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My First 2 Weeks with an Outer Sofa: Boca Raton

My First 2 Weeks with an Outer Sofa: Boca Raton

We love nothing more than seeing our Hosts enjoy their time outside, thanks to having a comfortable, clean, dry place to sit. We asked Host Michelle Olson-Rogers from Boca Raton, Florida to document her first two weeks with her new Outer set to see just how much use it's getting out of the box.

From morning coffee to nights by the fire, the new seating arrangement brought the Olson-Rogers family outdoors more than ever before.

Michelle added some coastally-inspired decor

Week 1

Day 1: The unboxing

Seeing five big boxes sitting in our garage with the Outer logo was very exciting. We unpacked them that same day; we were so thrilled to get our patio set up. I was even more psyched when our cream cushion covers arrived — we got both the gray and cream colors. We watched the easy “how to” video on how best to change them and got to work.

Day 1: The assembly

My husband is a handyman, so assembly is really something he can speak to! He loved that the Outer sofa came with its own tool to attach the legs to the bottom of each chair. It wasn’t difficult at all. Anyone could do it!

Outer Sofa Legs
Outer Sofa Frame

Day 3: Game day

We put our sofa together just in time to watch The Big Game outside by the pool. Boca Raton’s weather couldn’t have been more perfect (we even had our fire table on), and I wasn’t worried about spilling something on our new cream cushions since they’re easy to clean.

Day 5: House guest–approved

Guest-approved Seating

This winter, we not only hosted a Neighborhood Popup with Outer, we also hosted family pretty regularly from chillier areas of the U.S., like Chicago and Maine. They loved our new outdoor setup and had zero interest in spending time indoors! They made the most of every minute: from morning coffee to happy hour, they were relaxing outside on the sofa.

Michelle's Neighborhood Popup this February

Week 2

Day 8: Spills happen

Our new outdoor rug has honestly taken more abuse than Outer’s stain-resistant fabric at this point. We’ve had some minor dirt spots here and there, but nothing that a little soap and water couldn’t fix. On the other hand, we are running a little low on carpet cleaner...

Every Day: The OuterShell

We live in our local airport’s flight path (airborne dirt and dust is no fun), and of course we get those freak Florida rainstorms, so there isn’t a night we don’t use the OuterShell to cover our cream cushions. We make it a habit to roll out the OuterShell over cushions each evening before heading inside.

Roll it up!

Day 10: Nights by the fire

My husband and I really enjoy having wine by the fire and catching up on our favorite shows while we each relax on “our sections” of the Outer sofa (yes, we have our own sections after being married for 9 years). I may have fallen asleep once or twice after said wine too...

Day 13: Cuddle time

Another new development since Outer arrived: My daughter loves to snuggle with me under a blanket or do her homework outside.

Overall, we truly love it. Outer has really made the patio a vital part of our home.