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Inside Elshane’s California Backyard

Inside Elshane’s California Backyard

The influencer and Host shares why she loves Outer

Editor’s note: We love highlighting our Host community. This month, we invited the fabulous Elshane to tell us about her breezy new Los Angeles backyard— in her own words. You can always read more about Elshane on her Blog.

New views: My family just moved to Los Angeles from New York City, and our outdoor space here is what we always dreamed of. We have unobstructed views of palm trees, skyscrapers, rolling hills, and more! After being cooped up in a little apartment in New York, this is exactly what we needed.

Our Sectional: We got the 7-Piece Sectional in Pacific Fog Gray and arranged it in a U shape, with a few nested coffee tables in the middle and a fire pit at one end to create a warm environment for conversation. That way, the adults can have a glass of wine and relax while watching our kids play in the yard.

Host with the Most: When I’m furniture shopping, I always think about entertaining (when it’s safe, of course!). I believe that the more space you have, the more welcoming you can make it. We’re a family of four, but I like to maximize with a lot of seating and fun accents like throw pillows and rugs.

Our living room has folding doors that push all the way to one side of the wall, so the entire 20-feet space immediately turns into an indoor/outdoor living room. When you walk outside, you’re greeted by a ten-person dining table. The more space you can entertain in, the warmer it feels to me.

Why Outer: I’d seen how beautiful the Outer sofa was online, but when I was able to actually touch and sit on one, that’s when I knew it was on another level. Not only is it so well-constructed and comfortable, it also feels like it will stand the test of time— and the fact that it’s recyclable is the icing on the cake.

Taking Life Outside: We’re outside all the time— with two little girls, they always want to run around and play outside. With the kids, we like to listen to inspirational female artists, like Alicia Keys or Taylor Swift. When it’s a little later, or my husband and I are cooking dinner or relaxing with a glass of wine, we’ll listen to old classics, like the Grateful Dead or jazz. And when we’re hosting friends, after the kids go to bed, we’ll put on house music or some really vibey electric stuff— music that makes you want to have another drink and maybe bust out a little dance party on the couches. (Get down to some of Elshane’s favorite tracks for outdoor entertaining on our Spotify!)

I love hosting, and to me, this is the perfect hosting space, with the perfect hosting furniture.

I never want to worry about my family or guests being uncomfortable. I know in this space I don’t have to— I can sit back and have fun, because they are, too.

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