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Behind The Design: The Outer Wicker Armchair

Behind The Design: The Outer Wicker Armchair

We are beyond excited to introduce the newest member of the Outer family: The All-Weather Wicker Armchair.

We’ve gotten countless customer requests for an armchair to add to Outer's timeless All-Weather Wicker collection, so we dreamed up a design that can work equally well on its own, or as a complement to your existing Outer configuration. Here’s a peek-behind-the-curtain on how it came to life....

An early sketch of the Outer Wicker Armchairs by Outer Chief Design Officer, Terry Lin

It starts with sketches: When inspiration strikes, our Chief Design Officer Terry Lin grabs a pen and paper (or, as has been known to happen in a pinch, a napkin) and gets to work. The All-Weather Wicker Armchair combines all of our design values: comfort, innovation, durability, and sustainability—with a special emphasis on comfort (think thoughtful proportions for a comfortable height and a supportive back.)

Here’s how it started:

Comfort, durability, and quality are at the core of Outer's design process.

As with all of our products, we think about how to overcome current shortcomings in outdoor furniture. With armchairs, we knew that slip-and-slide cushions are a common complaint. So we developed a cushion that fits snugly to the back and sides of the Wicker Armchair, so it remains firmly in place.

Durability is a primary component of all our products. Our materials need to be able to stand up to everything that Mother Nature (and active families) throws at it. For the All-Weather Wicker Armchair, we developed wicker arms to offer additional side coverage for protection from the elements, utilized polished stainless steel legs that will never rust, and included an OuterShell® to protect the cushion for longer. Our fabric is finished with the same nano-coating used in performance camping gear, so it’s both water-resistant and easy to clean.

We take our commitment to sustainability seriously. The All-Weather Wicker Armchair is made of 30% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable at the end of its (long) lifespan.

The finished product is at once distinctly Outer, and new, with a style that mixes well with our existing wicker pieces without explicitly matching. It’s the perfect addition to your modular set-up as well as a stand-alone chair-- or buy two to create a conversation set.

There’s nothing as exciting as seeing a product you’ve dreamed about come to life. :)