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The Complete Aluminum Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide

The Complete Aluminum Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide

If you’re looking for outdoor furniture, you’ve probably discovered that there are countless styles available — it can be hard to know which path to take. When it comes to choosing aluminum outdoor furniture for your backyard, you really can’t go wrong!

How do you know which aluminum furniture meets your needs? We’ve compiled a list of our best tips for finding the perfect aluminum furniture to bring life to your backyard.

Keep reading to discover why aluminum is a smart choice for your outdoor furniture needs and exactly what you should look for when shopping for your new favorite pieces.

Materials Used In Outdoor Furniture

aluminum outdoor furniture with a firepit and chairs

Before we dive into what makes aluminum outdoor furniture a great choice for all your backyard furniture needs, let’s explore other materials often used in outdoor furniture.


Teak is a common material used in outdoor furniture — and for good reason. It’s hard-wearing, can stand the test of time living outdoors, and is easy to clean and very low-maintenance.

Unlike other wood materials used in outdoor furniture, teak doesn’t require treatment or regular oiling to keep it looking pristine — it’s got natural protective oils built right in!

We’re such big fans of teak outdoor furniture that we created a range of seating options and coffee tables featuring this beautiful material, so you can rest assured it’s Outer approved.


Mahogany is a strong, heavy wood that’s slowly being used less frequently in the outdoor furniture industry (thanks to lighter-weight, more sustainable options such as teak wood).

Not only is this dense wood becoming harder to find, but it also requires a lot of upkeep — regular polishing and major stress at the mere thought of a spill that could stain it. Generally speaking, it’s also not as hard-wearing as other wood options on the market.

While mahogany might look beautiful, it’s a little too high-maintenance for our taste!

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is an incredibly versatile material that can be used in a variety of ways. We currently feature it in our range of All-Weather Wicker furniture to bring sturdiness to our sofa legs (more on that below!).

However, when used as a standalone material, stainless steel can be very heavy and requires expensive construction.

In comparison to aluminum, which is lighter in weight and just as versatile, the latter is our go-to for a core material.

All-Weather Wicker

All-weather wicker has a special place in our hearts — after all, our wicker sofas, like our 3-Seater Wicker Outdoor Sofa, were among the first we ever designed and built!

By itself, all-weather wicker is too lightweight to withstand strong winds, but pairing it with an aluminum frame and stainless steel legs makes for a versatile and durable outdoor furniture option.

Why Choose Aluminum Outdoor Furniture?

Two people hanging out on aluminum outdoor furniture

Now that we’ve covered the most common materials found in outdoor furniture, let’s dive into what you really came here for: why aluminum outdoor furniture might be a great choice for your outdoor space.

It’s Durable And Hard-Wearing

The number one reason we love using aluminum in Outer furniture is that it’s incredibly durable and hard-wearing.

It’s a true set-it-and-forget-it option in the outdoor furniture world — simply set it up and it’ll be ready and waiting for you to use for years to come.

Aluminum outdoor furniture is also naturally mold-resistant and will never rust, and it won’t chip or crack. This makes it the ideal material for a variety of climates, from the super humid to the extra cold.

Finally, keep in mind that durable doesn’t have to mean heavy!

Despite how hard-wearing aluminum is, it’s surprisingly lightweight, making it the perfect option for families that love to entertain and might find themselves rearranging their outdoor furniture to suit different needs.

There’s Minimal Maintenance Required

If you’re looking for outdoor furniture that requires essentially zero upkeep, aluminum outdoor furniture could be the one for you.

Unlike many types of wooden outdoor furniture, aluminum furniture doesn’t require oiling to prevent it from looking worn down. It holds its shape so you don’t need to worry about it bending or snapping. Plus, it can withstand the elements without cracking under pressure.

It’s Timelessly Stylish

At Outer, we’re all about sustainability and making furniture that will last your family through years of happy memories.

