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Outdoor Cushions Buying Guide: What To Look For When You Shop

Outdoor Cushions Buying Guide: What To Look For When You Shop

When it comes to creating a welcoming and stylish outdoor space, outdoor cushions and pillows play a pivotal role. These accessories not only add personality but also elevate the comfort level of your outdoor seating area. In this guide, the Outer experts walk through the art of selecting outdoor cushions and answer some common questions to help you make informed choices as you build your dream outdoor space.

Choosing the Best Outdoor Cushions: A Six-Step Guide

 outdoor cushions on a wicker chair
Outer Outdoor Throw Pillow - Navy/Charcoal Lumbar

1. Define Your Color Scheme

Selecting the perfect outdoor cushions begins with determining your color scheme. Consider the existing tones in your outdoor space, from the surrounding greenery to the architecture of your home, and choose a hue that harmonizes with the space.

The Outer color palette is inspired by nature and specially designed to suit any outdoor space and style. With a simplified color scheme that can easily be mixed-and-matched with our frames, Outer’s outdoor furniture sets make the perfect base for personal touches (like colorful throw pillows or a patterned outdoor rug) that make your space uniquely yours. Outer offers free swatches of our cushion fabrics so you can see how the color looks in person and in your space. Order a complimentary set of swatches here.

2. Prioritize Comfort

A dog sitting on outdoor cushions
Outer Outdoor Throw Pillow - Navy/Stripe Split

Beyond aesthetics, comfort is key. If your outdoor cushions aren't comfortable, you're simply not going to use the space nearly as often. Avoid stiff fabrics and uncomfortable cushion fillings, like hollow-fill fiber or stiff polyester.

Outer's cushions are wonderfully plush. The secret behind our ultra-comfortable outdoor cushions is a multi-layer memory foam that offers the same luxurious comfort of a premium mattress. Plus, our seat cushions are 16 inches thick so you can wonderfully sink into your Outer sofa to relax and unwind.

3. Look for Fabric Quality

When shopping for outdoor cushions, it's important to check the fabric used for the cushion cover and the fill. Look for materials labeled as "performance fabric" or "all-weather fabric." These fabrics are designed to withstand exposure to the elements and are often more durable than standard indoor fabrics. They should resist fading, mold, and mildew. It's also essential to have UV-resistant fabric for outdoor cushions. This feature prevents the fabric from fading or deteriorating due to exposure to sunlight, so opt for cushions with UV-protective coatings or treatments.

To make Outer's cushions incredibly durable and looking crisp season after season, our team developed our proprietary performance fabric, OuterWeave™ which feels soft to the touch but is engineered for the outdoors. Made from recyclable materials, this hand-sewn fabric resists water, stains, mold, and fading.

As for the fill material, avoid cushions with low-quality fillings that may flatten or deteriorate quickly. Instead, opt for cushions with high-density foam or multi-layer memory foam (like Outer's cushions). These materials provide better support and resilience over time.

4. Opt for Easy Cleaning

As you research and shop for outdoor cushions, check the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer. Durable outdoor cushions are usually easy to clean. Look for cushions (removable covers are a plus) that can be spot cleaned with mild soap and water or machine-washed for added convenience.

As for Outer's cushions, our OuterWeave™ cushion covers are incredibly easy to clean. Simply rinse off any dirt, wine, coffee, or tea stains and let air dry. Stubborn stains are quickly washed away with a gentle detergent, diluted in warm water. Alternatively, the cushion cover can be removed and machine washed. For Outer's complete care and maintenance guide, visit here.

5. Inspect the Stitching and Seams

 outdoor cushions on a wicker couch
Outer Outdoor Throw Pillow - Navy/Charcoal Lumbar

Quality outdoor cushions have double-stitched seams and reinforced stitching at stress points. This ensures that the cushion cover remains intact, even with regular use and exposure to the outdoors.

6. Research the Warranty

A manufacturer's warranty can be a good indicator of durability. Reputable brands often offer warranties that cover their outdoor cushions for a specific period. A warranty provides peace of mind in case of unexpected wear or damage. For comparison, Outer offers a 5 year warranty from date of purchase for its cushions, one of the longest warranties available in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions: Outer's Outdoor Cushions

1. What size are Outer's cushions?

Here are the dimensions of Outer’s seat cushions:
Standard, Sectional, Ottoman Seat Cushion - 29” W x 29” D x 6” H
Armchair Cushion - 24” W x 29” D x 6” H

Here are the dimensions of Outer’s back cushions:
Standard Back cushion - 29” W x 8” D x 16” H
Short Back Cushion - 24” W x 8” D x 16” H

The cushions weigh 10 to 16 pounds, depending on the size.

Cream color outdoor cushions
Outer Wicker Outdoor L Sectional - 4 Seat

2. Are Outer's cushions weather-resistant?

Yes, Outer's cushions are incredibly durable and weather-resistant. They are designed to withstand exposure to the elements, including rain, sun, and humidity, without deteriorating or fading.

3. What materials are used in Outer's outdoor cushions?

Outer's outdoor cushions feature high-density, multi-layer memory foam fillings for premium comfort and durability. The cushion covers are made from our proprietary OuterWeave™ performance fabric, which is water-resistant as well as stain-, fade-, mold-, and UV-resistant.

4. Can I order replacement Outer cushions?

Yes! Outer is so excited to now offer replacement OuterWeave™ Fabric Covers.

5. How do I clean and maintain Outer's outdoor cushions?

Outer's outdoor cushions are very easy to clean and maintain. Most stains can be simply wiped away with water. Stubborn stains may require a spot cleaning with mild soap and water. The cushion covers are machine washable for a deeper cleaning. Visit our complete care and maintenance guide here.

Choosing outdoor cushions combines aesthetics and comfort. By following these guidelines, you can avoid common pitfalls when purchasing your outdoor furniture and cushions. If you need more help in selecting outdoor furniture that suits your taste and needs, Outer offers free design consultations to help you build your dream outdoor space.