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Introducing Outer’s New Outdoor Umbrella: The Ultimate Shade Solution

Introducing Outer’s New Outdoor Umbrella: The Ultimate Shade Solution

With summer in full swing, many of our clients have been asking us for a stylish and practical outdoor shade solution to endure the season. We hear you–we are melting like popsicles by a poolside, too! The Outer team came together to launch the perfect addition to refresh your outdoor living space and make the most of the sunny season: introducing Outer’s new Square and Octagonal Outdoor Umbrellas.

Whether you’re considering an outdoor umbrella in lieu of or addition to a pavilion, pergola, or majestic oak tree, our new outdoor umbrellas offer plenty of benefits to elevate your outdoor space. Let’s dive right in!

Outer’s New Outdoor Umbrellas Elevate your Outdoor Space with Shade and Style

Outer's outdoor umbrella with two Aluminum Chaise Lounge Chairs by the pool.

When it comes to creating a clean and inviting outdoor space, every element matters. One of the key benefits of incorporating an outdoor umbrella into your space is the ability to achieve a cohesive, well-defined, and accessible outdoor space. An outdoor umbrella adds definition and structure to your outdoor area as its distinctive presence adds structure to your space by creating an intuitive go-to area for relaxation, dining, or entertainment. By strategically placing our outdoor umbrella, you can establish a defined focal point and anchor the overall layout of your outdoor furniture.

Our octagonal Marine-Grade Aluminum Outdoor Umbrella and square Marine-Grade Aluminum Outdoor Umbrella were crafted to complement our collection and create a unified aesthetic with your existing Outer furniture. To ensure versatility, we designed our canopies in two timeless colors, Charcoal Gray and White, so you can choose the one that fits seamlessly into your outdoor setup.

Another advantage of our outdoor umbrella is its ability to extend the usability of your outdoor area. An outdoor umbrella can break up the continuous heat spanning your outdoor space by providing a cool shade and comfortable retreat from the sun's heat. This extension of shaded areas allows you and your guests to comfortably enjoy the outdoors for longer periods, even during the hottest days of summer. Our outdoor umbrella fabrics are infused with UV-blocking agents with a certified UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) rating of 50+, ensuring the highest level of sun protection for your and your family.

Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue or simply enjoying a refreshing drink, incorporating our outdoor umbrella ensures you can savor those moments comfortably.

Sturdy and Classy: Explore Outer's Center-Pole Outdoor Umbrella Design and Proprietary Easy Locking Mechanism

Outer's Easy Locking Mechanism designed for the brand's new Outdoor Umbrella

As our team developed our outdoor umbrella, we wanted to offer an impressively-sized umbrella that was still easy to open and close. The final design boasts a canopy size of 10ft x 10ft square Marine-Grade Aluminum Outdoor Umbrella and 11.5ft x 11.5ft octagonal Marine-Grade Aluminum Outdoor Umbrella and are on the larger end of the market for outdoor umbrellas.

Generally umbrellas as large as ours are designed in the style of cantilever umbrellas which have hanging canopies, a side mount, and a crank opening mechanism. While this is popular in the market, our team opted for a center-pole design to offer a cost-effective yet elegant design. Our outdoor umbrellas also feature an innovative Easy Locking Mechanism that allows for effortless opening and closing, requires minimal maintenance, and offers long-lasting performance.

To expand our outdoor umbrellas, simply pull the cord attached at the hub, the pulley system will help raise the weight of the canopy. Once the canopy is fully opened, press the cord between the two wheels in the Easy Locking mechanism to lock the umbrella in place. Finally, you can slide an attached security pin into the slot in the hub for added security – then it’s double locked.

To close the outdoor umbrella for storage or in inclement weather, simply slide out the pin, then pull out the cord from the Easy Locking mechanism to gently lower the canopy.

Staying Grounded: Discover how Outer's Stabilizing Features Make For Sturdy Outdoor Umbrellas

The base of Outer's Outdoor Umbrella

Our outdoor umbrellas have adapted design elements to withstand various weather conditions while accommodating their large sizes. The materials for the hub – made with Marine-grade aluminum ribs and polypropylene rib connections – are very sturdy to stabilize the canopy under windy conditions. Center-pole outdoor umbrellas like Outer’s are a staple in the world of outdoor decor; their canopies can withstand higher wind speeds than those with off-set poles or hanging canopies. So to ensure our outdoor umbrella was exceptionally stable and durable, the design team expanded the stainless steel center-pole to be a 1.9’’ diameter (compared to the 1.5’’ industry standard).