We create furniture that’s built using quality materials and craftsmanship while offering a classic, timeless design that never goes out of style. Aluminum outdoor furniture is exactly that — timeless, stylish, and versatile enough to suit a variety of backyard decor.

You won’t find yourself getting sick of looking at your aluminum furniture any time soon, and its timelessness means there’s no need to switch it out after a year or two.

Tips For Selecting The Best Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

Woman lounging by the pool on aluminum outdoor furniture

When shopping for aluminum outdoor furniture, it’s important to know the key features to look for to ensure you snag the best option on the market. Not all aluminum furniture is created with the quality and style you might expect.

Follow our tips below to discover everything you need to know about selecting the perfect aluminum outdoor furniture!

Choose Lifeproof Furniture

Think about the elements your outdoor furniture goes up against every day.

On top of the same daily wear-and-tear that your indoor couch goes through — from kids, pets, and food spillages — your outdoor furniture also has to contend with sun, rain, wind, and potentially even snow.

This is why your aluminum outdoor furniture must be totally lifeproof! Everything from the frames and the legs to any fabrics used on the cushions needs to be able to withstand whatever life — and Mother Nature — throws at it.

We made sure that every piece of our aluminum furniture range, from our cozy Aluminum Outdoor Armchairs to our spacious 5-Seater Aluminum Outdoor Corner Sectional, was designed and built with functionality and durability in mind (on top of good looks, of course).

Our aluminum furniture is rust-proof and resistant to mold, water, stains, and UV rays. That goes for every part of our aluminum range, including the fabric of our cushions.

So no matter what you love to use your backyard for, you can be sure that Outer’s aluminum furniture can stand up to it all!

Opt For Sustainably Sourced Materials

At Outer, we’re all about being eco-friendly and helping counter the effects of climate change, so it’s no surprise that our materials are always sustainably sourced and easily recyclable.

Our All-Weather Wicker furniture is made from recycled plastic bottles, and each tree we use to create our teak furniture has 15 more replanted in its place to ensure we’re giving back more than we take.

Our aluminum furniture is no different. It’s made of recyclable materials and is designed with longevity in mind, so you won’t be cluttering landfills any time soon.

Check The Craftsmanship

You want your new aluminum outdoor furniture to be a fixture in your backyard for a long time to come, and it all starts with choosing pieces that are designed with expert craftsmanship.

Make sure the aluminum furniture you plan on buying feels solid, is comfortable to sit on, and that the fabrics used are free from snags. Check to see if the cushions are made from quality materials and that the zippers work correctly.

This inspection may feel like overkill, but when it comes to purchasing your new aluminum outdoor furniture, quality matters!

There’s nothing worse than investing in new outdoor furniture only to find it’s not all it’s cracked up to be once you take a closer look.

We pride ourselves on our Outer furniture being of the highest quality in both materials and craftsmanship — any one of our neighborhood Showroom hosts can vouch for that!

It’s also important to check the warranty terms of your new outdoor furniture to ensure that, in case anything were to break down, you’d be covered. Any outdoor furniture manufacturer worth their salt will be upfront about their warranty details, so be sure to investigate before you buy.

At Outer, we’re proud to offer a five-year limited warranty on our cushions and fabrics, with an additional five years for sofa legs and frames. We know our aluminum outdoor furniture will live a long, happy life with you, and we’re always willing to walk the talk to make sure that happens.

Go Aluminum And Live Better, Outside

Couple drinking wine while sitting on aluminum outdoor furniture

And there you have it: everything you need to know when it comes to purchasing the best aluminum outdoor furniture!

We hope you enjoyed learning all about why aluminum is the perfect choice for a durable, stylish, and low-maintenance backyard furniture option.

By following our tips in this buying guide — including looking for quality craftsmanship, choosing lifeproof fabrics, and opting for sustainably sourced materials — you’ll be relaxing in your new aluminum furniture in no time!

From Aluminum Outdoor Armchairs to our 5-Seater Aluminum Outdoor Corner Sectional, you can’t go wrong with Outer’s range of aluminum outdoor furniture to bring life back outside.