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All About Outer’s New Aluminum Collection

All About Outer’s New Aluminum Collection

Exceptionally durable and ideal for low-maintenance outdoor living, Outer’s 100% recyclable Aluminum Collection — available in Armchairs, Loveseats, and all configurations of the Outer Sofa — is every backyard enthusiast’s dream come true.

We designed our Aluminum Collection with the same level of comfort, innovation, durability, and eye toward sustainability that you’ve come to expect from all of our products. Its clean, contemporary aesthetic adds a new polish to outdoor style — and of course, it will last for years to come.

Why Aluminum for Outer’s new collection?

Aluminum, as a material, made perfect sense for outdoor furniture. It’s weather-resistant and never rusts, decays, or loosens over time. It’s built to last for a lifetime  of outdoor enjoyment.

Additionally, aluminum is one of the easiest materials to recycle at the end of its (very long) lifespan, which means the entire collection is 100% recyclable.

Lastly, the aluminum lends to a beautifully streamlined aesthetic — clean lines, tapered legs, and a sleek silhouette — and meets the discerning tastes and high standards of our team and our customers.

Outer Aluminum Loveseat and Armless Chair featuring Palisades Cream cushions 

Ease of use

While we pride ourselves on simplifying the setup of all of our furniture, the Aluminum Collection is exceptionally easy. You won’t find any screws or assembly instructions because everything is put together and ready to use. Just take the frame out of the box and add cushions — it’s that simple.

Cleanup is also a cinch for that matter. You can clean the aluminum frame by simply spraying it down with water — it never rusts.

The pieces are modular as well, and can be arranged in any configuration you like — as often as you like with no hassle (or need for backup). Extruded aluminum is lightweight enough for a single person to move around easily, but not so light it will blow away in inclement weather.

Less effort, little to no maintenance, and a long lifespan means more time to enjoy your life outdoors.

Outer Aluminum Collection Armless Chair (pictured without cushions). 

Design inspiration

The flowing lines and elegant movement of the Aluminum Collection are inspired by modern automotive design, balancing ergonomics with clean aesthetics for a strong yet refined look and feel.

The clean lines, tapered legs, and thin silhouette are a natural fit for modern and contemporary spaces, though versatile enough to look at home just about anywhere. The collection is at once distinctly Outer, and instantly timeless.

A leg up: Our frames feature a stylish tapered leg, which we achieve through an extra step called swaging. The process uses compression to manipulate the aluminum into more nuanced shapes.

Our new collection has the same Outer features you already know and love too, including multi-layer foam cushions, the built-in OuterShell® cover for protection from the elements, and ultra-durable performance fabric.

Outer Aluminum 3-Piece Sofa featuring Pacific Fog Grey Cushions and the Teak Outdoor Coffee Table with Concrete Inlay

Sustainability Matters

As with everything we do, we focused on innovative ways to create environmentally-friendly pieces that people can enjoy outside for years to come. Our Aluminum Collection is indeed 100% recyclable. Additionally, as part of our continued 1% For The Planet membership, 1% of all Aluminum revenue will go to the environmental nonprofit Climate Neutral to support their mission to decrease global carbon emissions.

Ready to see for yourself what’s so amazing about these new additions? The pieces are live on site and ready to move into your backyard. Shop the Aluminum Collection now.