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How To Choose The Best Garden Furniture For Your Outdoor Oasis

How To Choose The Best Garden Furniture For Your Outdoor Oasis

If you’re on the hunt for garden furniture to bring life back outdoors, you’ve probably come across several different options. How can you tell what you should look for? What sets great garden furniture apart from the rest?

Whether you’re creating a cozy seating zone on your patio or dressing up the grassed area in your garden, we know exactly what it takes to level up your outdoor space.

In this guide, we’ll take you through the most important features to look for in your new furniture so you can create the garden oasis you’ve always dreamed of. Warning: may cause envy among your neighbors!

Tips For Creating An Outdoor Oasis With Garden Furniture

wicker garden furniture with white cushions

Determine What Type Of Garden Furniture You Need

Before you decide on the style of your garden furniture, it’s important to measure your space and get an idea of how much room to have to work with.

If you’re styling a paved or concrete patio within your garden, this becomes a little easier — simply measure the width and length of your patio and you’re set!

However, if you’re planning on adding outdoor furniture to a grassed area, you’ll need to implement some extra planning.

If your garden is a large, sprawling space, choose a particular area where you’d love to spend time lounging on an outdoor sofa. Maybe it’s the best spot in the backyard because it gets the perfect amount of morning sun or because it’s positioned right next to your favorite tree.

The beauty of creating your own outdoor oasis is that you can work with your space and design it into anything you want, so allow yourself to get creative and choose the optimum place for your garden furniture.

Once you’ve decided exactly where your garden furniture will live and how much space you have to fill with new outdoor pieces, consider what type of furniture would suit your area the best.

For cozy gardens and small patios, opt for a loveseat, like our Teak Outdoor Loveseat, or a set of armchairs, like our Wicker Outdoor Armchair Conversation Set, that won’t take up all your available space.

For larger patios and spacious gardens, choose sofas and sectionals that can offer plenty of seating and still keep your garden looking proportionate. Our 5-Seater Teak Outdoor Corner Sectional or 6-Seater Wicker Outdoor U Sectional are great places to start!

Choose Your Furniture Materials Wisely

Family dog laying next to garden furniture

You’ve measured your space and know exactly how large your garden furniture needs to be. Now it’s time to choose the best materials for your lifestyle.

Of course, you want to select pieces that look stylish and timeless, but any choice you make should be influenced by two factors — the quality and durability of the furniture.

Quality craftsmanship has some easy clues. Ensure that any fabrics used are free from stains and snags and that the furniture feels solid when you sit on it. The frame, legs, and any other areas should be neat and free from chips or cracks.

When it comes to durability, make sure your garden furniture is purpose-built to live outside so you don’t have to worry about weather, spills, or stains. At Outer, we call this quality "lifeproof."

All Outer furniture is resistant to just about anything that you might throw at it. From the sun’s harsh UV rays that can fade furniture to bleach, mold, dirt, and food spills, our fabrics and materials truly stand the test of time.

It also pays to choose low-maintenance furniture. After all, you have better ways to spend your time than stressing over the upkeep of your outdoor pieces!

Our Teak collection requires no oiling to keep it looking fresh, and our All-Weather Wicker pieces are made from recycled materials that can be cleaned with a simple garden hose — no fancy cleaning solutions needed.

Our new Aluminium collection is also very low-maintenance, requiring virtually no upkeep to keep it looking fresh and clean.

Opt For Protection

Since your outdoor furniture will be living in the garden year-round, it’s going to need more protection than the average indoor sofa.

Besides the usual messes of everyday life, outdoor  furniture requires protection from the elements.

From sun to rain, wind to snow, your garden furniture is going to face some tough conditions out there! By protecting your pieces with purpose-built covers, you can prolong the life of your furniture and increase its useability.

All Outer furniture comes with a built-in layer of protection in the form of our OuterShell™. This rollable cover keeps your furniture clean, dry, and ready to use at a moment’s notice by protecting it from morning dew, everyday dirt, and those sneaky bird droppings.

For even more protection, our All-Weather Covers are your garden furniture’s new best friend. These covers provide additional protection from intense weather, like heavy snowfall, and make our cushions a cinch to transport if you need to store them indoors.

Consider Neutral Colors

Neutral garden furniture with a glass fire pit

Clever styling can bring indoor comfort outside and create a relaxing atmosphere. The trick is to choose neutral colors for your garden furniture carefully so it will match any accessories you want to include.

Whether you plan on using your garden oasis to make working from home feel like a tropical getaway, spend long summer afternoons reading on the sofa, host backyard parties, or create a fairy garden for the little ones, accessories can take your space to the next level.

First, try defining your zone with an outdoor rug. This creates a warm foundation for your garden seating area and provides an instant air of sophistication.

Choose a sustainably made option specially designed to live outdoors, like our range of Eco-Friendly Rugs. These low-maintenance rugs are easy to clean and come in a variety of sizes and neutral tones to suit any garden oasis.

Our next must-have accessory is mood lighting, and our favorite way to set the tone is by using string lights. They’re easy to find, come in so many styles, and once they’re hung up, you can make them a permanent fixture of your garden for year-round ambiance.

No garden oasis is complete without an abundance of cushions and blankets to keep things cozy. Our new Throw Pillow collection is perfect for this. Try experimenting with different colors and textures to keep your garden interesting and your guests comfortable.

We love that soft furnishings are easy to switch out depending on the time of year or any events you have coming up, and it’s such a fun way to add personality to your space!

Our final styling tip is definitely an optional one, but once you’ve tried it, you’ll wonder how you lived without one — we’re talking about fire pits.

Fire pits are a simple way to add warmth and style to your garden. From modern fire tables to classic concrete and pavers, fire pits come in all shapes and sizes.

Plus, they’re incredibly easy to DIY if you’re looking for an afternoon project!

Don’t Forget The Landscaping

If your garden could use a little refresh (or if you’ve never dipped your toes in the landscaping pond), now is the perfect time.

Start by spring cleaning your backyard and cutting back any overgrown weeds that might have popped up. Then you can start planning your dream garden!

If you have kids or grandkids in your life, you might like to create a secret garden just for them — think fairy lights, lots of flowers, and maybe even a DIY swing or bench. Or try an edible garden packed with seasonal vegetables.

If you’re feeling a little bolder, try planting some trees and flowers to create beautiful patterns in your garden. Stick to local blooms to support your community; these will also thrive better in your garden thanks to being acclimatized.

For more landscaping inspiration and to see how real Outer customers use their furniture in their gardens, visit our Virtual Neighborhood Showrooms!

Create Your Garden Oasis With Outer

Woman enjoying breakfast and coffee out on her garden furniture

When it comes to choosing the best garden furniture for your outdoor oasis, it pays to plan out your backyard and the space you want to fill before you purchase.

By following the tips in this guide, like measuring your space before choosing your garden furniture and landscaping to take your garden to the next level, you’ll be relaxing in your outdoor oasis in no time.

Whether you’re adding our Wicker Outdoor Armchair Conversation Set to a small patio or our 5-Seater Teak Outdoor Corner Sectional to your sprawling backyard, Outer has you covered for all your garden furniture needs!