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Why We’re All Fired Up About This Product

Why We’re All Fired Up About This Product

Let me paint the picture for you.

It's a Friday evening and you decided to treat yourself after a busy week by inviting your friends and family over for an evening by the fire. Your friends have a couple of mischievous young kids who get an A+ in mess-making. Luckily, you don't have to worry as your Outer set has stain-resistant cushions.

You plan to destress from the busy week by sharing a few cocktails over some light-hearted conversation by the fire. As the night goes on, you and your guests develop an appetite. We all know great food is the key to any successful backyard gathering, so you decide to rise to the occasion and cook a meal for all of your guests.

As your guests continue to chat, you find yourself in isolation, prepping the grill and reassuring yourself that you know what you're doing (“I've done this before, how hard can it be?”).

You run back and forth from the kitchen to the grill, to the pantry, to the chopping board, sweating as you reassure your guests, “No, no, please, I insist, I got this, please sit and enjoy.”

You continue to refill everyone's drinks, not making any real progress with the food; the anxiety and stress set in, and your guests have run out of topics to discuss amongst themselves. You are on the verge of just ordering a few pizzas, but you suddenly have a brilliant idea! What if there was a way you could host and cook outside simultaneously?

What if there was a way you didn't have to step away at all? A way that you could successfully grill while being in the presence of your loved ones, without taking away from the moment. A way you can appreciate these little moments in life. Well, do I have news for you. Now you can! Say hello to Outer's very own Fire Pit Table!

Versatility & innovation

Our unique and multifunctional Fire Pit Table can be used as a coffee table, a fire pit, or a grill. Every part of the fire pit table has been intentionally and thoughtfully designed. When you are not actively using the Fire Pit Table, it can serve as a regular table, perfect for a flower arrangement or seasonal centerpiece.

The versatility of the Outer Fire Pit Table allows you to entertain your guests with a warming fire as the gathering point. When you're looking to kick back and enjoy the warmth of a fire, simply place the ceramic stone spheres in the pit and get lost in the flames.

Outer’s ceramic stones add visual interest and act as a wind guard by keeping the flame centralized for maximum heat efficiency. When hunger calls, you can cook a fantastic meal on our cast iron griddle, which evenly distributes heat throughout the surface and also directs heat outwards to people seated around the fire pit. The built-in cooking surface means hosts no longer have to dash inside or stay parked at the grill to entertain; guests can cook, eat, and socialize around the Outer Fire Pit Table together. You can cook everything from kebabs and steaks to pancakes and crepes on the Outer Fire Pit Table. (Don’t forget about the s'mores! Yum!)​​​​

Our Fire Pit Table has an approximate burn area of 3.5 square feet and is perfect for patios, decks, and backyard installs. The Outer Fire Pit Table provides 55,000 BTUs,  approximately 1,000 square feet, enough to warm up a larger area.

Thoughtful 3-in-1 design

Styling & sustainability

Thoughtfully designed to complement any Outer collection, the Fire Pit Table will always be a conversation starter with its bold and sleek design. No longer compromise between form and function, you can kick back and relax knowing that Outer’s got you covered. Our stylish Fire Pit Table body is made from Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete cement and is paired with our propane cover that's beautiful enough to stand on its own. With the addition of the propane cover, not only does it serve as a side table for your food platters, but it can also be used as an ottoman. Additionally, the propane cover provides that extra layer of protection to prevent fire hazards. Using Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete cement requires less energy to produce and results in less off-gassing, thus lightening our carbon footprint. Stylish, practical, comfortable, and sustainable -- could it possibly get any better?

Safe & easy to use

Rhetorical questions are my favorite because, YES, it can get better. Our easy-to-use CSA-approved (Canadian Standards Association) grill ignites gently and smoothly, so you won't be surprised by a sudden burst of flame.

The Outer Fire Pit Table truly is a ​​multifunctional backyard staple that allows you to extend your outdoor experience for years to come. From hosting special events like birthday parties and graduations, to small, weeknight gatherings with beloved family and friends - Outer’s got you covered for all your outdoor needs.

Fired up? Get in touch  

If you would like a complimentary design consultation to see how Outer’s Fire Pit Table will fit in your space, simply chat in or call us at (855).277.7744. If you would like to see the Fire Pit Table in person, reach out and an Outer Product Specialist will coordinate and connect you with a local Outer Neighborhood Showroom. It’s all here. The only question is: What are you going to be cooking up on the Outer Fire Pit Table?

This post was written by Outer's own Product Specialist, Alejandro Ventura.