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How Outer Promotes Conscious Design for a Better World

How Outer Promotes Conscious Design for a Better World

Our mission has always been to bring more of life outside. Beyond creating comfortable, durable outdoor furniture, we also wanted to do our part in protecting the planet. That meant selecting eco-friendly materials and relying on sustainable supply chains that wouldn’t take such a toll on the earth. If we couldn’t find them, we invented them ourselves.

Here’s a closer look at how we’re putting the planet first.

Our wicker is made from 30% recycled materials.

About 99+ plastic bottles go into each chair. (These are often plastic shampoo bottles, detergent bottles, etc. that are diverted from landfills).  

Our fabrics are made with recycled plastics

All fall under recycle codes 2, 4, and 5, but have the same hand-feel as organic cotton. Most other outdoor furniture brands rely on acrylic fabric, which falls under code 7 (which means they're not recyclable).

Solution dying

We formulate colors as we create the fabric fibers, which ensures minimal fading, season after season, and requires less water, dye, and energy. It also reduces the risk of waste water leaching into the ground. No chemical run-off.

Our Warranty is a testament to quality

We are a fan of the fewer, better things model. Durable, timeless design means less consumption — you won’t have to replace frames, wicker, or cushions year after year — and less waste. That’s backed up by our up-to-10-year warranty.

We innovated the product and retail landscape

We innovated the production and retail landscape, moving us closer toward a carbon-neutral business.

Direct to Consumer

A smoother, more affordable model — and a lighter footprint.

Neighborhood Showrooms

Storefronts require a lot of resources — like electricity, water, and gas for transport — to maintain, so we put the showroom in our customers’ homes.