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Kelly Bontrager's Wow-Worthy Backyard Renovation

Kelly Bontrager's Wow-Worthy Backyard Renovation

Our community serves as the best inspiration when it comes to creating relaxing, beautiful outdoor spaces from coast to coast.

This month, we tapped Kelly Bontrager from Michigan, mother, wife, influencer, and Etsy shop owner, to tell us all about how she discovered her now favorite backyard pieces, the Wicker Outdoor Sofa with Armchairs. Living in an extreme climate like Michigan, where winters can be bitingly cold, puts Outer’s durability to the test. Kelly hasn’t been disappointed. She says she and her family utilize her outdoor space year-round, from warm summer nights, to sipping hot cocoa after a day of sledding.

Here she tells us all about her outdoor life, why Outer was exactly what she was looking for, and how to create an outdoor sanctuary you’ll use all the time.

Where are you located?

Living in a small, country town in the thumb of Michigan

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a wife to a wonderful husband, a busy mom to four children, a “Gamma” to two sweet grandsons with another one on the way, and a mom to our Goldendoodle, Bella. I also have an Etsy shop that specializes in home decor and I’ve been a continued Star Seller for the platform.

How do you use your outdoor space?

Our new furniture has inspired me to create a place where we can go to relax and unwind from a busy day while spending quality time together as a family. It’s our little home outside our home.

How did you hear about Outer?
I came across an advertisement for Outer and the patented OuterShell is what caught my eye.

Which Outer pieces do you have and how are they arranged?
We thoroughly enjoy our 5-Piece Wicker Sofa and Armchair Set. We balanced the arrangement with a fire table, which creates a natural conversation area. I’ve added an outdoor rug and decor which incorporates natural elements to help create a cozy atmosphere.

When do you go outside most?

We utilize our outdoor space ALL YEAR ROUND! From romantic summer date nights with wine, to winter sledding in the yard, sipping hot cocoa, and resting on our comfy Outer furniture.

Is there any part of the Outer products or brand that you enjoy most?

I knew Outer Furniture would be perfect for what we needed and durable enough to withstand the elements of all four seasons.

When you aren’t outside enjoying your Outer, what are some other things that keep you busy?

I stay quite active while homeschooling our youngest who is in the third grade. I am a social media influencer and I’m so passionate about sharing with others different ways to make their house feel like home.

How have you revamped your outdoor space recently?

Our outdoor space has gone through quite a transformation over the years. We recently added a covered gazebo and it has helped to create a more defined, intimate space.

What is your favorite thing about your revamped outdoor space?

My absolute favorite piece is my Outer Armchair, it’s the perfect size for snuggling with the grandkids.

Any tips or tricks you could share for people looking to improve their outdoor space?

If you’re looking to update an outdoor area, the most important aspect is durable, lasting furniture that is not just comfortable, but timeless as well. Outer furniture pieces are built to last and will be the best starting point in creating any outdoor oasis.

I recommend adding a practical, aesthetically-pleasing rug to define your space and ground the furniture. Pillows and throws add to the cozy factor and invite you to relax — even on a chilly evening. Adding plants and flowers bursting with blooms during the summer adds color and a wonderful fragrance that will fill the air while conjuring up memories. A simple light addition will help make a space look cohesive, and fill the atmosphere with a warm, inviting ambiance.

Don’t forget to maximize your outdoor space in every season with the addition of music!

What’s your backyard playlist?

If you come to our home, expect to hear John Mayer on repeat.

Feeling inspired? Turn up the John Mayer and have a look at the Wicker Collection that Kelly loves as much for its timeless design as its durability and coziness.