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How to Mix & Match Outdoor Furniture Materials

How to Mix & Match Outdoor Furniture Materials

Mixing materials is a fun way to elevate your outdoor space. But the thought of stepping away from what you’re comfortable with and diving into something adventurous can be scary – especially when most outdoor furniture stores sell cookie cutter sets. If you walk into almost any furniture showroom, you'll notice that EVERYTHING MATCHES! That ends here. Let’s say “goodbye” to the matchy-matchy and “hello” to unique spaces that are layered and full of life.

Wicker seating paired with a teak coffee table adds texture and depth

Guess what? Here at Outer, we did just that! We said farewell to sticking with one style and created three collections that compliment each other. Our goal is to make it easy for our clients to mix it up and feel like designers, giving each of you the ability to create that “instagram worthy” oasis you had in mind, but didn’t know how to complete.

Outer's Teak Collection paired with our new Fire Pit Table

As easy as we think we’ve made it, some of you may still be asking “How do I know it’s going to look good? What are some tips to make this simpler?” You came to the right place. Below you will find additional tips for mixing and matching materials:

1. Feel free to mix collections.

Whether it's teak, aluminum, or wicker, feel empowered to get creative and mix materials you love. The light & dark contrast draws in the eye and gives you that WOW factor.

2. Add accessories to your space

Rugs, blankets, and coffee tables bring different textures to a space and add depth, interest, and contrast, while still keeping an overall cohesive look

The power of adding accessories to your space is incredible! Blankets or throw pillows can really liven up the space and bring an "outdoor living room" to life.

Layering is the key to creating an outdoor oasis that begs to be used

3. Use Transitional Styles!

Throw in sleek modern designs with traditional materials! Pairing traditional Wicker with a modern Teak and concrete table creates a great contrast that is clean and timeless.

Now that you are an experienced mix and matcher, get out there and create that an outdoor space that's as unique as you! If you’d still like help from an expert, our design specialists would be more than happy to hold your hand through the process. You can fill out this request form to have one reach out to you today!

This post was written by Outer's own Product Specialist, Stephanie Gonzalez.