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How To Choose An Outdoor Coffee Table: The Complete Buying Guide

How To Choose An Outdoor Coffee Table: The Complete Buying Guide

An outdoor coffee table is a must-have for any backyard seating area. Whether you’re playing board games with the family or having happy hour with friends, your coffee table is the best place to gather.

In this buying guide from the outdoor living experts at Outer, we’ll cover everything you need to know about finding the perfect coffee table for your outdoor space.

Keep reading to learn our steps for choosing the right table — from pairing your existing furniture with a new coffee table to selecting high-quality materials — as well as styling tips to complete your outdoor seating area.

How To Choose An Outdoor Coffee Table

outdoor coffee table
Outer Teak Outdoor Coffee Table - Square Leg

1) Determine What You Need

The first step in choosing your new outdoor coffee table is to determine exactly what you need.

You can start this process by measuring your outdoor space. If you have existing furniture, such as outdoor seating, be sure to measure your remaining space with the seating already in place. If you’re starting from scratch, measure your entire space from length to width.

Another question to consider is how much room you’d like your coffee table to take up. You want to be able to walk around the table and sit on your outdoor sofa or armchairs without constantly dodging the corners of your new table.

It’s also worth considering what you’ll be using your outdoor coffee table for. Is it simply for guests to put their drinks on, or will it serve as a playing table for game nights? This can help you determine how big your table should be.

A final aspect to keep in mind is whether you want to utilize your coffee table as additional storage for your outdoor space. Some options have storage inside the table if you need to hide away your throw blankets or kids’ toys when they’re not in use.

2) Consider Your Existing Furniture

Next, it’s time to take stock of your existing furniture to figure out which style of outdoor coffee table will look best as a part of your current setup.

You can easily mix and match styles of furniture to create a unique space, or you might want to carry on a particular theme based on your current outdoor seating.

For example, if you already have an outdoor couch, like our Aluminum Outdoor Sofa, you might want to stick to a sleek style throughout your whole backyard. If wicker is more your taste, maybe an earthy, relaxing oasis with plenty of greenery is what you’re looking to emulate.

We recommend opting for neutral tones that will pair seamlessly with a variety of color schemes. You can always experiment with bold colors later by using eye-catching patterns, shades, and textures when you choose your accessories, such as throw pillows or blankets.

We designed our range of outdoor coffee tables to be functional, sophisticated, and timeless. Our tables look right at home whether they’re paired with wicker, metal, or wooden outdoor seating, and they suit spaces of all shapes and sizes.

Our sophisticated Teak Outdoor Coffee Table With Tapered Leg, the classic Teak Outdoor Coffee Table With Square Leg, and the bold Teak Outdoor Coffee Table With Concrete Inlay are each distinct yet equally sleek.

No matter which option you choose to complement your outdoor seating, your stylish deck or patio will be the envy of your friends, family, and neighbors!

3) Look For High-Quality, Long-Lasting Materials

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Outer Teak Outdoor Coffee Table - Tapered Leg

Once you know the size and style of the outdoor coffee table you’re searching for, it’s best to pay close attention to the materials used in manufacturing to ensure they’re high-quality.

You’d expect your coffee table to last for many years to come, but depending on the type of wood or metal used to make the table, that may not be the case.

If your outdoor coffee table is made from metal such as aluminum, check the joints to make sure they’re secure, and inspect the frame and legs of the table for bending or warping.

If your coffee table is made from wood such as teak, take a look at the grain to make sure it’s tight and free from any cracks. It should be smooth to the touch with a nice sheen to it, not rough or dull-looking.

At Outer, each of our outdoor coffee tables is made from Grade A teak. Using the mature heart of the tree to build our tables ensures the highest possible quality and guarantees longevity and durability.

You won’t find any substandard wood or mass production here — our tables are built with meticulous attention to detail by expert craftsmen to make sure they’ll last your family for many years to come.

4) Learn About Sustainability

Another key feature to consider when shopping for your coffee table is how sustainably made it is (or, in most cases, how sustainably made it isn’t).

Sadly, most big-name brands don’t source their materials sustainably, and often their manufacturing processes aren’t economically viable. At Outer, we’re proud to say we do things differently.

The teak we use in our coffee tables and our range of outdoor seating is sourced from responsibly managed farms in Central Java in Indonesia, where each tree harvested is replaced by three more. This helps offset our carbon footprint and reduce climate change.

Our teak is also certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®, the leading international authority on sustainable forest management.

This tick of approval guarantees our wood is only harvested from forests that are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious, and economically viable.

Each of our products is made by real people — highly skilled, master artisans — not machines. This means every product purchased contributes to the livelihood of our craftsmen, making a genuine difference in their lives.

We believe in responsible design and we’re glad you do, too.

5) Choose A Low-Maintenance Option

Our final tip for choosing your new outdoor coffee table is to opt for a low-care product that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and is easy to clean.

While glass tables might look great, they need a ton of dusting and cleaning to keep them looking fresh. Other styles of wooden coffee tables, such as mahogany, are also beautiful but require consistent oiling to protect them and ensure they stay in peak condition.

Thankfully, teak coffee tables are about as low-maintenance as you can get.

The natural oils found in teak act as a pest repellent and keep it protected from the harsh elements of living outdoors, including UV rays from the sun and moisture from rainfall. This means no build-up of mold, no fading, and, most importantly, no need for oiling.

On top of its self-sufficiency, teak is also incredibly easy to clean. A simple mix of warm water and detergent does the trick to remove dirt and stains using a soft bristle brush.

We recommend giving your outdoor coffee table a clean once a season or whenever it’s visibly dirty to ensure it’s always ready for you and your guests to enjoy.

Tips For Styling Your Outdoor Coffee Table

Teak outdoor coffee table
Outer Teak Outdoor Coffee Table - Square Leg

To truly make your outdoor space into somewhere you love spending time, consider adding cozy elements of the indoors to your backyard seating area.

Some of our favorite, simple styling tips for putting the finishing touches on your outdoor space include:

Want some extra help with styling your outdoor space? We’ve got you covered! Get in touch with our team of Design Experts to book your complimentary Virtual Design Consultations today.

Uplevel Your Outdoor Space With Outer

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Outer Teak Outdoor Coffee Table - Concrete Inlay

Choosing the perfect outdoor coffee table for your backyard seating area can be a fun and simple process when you know what features to look for.

Remember to measure your space and determine exactly what size you need before you start shopping. Make sure your new table will pair seamlessly with your existing furniture, and choose a low-maintenance option to ensure cleaning and upkeep is fuss-free.

Our range of teak outdoor coffee tables ticks all the boxes.

Whether you choose our Teak Outdoor Coffee Table With Tapered Leg, our Teak Outdoor Coffee Table With Square Leg, or our Teak Outdoor Coffee Table With Concrete Inlay, your outdoor space will become your favorite room in the house!