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Tips for Choosing the Right Outdoor Furniture Configuration

Tips for Choosing the Right Outdoor Furniture Configuration

Before choosing a configuration that best fits your needs and space requirements, first decide what the main function of your outdoor oasis will be. Are you going to host large parties, cuddle up by your Fire Pit Table with family and friends, have your morning cup of coffee or evening glass of wine? Maybe all of the above!

After you identify what the main function for your outdoor living room will be, the next step is choosing a sofa that best fits the dimensions of your space. This usually becomes stressful because choosing the correct size and fit of a sofa can be challenging. Thankfully, the Outer modular sofa is here to take that stress away!

Redesigning your space: With the same sofa set

One of the many great things about an Outer sofa is the ability to reconfigure your set. Each Outer configuration can be rearranged in multiple ways. For example: Our three seat sofa can easily convert into a loveseat by removing the armless chair in the middle. The same can be said for our 4 or 5 Seat L Sectional. By removing the armless chair in the middle and on the L part of the sofa, you now have a loveseat and two or three stand alone armless chairs. The possibilities are endless when adding or removing an armless chair from your set.

Modularity: How does it work?

The ability to rearrange your space is great, but how convenient is it to make it happen? It turns out that it's incredibly simple! Each Outer chair comes with clips designed to fit on the base of the frame. When redesigning your space you just detach the clips, move your chairs around, and attach the clips again to secure the configuration. Not only are the metal clips easy to use, but they are incredibly strong and durable. No need to worry about your kids or dogs jumping on the sofa and causing the chairs to slide around - Our sofas and clips are built to last!

A real review from an Outer customer

For our Aluminum and Teak collections the clips attach to the top of the frame before placing the cushion on the sofa. With our Wicker Collection, the clips attach from under the sofa, but still a very simple task when you have the option to reinvent your space. Regardless of which collection you choose, changing up your space for an event to a small gathering with family and friends - You can accomplish the look you are going for with ease.

The clips are only blue for Outer's Brown Wicker Collection

Interested in a bit of guidance? We Are Always Here to Help

As we move into warmer months of the year (YAY!) and our outdoor renovations are wrapping up (double YAY!), it is the perfect time to reconfigure your outdoor living room or add to your existing Outer set. Maybe you just finished unpacking in your new home but have no idea where to start for your outdoor space? Speak with one of our Design Specialists. We are always here to help guide you through your journey so you can do more of what truly matters… enjoying more time with your family and friends outside!

This post was written by Outer's own Product Specialist and Design Consultant, Olivia Dalken.