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Modern Patio Furniture: What's Trending Now?

Modern Patio Furniture: What's Trending Now?

The year has only just gotten started, but the trends of 2022 are already giving new life to many outdoor spaces. Whether you’re planning a complete backyard redesign or just need a little something new, these modern patio furniture trends are sure to do the trick.

More people choosing to spend quality time outdoors have realized they don’t need to sacrifice comfort, style, and functionality for a breath of fresh air. This is because the trends are shifting to coordinate with modern outdoor living.

There was once a notable separation between the indoors and the backyard when Americans began to really consider this space an extension of their home back in the 1950s. Now, people want both spaces to seamlessly connect.

Think outdoor kitchens, luxury fire pits, and even outdoor televisions. These products allow for dining, temperature control, and entertainment without having to step foot back inside.

This means premium comfort, innovative design, and a durable build that you’d typically find in indoor furniture. It’s a celebration and rethinking of the outdoors that has given rise to the modern patio furniture trends listed below.

Neutral Colors

It’s no wonder that neutral colors are still going strong. It begs the question: Will these simple blacks, off-whites, beiges, and charcoals ever go out of style?

Not any time soon. Neutral colors create a calming environment and offer the added benefit of going with anything and everything.

When we think neutral, we go for the options that bring just the right amount of style without being bland or boring. Something subdued yet visually stunning can act as a stand-out feature or an additional shade to your space’s color scheme.

Teak modern patio furniture
Outer Teak Outdoor Armless Loveseat

Our Pacific Fog Gray cushions at Outer are perfect for anyone looking for a cooler tone, and our Palisades Cream option is ideal for a slightly warmer palette. Either one will bring the perfect balance to your yard.

Even black or white can make a statement. For example, one trend we’ve spotted this year is bright minimalism complete with white aluminum furniture.

This is possible thanks to durable design and performance fabric. Before innovative performance fabric, the idea of anything being white and bright in the backyard caused nightmares.

Grass stains, bird droppings, dirt, and so much more could ruin your furniture at a moment’s notice. Now, you can enjoy your time outdoors without worrying about your furniture getting ruined.

At Outer, we believe that trends are better left outside than left out. That’s why we hand-sew our cushions with life-proof fabric made to beat the toughest, most unforgiving stains (we’re looking at you, coffee spills).

Plus, our long-lasting and weather-ready aluminum will never rust, decay, or loosen. Our frames are finished with top-of-the-line powder coating guaranteed to last for more than 10 years.

And if your taste leans toward darker colors, we recommend something like our Black Wicker Outdoor Armless Chair for a sleek, simple, and bold addition to your space.

Functional Designs

Wicker modern patio furniture
Outer Wicker Outdoor Sofa with Armless Chairs 

Along with neutral colors, another trend that is gracing people’s backyards is functional design. This takes everyday outdoor furniture a few steps beyond its traditional use.

For starters, modular furniture is having a big moment — and for good reason. Long gone are the days of buying furniture pieces that can only be set up one way.

Today, people are choosing the ability to rearrange every aspect of their sofas and sectionals without having to completely rethink their layout or buy additional pieces that only sort of match.

Modular furniture is designed in pieces that can be arranged into several configurations. We make our Outer furniture modular to help you find options that perfectly fit your outdoor area and can be rearranged as you please.

Functional design in general maximizes your experience with a product. Take our Bug Shield Blankets, for example. Along with being incredibly soft and lightweight, they also ward off pests, like mosquitoes, using our bug-repellent Insect Shield® technology.

From modular furniture to outdoor dining tables that come with additional table leaves for making more room, functionality lets you do more without spending more.

Natural Styles

Of course, functionality can only get so far without aesthetics. Natural styles, like wood and wicker, have reached the top of the trend list, complementing the feel of nature while also providing luxurious comfort.

One of our favorite functional and natural styles for 2022 is teak. This optimal wood is the go-to option for outdoor builds since it’s as sophisticated as it is tough. Its natural oils protect it against the elements and pests, preventing rot and contributing to its very long lifespan.

modern patio furniture
Outer Teak Outdoor Coffee Table - Tapered Leg

The teak that we use for everything from our Outdoor Loveseat to our Coffee Tables is Forest Stewardship Council®-certified, meaning that the wood is harvested from forests that are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious, and economically viable.

