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How Outer & One Tree Planted Are Working Together to Fight Deforestation

How Outer & One Tree Planted Are Working Together to Fight Deforestation

An interview with our environmental nonprofit partner

At Outer, we believe we have a responsibility to help protect the planet so that future generations can continue to enjoy it. As proud members of 1% For The Planet, we partner with environmental nonprofits all year long to help support that mission. We're currently thrilled to be working with One Tree Planted, an organization dedicated to fighting deforestation through the simple action of planting trees.

We recently had the opportunity to get hands-on with One Tree Planted in our home state of California, helping re-plant live oak trees in natural areas recently devastated by brutal wildfires. You can catch a glimpse of us getting our hands dirty below, and we also took the opportunity to speak with One Tree Planted representative Kat Johnson about how the organization works and why said work is so important:

  • For those who aren't familiar with One Tree Planted, how would you describe your mission, and why is it so important?
    One Tree Planted is on a mission to make it easy for anyone to help the environment by planting trees! Trees create a healthier environment, provide habitat for biodiversity, and support countless communities across the globe. Planting trees supports all 17 of the United Nation's sustainable development goals, so they're a great solution to supporting the environment.
  • Can you explain a little more about why trees are so important to the environment?
    There are six pillars of reforestation that help explain why tree planting is so vital. Trees clean the air we breathe, capture water and help direct its flow, support more than 80% of earth's terrestrial biodiversity, create a social impact by providing jobs and community, support health with their shade and presence, and help stabilize the climate by sequestering carbon from the atmosphere.
  • How does $1 translate into 1 tree?
    One Tree Planted has an amazing global network of planting partners and nurseries, who grow the trees, plant them, and monitor their growth in their new homes for each of our projects. Our job is to tell the story of the project and connect it to our tree-loving community to get the project funded and share the impact reforestation could have in that region.
  • How does partnering with companies (like, ahem, Outer), help aid in that mission?
    When brands like Outer want to make a difference for the environment, we connect them to a project that helps tell the story of their brand and makes the impact they want to see in the world! Whether it's helping a landscape recover from wildfire or supporting iconic biodiversity, our business partners are capable of making important change.
Co-founder and CEO, Jiake Liu, with Outer team members planting oak trees in Malibu, CA.
  • Are there ways individuals can also help?
    Of course! If you're interested in making an impact, a great way to become a tree ambassador! Being a tree ambassador plugs you into a community of tree huggers, nature-lovers and sustainability mavens. You can learn more there about how to connect with your community with reforestation. And of course, one tree can make an impact for a lifetime. Anyone can browse our website and plant trees where they're needed most.
  • Why did you personally want to get involved/work for One Tree Planted?
    It feels so good to know at the end of the day that the work I'm doing is creating meaningful change. From creating jobs for women to preserving habitat for Orcas, knowing that at the end of the day everything I'm doing is adding up to good, measurable change makes working here a no-brainer.