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Expert Backyard Bonfire Ideas For A Party To Remember

Expert Backyard Bonfire Ideas For A Party To Remember

Whether it’s a balmy summer evening or a chilly fall night, you can’t go wrong with a backyard bonfire to bring your loved ones together in the great outdoors.

To make your party one to remember, our outdoor living experts at Outer have compiled a list of pro tips. From snack ideas to the best activities to keep your guests entertained, we’ll cover it all below.

If purchasing or making your own fire pit is already checked off your to-do list, you’re ready to start planning the rest of your backyard bonfire setup. Keep reading to find inspiration for the ultimate fireside get-together!

Crowd-Pleasing Backyard Bonfire Ideas

Our Favorite Meal And Snack Ideas

Family making smore's in backyard bonfire
Outer Wicker Outdoor Sofa 

Any great backyard bonfire needs even better food to go along with it, so it’s important to take the time to plan out your meals and snacks in advance.

We believe a good, old-fashioned cookout is a foolproof way to keep your guests well-fed throughout your gathering. Think burgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, potato salad — the works!

Alternatively, pizza is another crowd-pleaser that somehow tastes even better when you’re cozied up around a bonfire. One of our favorites is this goat cheese, fig, and prosciutto recipe since kids and adults alike can’t get enough of the flavor combo.

If you’re keeping it healthy, opt for a tasty salad option like this grilled chicken and peach salad. This recipe is like summer on a plate, and it’s great to serve as a standalone dish or to accompany some of your favorite appetizers.

Once dinner is done, you’re going to need a steady supply of snacks and dessert items to keep the party going.

Of course, no backyard bonfire is complete without s’mores, so be sure to stock up on graham crackers, marshmallows, and the chocolate of your choice for everyone to enjoy. If it’s cool outside, consider adding hot chocolate into the mix to warm things up.

Other family favorite snacks we love for sitting around the fire pit include popcorn, trail mix, chips, and even the occasional campfire donut or cinnamon roll. We’re already drooling just thinking about these!

To make the most out of your backyard bonfire and grilling experience, incorporate our Fire Pit Table into your backyard design. With a built-in griddle, you no longer have to dash inside or man the grill alone while your guests all party.

This table makes it easy to cook, socialize, and eat together so you can provide delicious snacks and never miss a moment.

Activities To Keep Your Guests Entertained

Family watching a movie while having a backyard bonfire
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When it comes to activities to keep your guests entertained around the bonfire, this is the time to let your creativity shine.

One of our favorite ways to enjoy a backyard bonfire is to treat it like a traditional camping setup. This usually involves whipping out the sleeping bags and telling the scariest stories we can think of while sitting by the fire.

While you’re enjoying the great outdoors and the company of friends and family, don’t forget to look up and do some stargazing. It’s not often that we take the time to notice all the magic that’s up there, so take advantage of the opportunity!

It’s also always fun to incorporate music into a bonfire night. Whether it’s a Spotify playlist or a live show with an acoustic guitar, music is a simple yet effective way to keep the mood light and fun.

If you’re game, you could even make this into a talent show. It’s great for keeping the little ones occupied, plus it makes for a laughter-filled evening that’s sure to build lasting memories.

Another fun idea we like to pair with a backyard bonfire is an outdoor movie night. Whether you have a television ready to go or you use your DIY skills to hang a white sheet and set up a projector, your guests will love indulging in a backyard movie marathon.

And, of course, we can’t leave out flashlight games. The ones you used to enjoy at summer camp as a kid are the best — we love flashlight tag, flashlight freeze, after-dark hide and seek, and ghost in the graveyard.

Backyard Bonfire Seating Ideas

backyard bonfire
Outer Fire Pit Table 

For your backyard bonfire to be a huge success, it’s important to make sure you’ve got plenty of comfortable outdoor seating for your guests — the kind that makes your neighbor spy through the fence to figure out exactly where you bought it. That’s where we come in!

From teak to all-weather wicker to aluminum, our range of outdoor furniture has options to suit just about any style of backyard decor, helping you create that professionally styled look and feel.

Each piece of Outer furniture has a modular design to allow for easy arranging and rearranging to suit your seating needs. This means you can transform your outdoor couch into individual chairs at a moment’s notice.

We created our entire range of outdoor seating to be functional as well as durable to last you many years to come.

From the sustainably sourced wood used to build our teak furniture to our hand-woven all-weather wicker crafted by master artisans, every Outer sofa, sectional, and armchair has been thoughtfully designed.

We use only the best materials to ensure our furniture is lifeproof. That means no matter which Outer piece you buy, it’s guaranteed to be resistant to stains, rust, water, mold, bleach, UV rays — just about anything life can throw at it.

Inside our seat cushions, you’ll find the same high-resiliency memory foam found in premium mattresses. At six inches thick with three layers of plush goodness, we’ve managed to create the perfect outdoor chair.

And when the bonfire wraps up, the OuterShell™ is there to protect your furniture. These built-in covers sit discreetly behind each Outer seat cushion, ready to roll out and keep your furniture clean, dry, and ready to use the next day.

So whether you choose a wood option like our 3-Seater Teak Outdoor Sofa, a set like our 4-Seater Wicker Outdoor Loveseat with Armless Chairs, or a spacious sectional like our 6-Seater Aluminum Outdoor U Sectional, you can be sure your guests will be comfortable long after the bonfire has died down.

Our Extra Must-Haves

To complete your backyard bonfire, there are a few extra must-haves we recommend to make sure your night goes off without a hitch.

First up: pillows galore! Pack your seating area with plenty of comfy pillows, like our Outdoor Throw Pillows. With multiple shapes, sizes, and color combinations to choose from, our pillows are perfect for mixing and matching.

Not only are these accessories stylish, but they’re also fade, stain, and water-resistant to ensure they live a long, happy life on your outdoor couch.

Next, gather as many blankets as you can find so your guests can stay cozy throughout the evening. If they’re designed for outdoor use like our pillows, even better!

We also love a touch of soft lighting to add to the ambiance of a backyard bonfire. Try putting a few decorative lanterns around or hanging string lights to increase the cozy vibes.

Speaking of lighting, if any little ones will be attending your bonfire, glow sticks are a non-negotiable! Consider adding sparklers into the mix too, as they make for some cool nighttime photographs.

We can’t forget the unwanted guests that might show up: mosquitos. Fortunately, our new insect-repellant Bug Shield Blankets will keep you cozy and comfortable, all night long.

And last but not least, consider adding a seasonal touch or two to your evening. For example, if you’re throwing a fall bonfire, incorporating pumpkin carving and serving cups of hot apple cider can really make your night one to remember.

Uplevel Your Backyard Bonfire Setup With Outer

backyard bonfire
Outer Fire Pit Table

A backyard bonfire requires a little bit of planning to get things just right. From the food to the fun activities, you’ll want to have a mix of classic options and modern twists to make your get-together a night to remember.

By following our recommendations in this guide, your party will go off without a hitch. Be sure to check the essentials off your must-have list — s’mores, flashlight games, insect repellent, and, of course, plenty of comfortable seating.

Whether you choose our cozy 3-Seater Teak Outdoor Sofa or our spacious 6-Seater Aluminum Outdoor U Sectional, this kind of comfort might make it hard for you to get your guests off of your couch at the end of the night.

And for more sophistication and comfort, add the Outer Fire Pit Table to your backyard design. Made from Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete, our fire pit tables are weather resistant, low maintenance, and long-lasting in the face of everything the outdoors has to throw at them.

No matter what kind of party you are preparing for, Outer has you covered!