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Big News: We've Opened Our 1,000th Neighborhood Showroom... and Counting!

Big News: We've Opened Our 1,000th Neighborhood Showroom... and Counting!

When we first launched Outer, we not only wanted to revolutionize the way outdoor furniture was made, we wanted to pioneer the next generation of retail. Neighborhood Showrooms were the answer.

Our Neighborhood Showrooms invite shoppers to connect with and visit the homes of real Outer customers in their actual backyards. Shoppers can see, touch, and sit on Sofas in the yards and patios of neighbors who use them every day. No sales-y pressure— just real customers sharing their experiences.

This connectivity, mixed with the excitement of reclaiming our outdoor spaces during the pandemic, has prompted an explosion of new Neighborhood Showrooms. We’re thrilled to say we now have 1,000 real-life Outer customers active in our Neighborhood Showroom program, opening their homes — physically and virtually — for viewings, from Boston to Seattle, Miami to Los Angeles. This makes Outer the largest peer-to-peer showroom platform in the United States.

The Next Generation of Retail Is Here

“The way people shop is evolving,” says our CEO and Co-Founder, Jiake Liu. “Our Neighborhood Showroom program is not only the next generation of retail, but it's also a way for people to re-engage with their communities and neighbors. After a long year of isolation, we are thrilled to celebrate this milestone and give people an opportunity to connect and enjoy the outdoors together.”

Crowdsourced Shopping Is Better for the Environment

Leveraging existing homes and outdoor spaces means we don’t waste resources maintaining a brick-and-mortar retail presence. Using existing infrastructure is one way we further our mission to reduce our environmental impact.

Plan a Visit to a Neighborhood Showroom Near You

Visiting Showrooms is easy. All you have to do is find a location near you, select a time to connect that works for you and the Host, and then sit back and relax on our innovative, durable, and extremely comfortable sofas or chairs. Or, peruse Showrooms across the country online to gather inspiration from a variety of outdoor spaces and lifestyles.

Visiting a Showroom in person? Don’t be afraid to get candid: Ask how our products hold up in your region’s climate or about our unparalleled customer service. Visualize how Outer would fit into your life. With access to first-hand knowledge from one of our valued Hosts, an industry-leading warranty, and a no-questions-asked return policy, you can be confident with your Outer purchase for years to come.

Plus, thanks to our Showrooms’ rapidly growing presence around the country and beyond, we’re bound to have a Neighborhood Showroom open — or opening soon — in a neighborhood near you.

The Perks of Being a Neighborhood Showroom Host

Outer Hosts are loyal customers who receive exclusive benefits for providing neighbors with first-hand, candid, and unbiased product experiences.

After opening our 1,000th location, Outer conducted a survey of our Neighborhood Showroom community to uncover new insights about their experience. Here’s what we found out:

More than 80% of Hosts reported spending more time outside after joining the Outer community.

89% of Hosts reported feeling more connected to their neighbors and community after hosting a Neighborhood Showroom visit.

98% of Hosts would recommend becoming a Neighborhood Showroom Host to a friend or family member.

How To Become A Neighborhood Showroom Host

Do you have a spectacular backyard, rooftop, patio, balcony, deck, or porch? We’d love to check out your space. If you’re interested in becoming a Neighborhood Showroom Host, let's chat! Begin the application process here.

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