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Everything You Need to Know About our New Sectional

Everything You Need to Know About our New Sectional

When we set out to create the perfect outdoor sofa, we wanted to make something that would adapt to your lifestyle, rather than the other way around. Spaces come in various shapes and sizes, and so does Outer.

Post-launch, we heard you wanted a sectional setup for your outdoor living room. So, we made one.

Below, Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer Terry Lin breaks down everything else you need to know about how and why we created the Outer sectional.

So how does the Sectional work?

The Sectional has all the same features as our sofa, but comes with an extra back pillow and longer OuterShell™. It allows our customers to configure their sofa into that desired L-shape so they can put their feet up without occupying the entire sofa.

Existing customers can purchase a conversion kit that allows you to turn your sofa into a sectional easily.

The Sectional includes an elongated OuterShell™.

The longer OuterShell™ now covers the seat and two back cushions (versus just the original one).

What inspired you to make it?  

We always knew there would be interest in configuring sofas into sectionals. Post-launch, we quickly realized it was in high demand; so we designed this configuration, as well as a way to convert your existing sofa into a sectional with a couple of extra pieces.

Concept drawings of the sectional
The Four Piece Outer Sofa easily converts to a sectional.

What was the prototyping process like?

In exploring the corner chair cushion configurations, we looked at three options:

1.  A back cushion that was sewn together where it converges

2.  Two back cushions of equal length with a mitered corner shape (how a picture frame is made)

3.  Two back cushions in different sizes

Other considerations that helped us decide the best solution were: ease of use with our OuterShell™,  the pitch of the back cushion, napping.

After prototyping, we landed on design solution #3.

Solution #1 didn’t allow us to effectively use the OuterShell™ the way we wanted.

Solution #2 made for an odd shape.

Solution #3 made it possible to use the extra cushion as a neck pillow for napping, or remove it all together. The design minimized the gaps between the OuterShell™ and the cushions. It also allowed for visual/stylistic integrity.

Sounds like a great solve.

The great thing about sectionals is they allow you to get your feet up and nap without taking up all the seats of the sofa.

If you have guests over, a sectional does provide less seating for the same amount of seat cushions. However, since these pieces are interchangeable and easy to swap out, you can rearrange the sofa however you like to suit the situation at hand.

The Sectional Kit helps you transform your Outer Sofa to fit any moment's needs.

Many thanks to Terry for sharing his insight on this latest sofa add-on. Stay tuned for future iterations and product launches!