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Outer Is Officially Climate Neutral Certified

Outer Is Officially Climate Neutral Certified

Science tells us the world needs to reach zero-net carbon emissions by 2050. This is no longer a distant concern, but one we and our children are faced with today. The good news is, there are solutions and actions we can take to right the course—if we act now.

Outer is a company ready to take action. Since day one, we’ve turned to sustainably-made and recycled materials and eco-friendly manufacturing practices to create our products. In June of 2021, we partnered with Climate Neutral, an environmental organization dedicated to decreasing global carbon emissions. We also committed to donating 1% of revenue from our Aluminum Collection to Climate Neutral in order to further their mission. Since then, we’ve worked closely with their team to measure and offset our carbon emissions. We are excited to announce that we are now officially Climate Neutral certified!

Using Climate Neutral’s proprietary software tool, we've calculated all of the emissions that it takes to make and ship our products to our customers’ doorstep. We then offset our carbon footprint by investing in climate change solutions, including wind energy in China, reforestation in Brazil, clean cookstoves in Kenya, avoiding deforestation in Peru, and repurposing crop residue into biofuel in India.

While we are just one company, we believe Climate Neutral is creating a new future for commerce. They help brands declare that eliminating their carbon is a fundamental act of doing business. They also empower companies to become part of the global climate solution. If we all commit to this, together we can:

  • Cut carbon and help halt the warming of our planet
  • Drive additional funding to low carbon technologies
  • Influence policymakers and show that businesses are ready to act

We see this as just the beginning. As Outer continues to grow, we will seek new ways to do our part in the climate crisis and create a blueprint for other businesses to do the same. There is no future without action. We want our friends, families, and future generations to continue enjoying time outdoors for many lifetimes to come— and that means making a change in how we do things today.