Comfortable Space

Since backyards first became a part of family life, they always represented rest and relaxation. This comfort is alive and well today, and it’s apparent in everything from the way we decorate our spaces to the cushions we choose to sit on.

Bohemian and hygge are two styles that continue to spark joy. Bohemian spaces tend to have a relaxed and carefree feel with an eclectic collection of colorful objects. Hygge is more associated with simplicity, cozy blankets, and closeness with loved ones.

Both of these eye-catching trends tie back to comfort. Whether you decide to surround yourself with your favorite things or your favorite people, the ultimate goal is to feel safe and snug in your backyard oasis.

The best way to make the most of this modern patio furniture trend is to incorporate comfort everywhere it counts. When you get your furniture from Outer, expect luxurious comfort from our multi-layer memory foam cushion that makes you feel like you’re sitting on a cloud.

modern patio furniture
Outer Wicker Outdoor Sofa with Armchairs 

Furniture style isn’t the only thing trending in outdoor living. Other features like temperature control and responsible design are phasing away from trendy and getting closer to the norm.

Climate Control

We can all agree that the outdoors isn’t exactly a controlled environment. This always gave the indoors an upper hand.

Too hot outside? Time to go inside where it’s air-conditioned. Too cold? Let’s turn on the heat.

But larger outdoor spaces are allowing for climate control with more complex designs. Stable awning ceilings are the perfect place to install an outdoor fan, and some patios are even getting an upgrade with motorized retractable screens.

If you’re looking to add warmth near your favorite outdoor spot no matter how cold it is, there’s now an option for that. Consider using a Fire Pit Table for more control over your outdoor season.

Family cooking smores while on their modern patio furniture
Outer Fire Pit Table with Ceramic Balls

Our Fire Pit Table is a stylish and functional addition to your yard. The heat source redirects heat outward (not up) so your guests don’t have to lean in to warm up.

When it’s not being used as a heat source, you can cover it up to use as a table or place the attachable cast iron griddle over the flame for cooking your favorite foods.

That’s climate control and culinary perfection that is safe, beautiful, and easy to use.

A Work-From-Home Haven

With more people choosing to work remotely from the comfort of their homes, every room inside (or outside) the house can be an office space.

This ability to work from home means people want fluidity between the indoors and outdoors. For some, this trend has led to building backyard office pods. Others prefer to simply sit outdoors while accomplishing their daily tasks.

Unfortunately, not every outdoor chair is meant for long-term sitting. But stepping outside to enjoy the sunshine during a conference call shouldn’t result in back pain from poor-quality furniture.

With Outer, you’ll never have to sacrifice comfort when switching to your outdoor office. No matter how simple or complex your outdoor office is, you can worry less about comfort and focus on where the best spot to plug in your laptop is.

Sustainable Production

Wood stump coffee table
Outer Wicker Outdoor Sofa with Armless Chairs

One trend that defines modern patio furniture is environmentally conscious production. This means ensuring products are responsibly made and sustainably sourced for a better future.

Here at Outer, we’ve always believed that caring for Earth is more than a trend. It’s a necessity. It’s why each of our chairs is made from approximately 100 ocean plastic bottles, and the Outer Sofa is made from 30% recycled materials while being 100% recyclable.

From our Eco-Friendly Outdoor Rugs to our commitment to donate 1% of all revenue to environmental nonprofits as part of our 1% For The Planet membership, every decision we make keeps future generations and our planet at the forefront of our mission.

Can’t decide between neutral tones or modular designs? Getting all of the latest modern patio furniture trends without having to choose one or the other is easy with Outer. Our products stay ahead of the changing trends by remaining timelessly beautiful, no matter what’s in style.

Whether your backyard’s design best matches our Teak Outdoor Ottoman or the 6-Seat Black Wicker Outdoor Sofa, all of our outdoor furniture is made with you in mind so you can spend more time living better, outside.