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Designer Spotlight: Meet Erin Fetherston

Designer Spotlight: Meet Erin Fetherston

Why the Star Designer Loves Outer Furniture

A force in both fashion and interior design, with a knack for making any space feel bright, light, and airy, Erin Fetherston is a celebrated designer whose work has appeared around the globe.

Designer Erin Fetherston 

She recently designed actor Odette Annable’s Texas home, outfitting her gorgeous backyard with Outer furniture. “It felt like the perfect choice for a few reasons,” Erin says. “Odette wanted flexibility with the configurations, and we really fell for the built-in OuterShell covers—that was a home run. Plus, Outer sofas have a really beautiful, modern silhouette, in great colors, so it works as a foundation piece to build around in so many ways.”

We asked Erin for some of her favorite tips, tricks, and predictions for outdoor design. Here’s what she had to say:

When it comes to outdoor-specific planning and inspiration, Fetherston says to take the environment into consideration. “When you’re designing outdoors, you need to consider landscape, topography, and practical things like sun exposure, weather, and the elements. Nobody wants high-maintenance outdoor furniture. Making choices that are easy to maintain is just as important as aesthetics.”

Fetherston recently designed actor Odette Annable's outdoor space

She also has some tips and ticks for outdoor entertaining. “When people come to your house, they shouldn’t have to guess where it’s okay to sit or put their glass down. Make it cozy and comfortable for your guests. And if you have kids, take them into consideration—for example, maybe don’t put your whole lunch spread at coffee table height, or it will get knocked over.”

More of Fetherston's designs

Still, the designer thinks there's room for more innovation in the outdoor furniture space. “I personally hope to see more outdoor storage solutions—like a weatherproof sideboard for keeping items for outdoor dining. So many people have opened up to being social again, but it’s very much taking place outside—and I’d love to see more functional design for outdoor spaces," she says.

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Actor Odette Annable and Fetherston