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Outdoor Cushions Buying Guide: What To Look For When You Shop

Outdoor Cushions Buying Guide: What To Look For When You Shop

Outdoor cushions and pillows can bring a whole lot of personality and life to your outdoor seating area. From the bold and beautiful to the classic and elegant, there are several options to choose from. So just how do you go about deciding on the right ones for your space?

The outdoor living experts at Outer have done the legwork for you! We’ve compiled our favorite tips and tricks for selecting the perfect outdoor accessories to style your backyard armchairs, sofas, and sectionals.

From color scheme to comfort, check out our six tips below for everything you need to know about choosing the best of the best when it comes to outdoor cushions.

How To Choose The Best Outdoor Cushions

 outdoor cushions on a wicker chair
Outer Outdoor Throw Pillow - Navy/Charcoal Lumbar

1) Pick Your Color Scheme

When choosing your new outdoor cushions, it’s important to consider your color scheme and how your new accessories will look against the backdrop of your existing outdoor furniture.

If you’ve got a brightly colored outdoor sofa, the task of deciding which outdoor cushions to get can be a little tricky. However, if your outdoor furniture is neutral-toned, like our range of Wicker, Teak, and Aluminum seating options, selecting your outdoor cushions just got a whole lot easier.

We designed our range of outdoor throw pillows to pair perfectly with the classic gray and cream hues of our outdoor armchairs, sofas, and sectionals. With a variety of fabric colors available, including navy, sand, and charcoal, matching outdoor cushions to your seating is simple.

Our throw pillows are easy to mix and match with one another thanks to our nine pattern options with hand-sewn patchwork designs. They’re simple yet elegant, and they add a touch of sophistication to any outdoor space.

Even those new to the world of outdoor decor will nail this one!

2) Prioritize Comfort

A dog sitting on outdoor cushions
Outer Outdoor Throw Pillow - Navy/Stripe Split

It’s all well and good if your outdoor pillows look amazing, but you’ll also want them to feel amazing. It’s important to prioritize comfort and functionality along with style to make sure you get the most out of your cushions.

The fill material used in Outer throw pillows offers a firm-yet-soft feel that holds its shape and makes for an incredibly comfortable cushion. And on the outside, you’ve got our classic solution-dyed performance fabric that’s built to stand the test of time (more on that below).

It’s the combination of these features that equals the perfect outdoor cushion — soft on the inside, comfortable on the outside.

3) Ensure They’re Durable

Speaking of the materials we use in our throw pillows, another factor to consider when purchasing your new outdoor cushions is how long they’re going to last.

Durability is a key feature of all Outer products, from our seating options to our rugs, and our outdoor pillows are no different. Like the performance fabric we use in our furniture cushions, our outdoor cushions are made to be lifeproof.

This means they’re resistant to stains, mold, bleach, water, UV rays, and just about anything else you throw at them. They’re built to last and live a long, happy life as part of your outdoor furniture setup.

4) Choose Easy-To-Clean Options

Thanks to the lifeproof performance fabric in our pillows, they’re incredibly easy to clean. A simple hand wash with mild detergent does the trick to remove even tough food stains, like coffee or sauces.

As an added bonus, our pillow covers are machine-washable for times when a deeper clean might be needed. Zip the covers off, throw them in the washing machine on a cool cycle, then let them air dry to have your Outer pillows looking as good as new again.

It’s worth noting that not all outdoor cushions on the market have covers that are machine-washable or stain-resistant. Be sure to check the label before you purchase to avoid disappointment when it comes time to clean your cushions!

5) Consider Multiple Sizes

 outdoor cushions on a wicker couch
Outer Outdoor Throw Pillow - Navy/Charcoal Lumbar

To really bring your outdoor space together with the help of accessories like outdoor cushions, it’s best to mix and match shapes and sizes. This stops your outdoor space from looking overly formal and can create a more cozy, welcoming atmosphere for your guests.

