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Outdoor Pizza Parties and Big ‘Ol Muddy Paws Have Met Their Match!

Outdoor Pizza Parties and Big ‘Ol Muddy Paws Have Met Their Match!

A parent’s worst nightmare.

Your kiddos’ fingers covered in peanut butter as they snack it up atop your beautiful outdoor lounge seating. Or perhaps their dirty little feet making their way onto the cushions as they climb around full of silliness and giggles. Or maybe, this time, it is their wet bathing suit hunkering down for a little rest after doing some sweet cannonballs into the swimming pool.

No kids? Perhaps it’s your fur-babies causing the concern. Their sweet slobbery faces. Big, muddy paws. Or just the pile of hair that seems to come off onto whatever fabric it touches.

Two legs or four legs, we love them all and want them to be a part of everything we do. So why should you have to choose between a gorgeous outdoor sitting area and a place where life can continue outdoors? Your outdoor furniture should be an open invite to s’mores around the fire pit, pizza night poolside, and fur-baby snuggles while curled up reading a book.

At Outer, we are committed to bringing life outside - all of it! We designed our fabric to be truly life-proof. Innovative advances in material technology were used to create our patented Outer fabric to have the performance characteristics of outdoor apparel while maintaining a soft, organic hand feel. Our fabric is fade, stain, mold, mildew and water resistant.

BBQ sauce on your cream cushion? Head here to see how easily our fabric gets clean without leaving a drop of residue behind!

Here are some additional tips for cleaning messes wet, dry, or anything in between…

  • Leaf blowers are great at removing dry crumbs and debris
  • A hose is helpful for particles that require a bit of water or maybe a jet spray
  • Mild, soapy water might be necessary for things that require a bit of sudsy assistance.

And best of all, for a more thorough, allover clean, the entire cushion cover can unzip, come off and get thrown in the washing machine. Hooray!

Lastly, it's the only product on the market with which you can get our innovative OuterShell™. This is a game-changer in having your furniture clean, dry and ready to use whenever you want! The patented OuterShell™ is zipped to the bottom back of each seat cushion and quickly rolls out and over the back cushion and seat cushion together to protect them from everyday dirt, debris, morning dew or even light to medium rain and snow. Feel free to see how easy they are to use by clicking here.

Now go, get outside and enjoy that outdoor living space and let those kiddos and fur-babies run, jump, sit, slobber and eat, free of worries and concerns about mess and stains. If you’re STILL not convinced, order some fabric swatches here and test it out yourself!

This post was written by Outer's own Product Specialist, Lauren Ifegwu.