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Keeping Outdoor Cushions Dry and Clean Is Now Easier Than Ever

Keeping Outdoor Cushions Dry and Clean Is Now Easier Than Ever

It feels fitting to start this post with: Why didn’t anyone think of this before?

Most Americans don’t spend enough time outdoors despite the many benefits of doing so. Why is that? About a year ago, we came up with a list of reasons why we thought people did not spend more time enjoying their yards on their patio furniture.  And then we went about designing a solution—the OuterShell.

Early sketches of the OuterShell prototype.

One of our friends who first saw the design summed it up perfectly. “It's like the first time someone put wheels on luggage. Why didn’t anyone think about this before? It just makes sense!” We think so too and have a patent pending on this design. This seamlessly integrated water- and life-proof cover felt like an obvious yet unexpected revelation. It had to happen.

Here we reveal some of the biggest inhibitors to enjoying mornings, afternoons, and nights on the patio—and how the OuterShell makes them an issue no more.

Wet Cushions in the Morning

While lovely in theory, fresh morning dew means no morning coffee outside—which is the perfect way to start the day. Our OuterShell not only protects cushions from dirt and debris, it keeps them dry overnight. Simply unroll the evening before, and roll back up when you’re ready to sit down.

Bird Poop on the Seat

There's a superstition that says getting pooped on is a sign of good fortune. This doesn’t apply to outdoor furniture. Nobody wants to sit on dried (or wet!) bird poop, or anything else that falls from the sky. The OuterShell takes one for the team and protects cushions from anything that could leave a mark. It's also stain-resistant and easy to wipe down, after it’s taken one too many for the team.

Take the Cushions Inside. Take the Cushions Outside.

Either for seasons or temporary storms, it’s best to move cushions inside if extreme weather is blowing through your neighborhood. Hauling them in and out feels like a Herculean effort. We wanted to change that. The OuterShell easily unrolls and attaches to the bottom portion of the cushion, creating a briefcase-like contraption. Storing, protecting, and moving, handled.

Pack up your cushions like a briefcase.

These small but mighty feats of design innovation have transformed how we approach outdoor living. When we started out, we knew we didn't want to just design something stylish. We wanted to make something different, something that would survive weather, birds, tree sap, and everything in between. One shell at a time, we’re getting there.

We hope you will experience #TheOuterDifference for yourself.