We designed our outdoor pillows with the goal of cutting back on clutter. Our cushion inserts and covers utilize standard sizing, making it simpler to switch out your covers without leaving a mess of excess materials behind.

Our square cushions come in two standard sizes — 18x18 and 20x20 — with our additional rectangular lumbar cushions in a 12x24 size. Try mixing and matching your favorite designs from our range with each other to bring some extra flair and personality to your outdoor space.

Trust us — no matter which options you choose to pair together, you really can’t go wrong! We made sure that all our designs, from the colors and prints to the shapes and sizes, are easy to throw together and still look effortlessly styled.

6) Opt For Recyclable Outdoor Cushions

It’s no secret that we’re big on sustainability here at Outer. We believe in doing our part for the planet by using sustainably sourced materials in our products wherever we can and helping to reduce our carbon footprint by replacing the wood we harvest for our furniture.

So when it came time to design our range of outdoor pillows, we knew we wanted to continue our mission for a better planet by creating them from recyclable materials.

As a result, our outdoor throw pillows are completely recyclable! Everything from the cushion inserts to the cushion covers is biodegradable and better for our environment than the typical materials used in outdoor accessories.

Most other outdoor furniture brands rely on acrylic fabric, which, unfortunately, is not recyclable. All materials we use in our outdoor cushions fall under specific recycle codes (while still offering the same feel as organic cotton).

A win for us and a win for the planet!

How To Style Your Outdoor Space

Neutral color Outdoor furniture set
Outer Teak Outdoor Sofa with Armchairs - 5 Seat

Your outdoor cushions are a major part of styling your outdoor seating area, but there are a ton of other simple yet effective ways to bring life back outside. And the best part is you don’t have to be a decorator to make everything look professionally styled.

We love creating a warm, inviting ambiance in outdoor spaces by starting with a rug. This creates a soft foundation and helps to cohesively tie an outdoor seating area together.

Our range of Eco-Friendly Outdoor Rugs is the perfect place to get started. Like our throw pillows, our rugs are sustainably made from recyclable materials (almost 100 plastic bottles per rug, to be exact!).

They come in a variety of neutral colors to seamlessly pair with any outdoor seating option, and just like our furniture, our rugs are easy to clean. They’re as comfortable and durable as they are sleek and sophisticated — what’s not to love?

Once you’ve laid the foundation of your outdoor space, arrange your comfortable seating around the rug and finish off your furniture layout with a coffee table for added functionality.

Our range of Teak Coffee Tables was designed for outdoor spaces of all shapes and sizes. The warm, honey tones of these staple pieces look incredible with just about any style of outdoor seating, so you can rest assured your space will look cohesive and put-together.

Plus, in true Outer style, the Grade A teak used in all our outdoor tables is sustainably sourced and has the tick of approval from the Forest Stewardship Council® — the leading international authority on sustainable forest management.

Finish styling your outdoor space by adding an eye-catching feature (like a fire pit), some soft lighting, and a little greenery (like a small garden or a few simple pot plants) to bring life back outside.

Be sure to leave room for a backyard camping setup or outdoor movie night. And, of course, you don’t want your outdoor cushions to get lonely on the couch, so we recommend keeping a throw blanket or two close by to keep your guests comfortable.

Live Better Outside With Outdoor Cushions

 outdoor cushions on a wicker couch
Outer Outdoor Throw Pillow - Navy Stripe

It’s easy to see why outdoor cushions make the perfect addition to any outdoor seating area. By following the simple tips in our buying guide, you’ll be able to choose the best options for your space with minimal fuss.

Be sure to prioritize comfort; look for quality, long-lasting materials; and consider choosing outdoor cushions of varying shapes and designs to keep your outdoor space fresh and welcoming all year round.

Our range of outdoor throw pillows is the perfect place to start your backyard styling journey. With multiple sizes and classic, sophisticated colors including navy, sand, and charcoal to choose from, your outdoor furniture will look professionally styled thanks to Outer!