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How To Choose The Best Fire Pit Table For Your Outdoor Space

How To Choose The Best Fire Pit Table For Your Outdoor Space

There are few things as enjoyable as sitting around a fire pit table making memories with your family and friends. Whether you’re playing games, eating a meal, or just sharing conversation, a roaring fire adds to the ambiance and good feelings.

But there are so many fire pit table options available these days, it can be extremely difficult to choose.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

In this article, the experts at Outer discuss how to choose the best fire pit table so you can get the most out of your outdoor space.

Tips For Choosing The Best Fire Pit Table

Outer Wicker Outdoor Sofa - 3 Seat
Outer Wicker Outdoor Sofa - 3 Seat

1) Check Local Regulations

A good first step when shopping for a fire pit table is to check your local fire code and any regulations that pertain to open flames on your property.

Some municipalities, for example, restrict the size of fire pits (including fire pit tables) to specific measurements (e.g., three feet long by three feet wide by two feet high).

Other cities prohibit the use of any kind of open flame (including fire pit tables), regardless of whether you’re going to cook on it or not.

Because regulations differ from one town to the next, it’s always best to check the fire code before you buy so you don’t run into trouble later on.

With this in mind, Outer’s new fire pit table has an approximate burn area of 3.5 square feet and is perfect for patios, decks, and backyard installs.

2) Obtain The Right Permits

In some cases, local ordinances require that you register, and obtain a permit for, your fire pit table before you put flame to fuel. Such regulations are few and far between, but it’s always good to check just in case.

Registering your fire pit table is similar to obtaining a building permit in order to add an extension onto the side of your house or concrete patio out back, and some counties may even require a site inspection to ensure that your location is safe.

In addition, local mandates may not put any restrictions on the size of the fire pit, but they may require additional safety features — such as raised walls of a particular depth — if the pit is over a certain diameter.

Similarly, if you’re installing a fire pit table with natural gas, you may need to obtain a permit to extend the gas line to the appropriate location.

3) Decide On Permanent Or Portable

fire pit table for outdoor patio
Outer Fire Pit Table 

Another point to consider before you start shopping for your fire pit table is whether you want the unit to be permanent or portable.

Permanent fire pit tables — like Outer’s fire pit table and grill — are generally more robust, give off a larger flame, and accommodate more people. These models are perfect for patios and decks with plenty of space or wide-open backyards.

Portable fire pit tables, on the other hand, are generally smaller and lighter, give off a smaller flame, and accommodate two to four people at a time. These models are perfect for small balconies or those who like the flexibility of moving their fire pit to different places every few days.

4) Pick A Location For Your Fire Pit Table

For larger fire pit tables, it’s important to pick a location before you buy.

Doing so will help you arrange the space for maximum enjoyment. It may also help you see where you need to add some landscaping or how best to rearrange your patio.

If you can’t visualize how the fire pit table will fit in a certain space, unfold a big box or tape some paper together in the appropriate shape to serve as the footprint of the table. Then, move it around until you’ve found the spot that feels right.

Picking a location for your new piece of furniture first will also help you settle on the size, shape, and style that works best for you.

Outer’s new fire pit table serves as the perfect centerpiece around which your family and friends can keep warm on cool nights while they build a sense of community that will last a lifetime.

Plus, with the reversible cast-iron griddle, stand, and splatter guard, our fire pit table doubles as a cooking device, so hosts won’t have to dart back and forth from the kitchen to the yard! It’s also specially designed to direct heat outward so your guests don’t have to lean in to stay cozy.

5) Find The Right Size And Shape

fire pit table surrounded by wicker outdoor furniture
Outer Wicker Outdoor L Sectional - 5 Seat

Once you’ve picked a spot for your fire pit table, you can settle on a size and shape that fits your needs.

If the perfect spot is the corner of an apartment balcony, you’ll definitely want a smaller, more portable model — perhaps a small chimney, half sphere, or cube.

If you’ve got a bit more space to work with on your deck or patio, you can go with a medium-size square or rectangle model — such as one from Outer — that takes up the same space as a coffee table.

If you’re settling your fire pit table in your big backyard, the sky’s the limit on the size and shape you can choose.

6) Choose A Style Of Fire Pit Table

The style of fire pit table you choose has a lot to do with your intended purpose. Of course, you want it to hold a flame, but do you also want to be able to cook on it like a fire pit grill?

