Investment is Covered by OuterShell®

  • Deep-Seated Protection

    Integrated into every cushion, this patented cover makes sure your sofa is always clean, dry, and ready to be enjoyed.
  • Always in its Element

    Made from water-resistant performance fabric, the OuterShell® effortlessly weathers rain, sun, dirt, pollen, and debris.
  • All-Around Easy

    Secured by easy-to-use tabs, the cover goes on and off in seconds and doubles as a convenient storage case.

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