The galvanized solid steel base is thin enough to lay undetected under carpet, but weighs 150 pounds. For an umbrella the size of ours a 100 - 150 lb base is recommended, we chose the latter for added sturdiness. To help with moving the outdoor umbrella, our bases are equipped with two, low-profile wheels, so you can easily adjust the umbrella’s positioning for weather conditions and stylistic preferences.

Outer's Outdoor Umbrella branded strap to securely close the umbrella to the frame.

In addition, our umbrella comes with two straps: a small one to secure the pulley rope to the center-pole so it doesn’t swing around and a thick and durable one to secure the closed canopy to the frame, to also prevent it from catching wind.

Pro tip: For added security, ensure your umbrella is always propped on flat ground. Additionally, during extreme weather, we recommend closing the umbrella, removing it from its base, and placing it horizontally on the ground.

How our Outdoor Umbrellas Keep the Outer Promise of Durability Backed by a 5-Year Warranty

Detail shot of the Marine-grade aluminum frames and finishes on Outer's Outdoor Umbrella.

Our outdoor umbrellas are built to last: physically tough against the strain of relentless weather while looking fresh and beautiful.

To achieve maximum durability, we coated our Marine-grade aluminum frames with premium finishes – such as a matte anodizing treatment – to resist corrosion, rusting, and other signs of wear. And to ensure your outdoor umbrella never looks drab or dull, our 100% solution-dyed acrylic canopies have guaranteed resistance to the elements and fading for 5 years.

Last but not least, unlike standard outdoor umbrellas, our outdoor umbrella canopies are water-repellent for easy cleaning. Those feisty robins back at it again? No problem; simply grab the garden hose and wash away the droppings. Cleaning bird poop from our waterproof umbrella is less physically or emotionally taxing than cleaning your table, couch, or, worst of all, your hair.

We are so confident in our outdoor umbrella design and materials that our outdoor umbrella frames, hubs, ribs, stainless-steel fasteners, and canopy are all protected by Outer’s industry-leading 5 year warranty to guarantee years of use.

Design Your Outdoor Haven with Perfect Furniture Pairings for Outer’s Outdoor Umbrella

Outer's Charcoal Aluminum Outdoor Sofa and Arm Chairs underneath the new Outdoor Umbrella.

Our outdoor umbrellas were crafted to complement our existing furniture lines, our Aluminum Collection in particular. This begs the question, what Outer outdoor furniture could you fit under our square Marine-Grade Aluminum Outdoor Umbrella and octagonal Marine-Grade Aluminum Outdoor Umbrella?

For starters you can position our outdoor umbrella into the center hole on our Teak & Aluminum Outdoor Dining Table & 6 Director's Chairs dining set for a stylish and shaded space where you can enjoy meals or a poolside snack with family and friends.

Alternatively you can place two of our new Aluminum Outdoor Chair Loungers with OuterShell under our umbrella to create an aesthetically unified, yet functional, space to relax or dry off after a dip in the pool. If you enjoy exercising al fresco, replace a chaise with a yoga mat and stretch in comfort. Complete the area with a low-profile Aluminum Outdoor Side Table - Rectangular to place your drink, sunglasses, mini speaker, phone, and more.

Positioning a White Aluminum Outdoor Loveseat or Charcoal Aluminum Outdoor Armchair below the shade of an outdoor umbrella allows you to comfortably work from home or supervise the kids in the backyard. The outdoor umbrella will also comfortably fit the Black Wicker Outdoor Sectional Chair, our favorite reading nook as it has the perfect little corner to rest your elbows and snuggle up on.

With Outer’s Marine-Grade Aluminum Outdoor Umbrella you can expect the same durability, style, and functionality of Outer’s signature outdoor furniture collections. Our outdoor umbrellas are designed to withstand the elements, provide much-needed shade, and enhance your outdoor space to create an inviting area to connect with nature and loved ones.