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Why You Should Use Outdoor Furniture Covers To Protect Your Favorite Pieces

Why You Should Use Outdoor Furniture Covers To Protect Your Favorite Pieces

Whether you’re on the hunt for new outdoor furniture pieces or you’ve already found the perfect fit, you might be wondering about the best way to protect them. Are outdoor furniture covers really necessary? And how do you go about choosing the best type for your needs?

As outdoor-living experts, we’re here to help with our guide on all things furniture covers.

From exploring the benefits of outdoor furniture covers (and why you most definitely need them!) to tips for finding the perfect fit, we’ve got you covered (pun very much intended).

The Benefits Of Using Outdoor Furniture Covers

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Why should you use outdoor furniture covers to protect your favorite pieces? It’s simple, really — added protection helps you prolong the life of your furniture.

All furniture gets worn and dirty over time — it’s unavoidable. But your outdoor furniture has a whole other battle to face, and that’s the weather. No matter what climate you live in, your furniture is going to have its work cut out for it!

If you live in a moderate climate where you don’t get a lot of snow, you’ll still have UV rays from the sun hitting your outdoor furniture, not to mention the occasional rain drizzle.

If you live in a colder climate, we don’t have to tell you how much the snow can impact the life of your outdoor furniture! Leaving it out during the winter months can be a disaster when you’re without furniture covers.

Regardless of where you live, protecting your outdoor furniture against the elements is key to extending the life and usability of your pieces.

Fortunately for all Outer customers, one layer of protection is always built right into your furniture. Our OuterShell™ is a discreet, roll-away cover that tucks neatly behind each sofa or armchair cushion, ready to be pulled up and over to protect your cushions at a moment’s notice.

This makes it perfect for everyday weather protection when your furniture isn’t in use. The OuterShell™ will protect your outdoor furniture from the sun’s rays, a sprinkle of rain, and those unexpected bird droppings that always seem to be there when you go to sit down (annoying!).

We designed this built-in protection with our customers in mind — we always want your Outer furniture to be clean, dry, and ready to use whenever you need it. Plus, it cuts down on cleaning time and adds to the longevity of our cushions, which is a major win in our books!

But Outer protection doesn’t end there. From our 3-Seater Wicker Sofa to our individual Armchairs, there’s an All-Weather Cover to suit a variety of Outer seating options.

These durable covers were designed as an extra layer of protection for those who live in harsher climates. If you experience heavy wind, rain, or snow, these covers are a must-have to prolong the life of your favorite Outer pieces.

We designed our All-Weather Covers to reduce the need for transporting your outdoor furniture to an enclosed space during the off-season. By using our heavy-duty All-Weather Covers, your furniture can stay put all year round and you can rest assured that it’s well-protected.

When it comes to outdoor furniture covers, they’re not all created equal. Keep reading to discover the top qualities to look for in furniture covers and how you can find the best ones for your favorite outdoor pieces.

Tips For Choosing The Best Outdoor Furniture Covers

1) Look For The Perfect Fit

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First thing’s first, you’ll want to make sure your new outdoor furniture covers are the perfect fit for your outdoor furniture. The covers should fit snugly on your furniture without any huge gaps or tight areas.

Generic covers that weren’t made specifically to fit your pieces won’t protect your furniture as well, and the covers likely won’t be as secure. Choose covers that are made to fit your outdoor furniture like a finely tailored suit.

Our All-Weather Covers do exactly that! They’re designed for each piece of Outer furniture to provide the perfect fit every time you use them.

Our covers come equipped with easy-to-locate, waterproof zippers to make finding the right way up a total breeze, so you can quickly throw on your outdoor furniture covers and get back to enjoying life as soon as possible.

Not only that, but we’ve also added wind straps and buckles on each leg so you can make sure your All-Weather Cover fits onto your Outer furniture as securely as possible.

This ensures your covers will stay in place through all weather conditions, even winds of up to 70mph!

2) Make Sure They’re Water-Resistant

This is a big one — after all, water is one of the main reasons we’re looking to protect our favorite outdoor pieces. Choose covers that repel water to keep your furniture dry and protected all year round.

Whether it’s a light drizzle of rain or heavy snowfall, knowing your outdoor furniture is well-protected is a big relief. Plus, it will keep you from having to transfer your furniture to protected space or indoors any time the forecast looks a little daunting.

Outer furniture covers are made from synthetic, recyclable materials that allow water to slide right off the surface. And unlike other covers, ours have been strategically designed on a sloping angle to stop moisture from pooling on your furniture.

3) Check That They’re Resistant To Stains, Mold, And UV Rays

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Just as water-repelling technology is crucial in a good outdoor furniture cover, ensuring your covers are stain- and mold-resistant is equally as important.

Small beads of moisture can easily get trapped in outdoor furniture covers, leading to stains, mold, and mildew, which we’d all rather avoid. Mold can be harmful to your family, including your pets, so your best bet is to reduce its occurrence altogether.

Thankfully, just like the premium fabrics used in every Outer sofa, our All-Weather Covers are made from materials that prevent moisture from soaking into your furniture. They’re also naturally high-performance to minimize the need for ongoing maintenance.

Our All-Weather Covers are also fade-resistant, so they won’t dull after exposure to the sun’s UV rays. Just another way to ensure your furniture is protected from the elements.

4) Ensure They’re Easy To Clean

Even though your new outdoor furniture covers will likely be stain- and mold-resistant per our recommendations above, they’ll still need an occasional cleaning to keep them looking fresh.

Ideally, your covers will only require spot cleaning on an as-needed basis so you don’t find yourself wasting time and energy scrubbing them every couple of weeks.

Since Outer All-Weather Covers are made from synthetic materials, mold can’t grow on their fibers. However, like any synthetic cover, mold and mildew can still accumulate on the dirt and debris that settles on top of your furniture covers.

Fortunately, we’ve made sure cleaning your Outer covers is quick and straightforward, so you can get back to doing what you love sooner.

Whenever a buildup of dirt or debris is spotted, simply sweep off any loose particles, spot clean with a water-detergent cleaning solution, rinse, and allow your outdoor furniture covers to dry in direct sunlight. Voila!

For even more cleaning tips and tricks to prolong the life of your outdoor furniture, visit our dedicated blog post here.

5) Choose Breathability

It’s one thing to have durable, mold-resistant outdoor furniture covers to protect your furniture on the outside, but another important feature to look for is breathability to prevent moisture build-up inside your covers.

Outdoor furniture covers aren’t doing their job if they’re letting moisture get inside and impact your furniture. Maintaining airflow is key to reducing any build-up of heat and moisture within your covers and reducing the likelihood of mold slipping through.

Outer furniture covers come with thoughtfully placed, built-in vents on the back to make sure your furniture can still breathe while it’s being protected. No more nasty surprises when you remove your covers after winter!

Prolong The Life Of Your Outdoor Furniture With Outer

Woman showing off her outdoor furniture covers

No matter what climate you live in or how you love to use your outdoor furniture, protecting your favorite pieces with outdoor furniture covers to extend the life of your furniture is crucial.

By following the tips in this guide, you can protect your outdoor furniture in no time at all. Be sure your new covers are breathable, durable, and resistant to stains, mold, and UV rays.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect fit for your Outer 3-Seater Wicker Sofa or wanting to protect your Outer Armchairs, our All-Weather Covers offer optimum protection with simple, straightforward features to extend the life of your Outer furniture for many years to come.