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Introducing the OuterStone Outdoor Dining Collection

Introducing the OuterStone Outdoor Dining Collection

Outer is excited to introduce our new OuterStone Outdoor Dining Collection, which combines the exceptional durability of sintered stone with Outer's signature classic designs. Here's a closer look at this revolutionary collection and the unique properties of sintered stone that make an ideal choice for your outdoor space.

What is Sintered Stone?

Sintered stone combines the beauty of natural stone with modern engineering. It is made through a process known as sintering, in which raw materials (like minerals, glass, and natural stones) are exposed to extreme heat and pressure. The initial pressed stone is baked again and the resulting final sintered stone slab is incredibly strong and durable. This process also has a lower environmental impact compared to other engineered stones like quartz; because sintered stone is made of 100% natural materials, it does not require any petroleum-based resin binders or sealants.

OuterStone boasts some remarkable properties, including a high stain, heat, and UV-resistance. It's also highly scratch resistant so it can withstand daily wear and tear and still remain scratch-free even after years of use.

Why is Sintered Stone Ideal for Tables and Countertops?

Sintered stone has recently gained popularity as an elegant option for kitchen counters and backsplashes. While the marbling of sintered stone not only looks incredibly luxurious, its unique properties make it well-suited for cooking and dining surfaces.

Sintered stone has a non-porous surface. This makes it a more hygienic surface with fewer areas for bacteria or fungus to grow. In addition to its natural stain resistance, sintered stone is easy to maintain and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Introducing Outer's Sintered Stone Table Collection

Outer is excited to be the first to see sintered stone's potential for outdoor furniture use. Sintered stone, sustainably sourced and exceptionally robust, perfectly encapsulates Outer’s commitment to creating long-lasting, eco-conscious outdoor furniture. So it was a no-brainer for the team to feature Sintered Stone in our latest outdoor dining collection.

The OuterStone Outdoor Dining Collection includes the OuterStone Outdoor Dining Table with OuterShell; OuterStone Outdoor Coffee Table; and OuterStone Outdoor Side Table. All the tabletops are made of OuterStone and the frame is made of our signature powder-coated aluminum in Charcoal.

Tips for Styling Outer’s Sintered Stone Table Collection

At Outer, we strive to simplify the process of creating your dream outdoor space by ensuring our pieces are effortless to mix and match, taking the guesswork out of whether or not different pieces will sit well together within your backyard or patio. And the OuterStone Outdoor Table Collection is no different. Thoughtfully crafted to carry consistent design elements across our collections, such as the sleek tapered leg, elegant rectangular shape, and high-quality aluminum frame, it’s easy to introduce the OuterStone Collection to your pre-existing Outer arrangement seamlessly and cohesively.

Here are a few more design pointers and thought-starters as you enhance your space with Outer’s Sintered Stone Collection:

Set the mood with candlelight. Sintered stone has such a romantic and luxurious appeal, so lean into that and create a romantic ambiance for evening gatherings with outdoor candles or lanterns on the coffee or side table.

Add pops of color with your tableware. The rich and dark color of Outer’s Sintered Stone Tables make the perfect backdrop for colorful tableware. Create a vibrant dining space with sprightly tablecloths or runners and placemats and decorative trays that allow you to easily change up the look and feel of the space.

Incorporate greenery into your layout. We love the way rich greenery contrasts the deep tones of sintered stone. Decorate your sintered stone tables with potted plants or surround your layout with large planters to add a touch of nature and freshness into your outdoor space.

Outer is thrilled to pioneer the sintered stone trend in outdoor furniture. Our team was captivated by the natural beauty and elegant marble appearance of this incredibly durable material. We’re so excited for the Outer community to experience the OuterStone Collection for themselves and bring this innovative new collection into their homes. If you’d like to learn even more about this revolutionary collection, feel free to connect with a specialist here who can offer even more ideas on how to incorporate the OuterStone Collection into your outdoor space.