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Introducing Outer’s New Chaise Lounge

Introducing Outer’s New Chaise Lounge

After a long day of meetings, emails, and staring at a screen, our mind and bodies just want to exhale. To inspire customers to find that comfort outside, Outer first made outdoor sofas with our OuterCloud™ cushion filling, and our customers loved it! Many happily confessed being unable to resist taking outdoor naps – or that their kids would often fall asleep outside – while relaxing on our sofas.

To feed our customer’s love of the simple comfort of lounging outdoors, we recently debuted our Aluminum Outdoor Chaise Lounge with OuterShell. Our latest addition to the Outer collection, the Chaise Lounge is elegant, premium but also simple and streamlined.

Let’s dive right into how our new outdoor chaises can breathe life into your poolside, lakefront, and beachfront outdoor living space!

Adaptable Design and Unmatched Durability

Outer Aluminum Chaise Lounge in Charcoal

At Outer, we have thoughtfully designed our chaise lounges to be adaptable to different needs and environments. Our frames are crafted from premium extruded aluminum, making them strong and able to comfortably withstand up to 400 lbs of weight. Precision welding reinforces stress points, and a top-of-the-line, scratch-resistant powder coating ensures weather-resistance against rust and decay. Despite their sturdiness, our chaise lounges remain lightweight, making them easy to move around in your outdoor setup. Plus, with built-in adjustable levelers, you won't have to worry about tilting or wobbling on uneven ground.

For added comfort and convenience, our chaises offer 5 different backrest positions for optimal customization. Want to sunbathe? Move the backrest all the way down so it’s flat. Want to keep an eye on the little ones? Prop the backrest a bit higher so they stay in your field of vision.

Because we pride ourselves in using premium finishes, materials, and innovative technology to create the most durable outdoor furniture in the market, Outer offers a 10-year warranty on our aluminum chaise lounge frames. Simply put, we are confident the quality of our products won’t disappoint, even a decade after purchase.

Health-Conscious Chaise Lounge Sling: Eco-Friendly and Antimicrobial

Outer Aluminum Outdoor Chaise Lounge in Charcoal, set up poolside

Our Aluminum Outdoor Chaise Lounge features a unique eco-version sling that is porous, allowing water to pass through. The sling is also treated with MicroBan, providing antimicrobial properties that protect against mold, fungus, bacteria, and mildew.

We understand that safety and health are paramount, especially when using chaises in swimsuits. That's why we were very selective with our sling materials, ensuring that our Outer Chaise Lounges are crafted without harmful chemicals like Phthalates, lead, and other heavy metals. The Outer chaise slings are made of flexible eco-friendly, plant-based plasticizer, a sustainable alternative to traditional petroleum-based or PVC slings. This material not only allows for a more eco-friendly production process but also ensures healthier skin-to-skin contact for those with sensitivities.

Our slings are certified by three separate organizations - RoHS, REACH, and GreenGuard - which test products for hazardous substances known to cause harm to people and the environment. As a result, our chaises exceed even EU regulations in terms of safety and environmental responsibility. And in keeping with our commitment to sustainability, our frame aluminum is fully recyclable at the end of its long lifespan.

Ultimate Comfort: Proprietary OuterWeave Cushions with Quick Drying Foam

Outer's Aluminum Outdoor Chaise Lounge Cushion featuring OuterWeave fabric

Our Chaise Lounges are already supremely comfortable, but for even more back support and luxurious "sink-ability," Outer offers a Chaise Lounge Cushion. Made with our proprietary OuterWeave fabric, the same fabric used on our signature outdoor sofas, the cushions are protected from mold, discoloration, fading, and other issues that plague outdoor cushions in wet and humid environments.

Inside the cushion covers lies a high-performance, open-cell Quick Drying foam that allows for easy evaporation and drainage and (as its name suggestions) fast drying. This feature makes it easy and safe to hang wet clothes and towels, without fear that your cushions will hold onto water that causes that indistinguishable musty smell.

The Chaise Lounge Cushions securely and easily attach to the frame with a subtle hook and adjustable bungee system that ensures your cushions will hold steady even in windy conditions. Not to mention, our thin OuterShell® chaise cover has been designed and tested to stay on securely even in gusts of 39-46 MPH.

OuterShell® Chaise Lounge Cover: Protect and Preserve

To extend the life of your cushions and maintain their pristine condition, we recommend covering them with our innovative chaise OuterShell® when your Chaise Lounge is not in use. The OuterShell® chaise lounge cover will dry your wet chaise faster and protect it from sudden rain, moisture, UV rays, dirt, and debris. The lightweight OuterShell®'s lightweight construction ensures easy usage and hassle-free removal, allowing for convenient maintenance. The OuterShell® also securely covers your Chaise Lounge with and without the extra cushion.

How to Clean and Care for Your Outer Chaise Lounge

At Outer, we want to make getting outside as easy and enjoyable as possible. To that end, our products are specially designed to be easy to clean and maintain. For general cleaning, the Chaise Lounge aluminum frame can be sprayed down with a garden hose to remove loose dirt and debris. For a deeper clean, the frame and sling fabric can be spot cleaned with a soft sponge or lint-free towel and warm water and mild soap.

The Chaise Lounge Cushion is incredibly durable and highly water resistant. Most new spills can be quickly hosed or rinsed off. The cushion can be easily spot cleaned with warm water and mild soap as needed.

For more information on how to care for your Chaise Lounge, visit here.

Elevate Your Outdoor Space with a Chaise Lounge and Outdoor Umbrella

When it comes to enjoying water and summer activities, things can quickly become messy. Without distinct furniture spaces, your outdoor experience can be cluttered with towels, phones, sunscreen, drinks, snacks, dirt, sand, sunglasses, and more.

Our outdoor Chaise Loungers were crafted to complement our existing furniture lines -- and our Aluminum Collection in particular. So to create a more organized and inviting outdoor space, consider grouping the Chaise Lounges under a large outdoor umbrella. Adding a low-profile Aluminum Outdoor Side Table or Aluminum Outdoor Coffee Table gives you a safe space to store any sensitive belongings like drinks, sunglasses, phones, or books.

Outer's Aluminum Chaise Lounge Chair, poolside

Our Aluminum Outdoor Chaise Lounge with OuterShell offers a sustainable, practical, durable, and elegant solution to fulfill your waterside needs. By investing in premium quality and environmentally friendly materials, we ensure your best interests, experiences, and the health of our planet are taken care of. Add this phenomenal staple to your life, and watch as it transforms your outdoor living space into a more comfortable and active area for everyone to enjoy.