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Give Your Yard a Spring Refresh

Give Your Yard a Spring Refresh

There’s nothing better than that first warm, sunny day after months of winter weather. In Los Angeles, we had an unusual bout of non-stop rain and now the outdoors are blooming to intoxicating effect. We can’t wait to get out there and enjoy it all—starting in our own backyards.

Spring means reinvention: an excuse to shed the layers we’ve been hiding under, spruce up our wardrobe, and enjoy the seasonal sunshine. Now is the perfect time to think about how you want to outfit your yard for the coming months. Here are a handful of tips to get you started.

Spring cleaning in the yard

First things first. In warmer climates like California, your yard has most likely experienced some overgrowth. Get your clippers and cleaning supplies and give it a good grooming. Clean off the moss. If plants have been left wild through winter, give them a haircut.

If you planted seedlings in fall or at the first thaw of winter, spring is when you’ll begin to see green sprouts. Make way for new growth by clearing out any old, dead debris. Prune plants and hedges, and clear the ground of dead leaves and brush (which can also be repurposed as “brown” carbon for a compost).

Bonus: this is a perfect task to do as a family. Get kids involved! What’s better than working (masked as playing) in the yard? Imagine their shock when they experience fresh blooms or a ripe tomato.

Prep your outdoor furniture for spring

If your furniture has been sitting outside all season, grab a scrub brush and some mild soap and give it a good wash. Fabrics, if stored, could use a vacuum and spot clean.

New spring decor for the yard

Now for the fun part. Think of it like breaking out your spring wardrobe. Same with your yard: time to shed some dusty layers and give it a new look.

Pillows (or just pillow cases) are an affordable, easy element—and add a great pop of color or pattern. Woven baskets made of natural fibers give your plants a new stylish home.

Warmer nights, better lights

An essential for spending time outside after the sun sets, lighting can make or break the vibe. We love hurricane lamps, or, if you’re feeling ambitious, now might be the moment to finally hang up those string lights.

Last up, a fire pit is a great way to keep the party going and stay toasty. Not to mention, roasted marshmallows are always in season.

Use a bit-by-bit philosophy to transform your outdoor space; we challenge you to just take the first step this weekend.