Are you planning on hosting large parties? Or, will it just be your family most of the time? If the former, focus on a bigger fire pit table so you can accommodate all your guests. If the latter, focus on a smaller model so you don’t feel too spread out.

Choosing a style (and purpose) for your fire pit table will help you narrow your search to find the model that’s perfect for you.

Outer’s new fire pit table is the best of both worlds. You can use it as the focal point of your patio, deck, or backyard, then place the Hibachi grill over the flame when it’s time to cook.

Its propane tank is thoughtfully designed to compliment any Outer collection, with a cover that’s beautiful enough to stand on its own. It can even act as a table when the fire pit is not in use. It’s the perfect blend of form and function for your life outdoors.

7) Consider Which Material You’d Like

fire pit table
Outer Wicker Outdoor Sofa - 3 Seat

Fire pit tables are made from all kinds of materials — from concrete, glass-reinforced concrete, steel, and stainless steel to aluminum, copper, stone, and even wicker.

Some materials — like steel, aluminum, and stone — are sturdier and will last for decades. Other materials — like wicker and copper — are more fragile and might only last for a few years.

That said, this decision is all about your own personal preferences. If you like the look and feel of wicker while everyone else is recommending stone, go with what feels right for you. You are, after all, the one who will be looking at it and using it every day.

As one example, Outer’s fire pit table is designed for both function and durability. The concrete body and stainless steel fire bowl pan will withstand anything mother nature throws at it so you can enjoy a good fire throughout the year.

8) Factor In The Fuel Type

Fire pit tables typically burn one of three types of fuel:

  • Wood
  • Propane
  • Natural gas

Wood produces intense heat and large flames and is a great option for those who live in the country where you can just walk around and pick up sticks, branches, and logs to burn.

Propane, or LP Gas, burns clean with little to no ash or debris. It’s readily available — even at most gas stations, retail locations, or hardware stores. And you can transport it easily from one place to the next.

That’s the idea behind Outer’s new fire pit table. We designed our centerpiece model with propane in mind so that it’s clean-burning, easy-to-use, light, and convenient to replace when the fuel runs out.

Some larger, installed fire pit tables even burn natural gas. This typically requires that you hire a professional to run a line from the natural gas main or the line going into your house, but the results are well worth the expense, effort, and time.

Natural gas, like propane, burns hot and clean and is very easy to light. It’s also always available so you don’t have to worry about how long it’s going to take you to get the fire going or running out of fuel in the middle of all the fun.

9) Research The Cost

Cost is another important concern when shopping for a fire pit table. Basic models range from less than $100 to $300 or more depending on materials, size, and shape.

Freestanding models made from quality materials such as stone, concrete, aluminum, or steel can run anywhere from $400 to $2,000 or more.

Custom and built-in models, or anything that requires hefty landscaping, may even run as high as $5,000 or more.

10)  Abide By All Fire Safety Measures

Fire pit tables can get hot — especially in the space above the flame. Be sure to take into account all fire safety measures when shopping for your perfect model.

Keep all sides of your fire pit table a safe distance from any combustible materials or materials that may melt (such as plants, house siding, and deck railings).

When placing your fire pit table, it’s also a good idea to look up. Even though the table itself is a safe distance from your house, barn, or shed, many buildings also have eaves or small roofs off the side. If you’re not careful, the heat from the flame can damage these parts of your house.

Even large patio umbrellas can be susceptible to the heat from your fire pit table. Again, make sure the space above the flame is clear of anything that might be damaged by the heat.

Seating Makes The Fire Pit Table Better

fire pit table
Outer Fire Pit Table

Regardless of the size, shape, style, and location of your fire pit table, you’re going to need something to sit on while you enjoy the warmth and conversation.

That’s where Outer comes in.

We’ve created the world’s most comfortable, durable, innovative, and sustainable outdoor furniture to help you bring life back outside.

When you match Outer’s fire pit table with their attractive outdoor furniture, you can enjoy the simple luxury that your backyard, deck, or patio has to offer.

We offer options for all outdoor setups, including:

We also offer a variety of materials to suit every style and taste, including:

We even offer accessories such as bug shield blankets, outdoor throw pillows, outdoor rugs, and covers to make your experience complete.

So, whether you need a teak outdoor chair, a wicker loveseat, or an aluminum sectional for seven, or even the fire pit table itself, Outer has what you’re looking for.

For more ideas, inspiration, and information on getting the most out of your outdoor spaces, visit today.