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What It’s Like to be a Neighborhood Showroom Host

What It’s Like to be a Neighborhood Showroom Host

When we began to revolutionize the furniture retail model, we had to enlist a truly special community of neighborly partners (with, of course, gorgeous backyards). Enter our Neighborhood Showroom Hosts.

They come from 22 states across the country (so far!), and each brings their own unique touch to the Showroom experience. We’ve hosted parties together, evolved our retail model together, and in recent weeks, expanded to offer virtual tours together. Through Outer, Hosts connect with neighbors, make new friends, gain new business, and collaborate on how to bring more life outside.

Host Emily Porche and her daughter love a s'mores night in Marietta, GA

We asked a few of them to tell us what the experience has been like since signing on with Outer.

Outer: What made you want to become a Neighborhood Showroom Host?

Linda K., Woodland Hills, CA: I bought a new home with an amazing backyard and was thinking of ways to share it. I was also in the market for outdoor furniture, but I wanted something that would last. ALL the furniture I had before Outer fell apart after one season. It's been a great selling point to show the old expensive crap that didn't last and compare it to my awesome Outer furniture! Since I work at home, being an Outer Host makes it easy for me to connect with people and share my experiences.

Autumn S., Long Beach, CA:  When I first heard about the Host program, I thought it was an extremely innovative concept. We were already interested in purchasing the patio furniture based on how eco-friendly and high-quality the product was, but the opportunity to get involved with such a great company was a huge pro for my family and me.

Emily P., Marietta, GA: I’m a very social person by nature and truly enjoy speaking about products that I love. I already do this almost everyday on Instagram, so I loved that being an Outer Host allowed me to now do this in person!

The view from our Santa Monica, CA HQ Showroom

Outer: Since becoming a Host, have you met a lot of new people?

Emily: YES! I have met so many people around me and also some from neighboring states. One Showroom visit lasted for two hours because we couldn't stop talking home decor!

Linda: Everyone that has come to visit has been really nice. One woman in particular had bought furniture from a local chain and it arrived damaged; when they delivered the replacement, that was damaged too. She was so frustrated. So she made an appointment to visit my Showroom and bought her Outer furniture during her visit! She has since sent me several pictures of her backyard with her new Outer asking for suggestions on designing the perfect backyard. Needless to say, we became fast friends and neighbors.

Linda in her backyard in Woodland Hills, CA

Outer: What are some ways that being an Outer Host makes you feel more connected to your local community?

Emily: I love the casualness of the Showroom visits. It really is just neighbors popping in, seeing the sofa, and chatting. It’s a great experience all around!

Autumn: We love the fact that our neighborhood has become more connected because we all have the common interests of sustainability, great design, and a love for being outdoors. Having Neighborhood Popups at my home keeps me in tune with what's going on.

Linda: One of the special things about my neighborhood is everyone is very environmentally conscious, so being able to share the environmental aspects of my Outer furniture has been a big draw for this community.

We love these mixed patterns and string lights at our Showroom in Raleigh, NC

Outer: Have you had any particularly successful hosting moments?

Autumn: We had a great experience with a neighbor who came by to look at our Outer sofa; she brought her son, who is the same age as my son, and they became instant friends. We often chat on the phone and schedule play dates for them.

Linda: The last few Neighborhood Popups I’ve hosted have been a wonderful way to connect with new and existing neighbors. In fact, my friend who catered all of my Neighborhood Pop-Ups gained new business too! So a win-win all around. She made amazing vegan cookies with the Outer logo.

Emily: My Neighborhood Pop-Up was amazing. So many people in my surrounding neighborhood came who I had never met before; I still keep in contact with a lot of these people. It was a really fun event that brought a ton of community members together over some gorgeous summer weather, good Southern BBQ, live music, and of course, Outer!

At Emily's Neighborhood Popup in Marietta, GA

Love meeting people and creating a beautiful outdoor space for friends and family to gather? You could be the Neighborhood Showroom Host we’re looking for. Fill out an application today, and keep an eye out for a follow-up from us via email with next steps.

Bonus: You can find Emily's website and Linda's website by clicking on their names here.