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How To Arrange Your Outdoor Furniture

How To Arrange Your Outdoor Furniture

Arranging furniture is an essential step in any home design project, and this applies outdoors as well. While some backyards have more of a predetermined layout (dining table here, sofa there), others may require some trial and error to get it just right. A good rule of thumb for maximizing the use of any outdoor space: mimic the most-used rooms inside your home. There’s a reason everyone gathers around the kitchen island or spends hours on the sectional — it’s comfortable, and in just the right spot for the activity at hand. Luckily, Outer sofas’ modular seats make rearranging for any outdoor setting, activity, or occasion easy.  

Designer Becky Horan shows us how to put together a variety of seating arrangements — all using modular Outer sofa chairs — for everything from game nights and dinner parties, to your average work-from-home day.

Also, check out this video from our Chief Design Officer, Terry Lin, with helpful tips on measuring and placing your Outer sofa to fit your space.

An intimate dinner party

Layout: 2 armless chairs pushed together + 2 armed chairs to create a loveseat

A great outdoor dinner party allows for guests to easily transition from the dinner table to a cozy seating area. Arrange your Outer modular seating right off the dining space for after-dinner drinks or dessert.

A cozy night by the fire

Layout: 3 armless chairs + 2 armed chairs to create a loveseat

Create individual seating that allows guests to gather in a circular style around the fire. Include enough space between chairs for end tables so people can place drinks, snacks, and s’more supplies within arm’s reach.

A big backyard party  

Layout: 2 armed chairs to create a loveseat + 4 armless chairs

Try a different, unexpected layout. Having modular pieces makes it easy to move a seating area out to the lawn or another area where you can spread out and give the party a good flow.

Game night

Layout: 2 armless chairs pushed together + 3-piece sofa + outdoor poufs for additional seating, all around a large coffee table

Game night calls for setting up the space to accommodate teams, and allowing players to shuffle or move around accordingly. Toss in poufs, large pillows, or bean bags to accommodate more people as needed.

Working or schooling from home

Layout: 2 armless chairs pushed together + 3-piece sofa or 5-piece sectional (add some outdoor C tables to create comfy work spaces)

Working or schooling from home requires adequate space to spread out, and a little creativity to find room for everyone. You can easily turn your outdoor space into an office/school setting by adding C tables for laptops and books.

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