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6 Ways to Style Your New Outdoor Rug

6 Ways to Style Your New Outdoor Rug

A great rug has the ability to effortlessly transform a space. When designing our first outdoor rug collection, not only did we want best-in-class materials and performance, we also wanted a design versatile and stylish enough to work with any decor aesthetic.

The 1188 Eco-Friendly Outdoor Rug Collection delivers on all our design aspirations, with rugs bold enough to tie a room together, yet neutral enough to let your personal taste shine (no matter how often you like to redecorate 😉 ).

Need some inspiration on how to style your Outer outdoor rug? We checked in with some of our favorite Neighborhood Showroom Hosts to see how the Outer rug highlights their own unique look.  

So, cuddle up with a cozy throw, pour yourself a tall glass of wine, and read on for decorating tips from Outer Hosts across the country.


Emily's space has 'Southern Charm' written all over it!

“I LOVE my rug. With this and our Outer sofa, we never have a reason to go inside!” — Emily P.

An outdoor sofa is relaxing. An outdoor sofa with a matching rug is backyard heaven. This floor-to-seat monochrome color palette gives your outdoor atmosphere a level of polish worthy of the best indoor living room.


Wishing for an endless summer at Orly's.

"When I first heard that each rug is made with 1,188 recycled plastic water bottles, I thought it would be hard and shiny. It’s not at all! It looks and feels like a beautiful indoor rug, yet somehow is still washable!" — Orly S.

Rich textiles, comfortable furniture, and eclectic accents are hallmarks of California’s laid back style. The subtle colors and design of our rug allow you to layer colors and cozy fabrics to your heart’s content. Feel free to add a little more of everything. Plant wall? Check. Bright orange throw? Done.


Geri's not afraid of a little dirt or spill!

"My Outer rug came, and I couldn't be more excited. It's beautiful, it's made out of recycled bottles (which I absolutely love!)" — Geri Del Vento

This rug’s timeless herringbone style and subtle texture play nicely with other patterns. The geometric patterns of mid-century modern design come in all shapes and sizes: from statement tables and chairs to small lamps and throws. Why not mix and match to get that mid-century modern feel?


Dini created a peaceful place to soak up the sun or the shade.

"The 1188 completely helped make our space cozy and pull together the colors to create the look I was going for!" — Dini K.

Our product designers chose neutral colors for our first outdoor rug: Sand Dune Beige, Seashell Gray, and Pebble Gray. Alongside these muted coastal colors, your geometric patterns, sand-hued pottery, and succulent plants will pop. You can never go wrong with more plants.


Ready for grown-up Happy Hours or kid-friendly playdates, Kalani's space suits all occasions.

"If you are looking for a super-soft, hide-everything, easy-to-clean, incredibly-durable, eco- friendly and family-friendly RUG!! Look no further!"  – Kalani W.

With active and ever-growing kids at home, a contemporary look can be just the trick to keep your space looking timeless — even while everything within it changes. The colors in our rugs reflect the classic colors of nature with blue and white hues, stripes, and distressed accessories. The wicker frame on our signature sofa will add to the theme.


Chic and simple, Katie S. created a perfect spot for relaxation and fresh air.

“The quality is UNREAL good. I’ve been trying this rug out for a few months and it looks just as good as the day we got it.” - Katie S.

To some, less is more than enough. If a simple, uncluttered space is your perpetual design pursuit, explore this route for your outdoor living room. Clean lines and monochrome colors are needed. The natural textures in our rug will give the otherwise bare space the right amount of warmth.

Ready to style your 1188 Eco-Friendly Outdoor Rug? View the full collection to browse three colors and sizes. You can also speak directly to our design team for help with creating a space that feels true to you.