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7 Best Ideas For Gorgeous Outdoor Living Spaces In 2021

7 Best Ideas For Gorgeous Outdoor Living Spaces In 2021

Outdoor living spaces are an extension of your home’s cozy interior design, so it makes sense that you’d want to take the time to carefully create an area that feels just as comfortable as being indoors.

We’ve compiled a collection of our seven favorite Outer outdoor living spaces for you to take inspiration from when designing your own backyard. From a boho-inspired treehouse to a classic family living space, we know you’ll find the perfect style to emulate in your outdoor area.

Take a look at the best ideas for creating your own gorgeous outdoor space below.

Our Favorite Ideas For Outdoor Living Spaces

The homes featured in this article belong to real Outer customers who love sharing their designs with our community through our Neighborhood Showrooms.

To learn more about your favorite outdoor space featured here, you can connect with a homeowner virtually through our website or, if you live close by, request to see it in person. In fact, we have showrooms all over the US, so there’s probably one near you.

We love our Neighborhood Showrooms because they allow you to see, touch, and learn about Outer products before you purchase them. You can ask all of your burning questions and experience Outer furniture without any pressure to buy.

Now, without further ado, let’s dive into each of our favorite outdoor living spaces and learn about the easiest ways to recreate them in your home.

1) Design An Outdoor Living Room

outdoor living spaces
Outer Wicker Outdoor Sofa with Armchairs

At Outer, we’re all about bringing the comforts of indoors to an outdoor space. Designing an outdoor living room that you and your family love to spend time in is the ultimate goal, and this patio living area checks all the boxes.

Using our 1188 Eco-Friendly Rug in Seashell Gray to create a soft foundation, these homeowners have added comfort and style to their space with our 3-Seater Wicker Outdoor Sofa and two pairs of our Wicker Outdoor Armchair Conversation Set.

Each of the seat cushions featured on our sofas and armchairs is made with high resiliency memory foam, just like the type you’ll find in premium mattresses. Wrapped in soft yet durable performance fabric, our cushions can stand up to stains!

Throw in our Teak Outdoor Coffee Table With Square Leg for a place to keep the snacks and drinks, and this outdoor space becomes the perfect setup to kick back and watch TV after wrapping up the workweek.

2) Make Outdoor Spaces Contemporary With Sleek Lines

Contemporary outdoor living spaces
Outer Aluminum Outdoor L Sectional

An inviting outdoor sofa set against the backdrop of lush greenery — we already feel relaxed just looking at this serene outdoor space. We can picture sipping our morning coffee out here before the busyness of the day sets in, can’t you?

Our 4-Seater Aluminum Outdoor L Sectional in Palisades Cream features a sleek, classic design ready to be paired with pops of color from an outdoor throw pillow or two.

Our Aluminum furniture collection features weather-resistant frames that will never rust, decay, or loosen thanks to the top-of-the-line powder coating and master welding. Easy to clean with no ongoing upkeep, it’s the perfect set-and-forget outdoor couch designed to suit spaces of any shape and size.

Complete your space with one of our teak coffee tables for added functionality and enjoy the tranquility!

3) Create The Perfect Family Game Night Set-Up

outdoor living spaces with a fire table
Outer Wicker Outdoor L Sectional

When you have a large outdoor space to fill, it’s important to measure the area so you know how much seating you’ll need to keep it looking proportionate.

If you’re big on entertaining and you need plenty of spacious seating, consider creating your own custom Outer configuration to ensure your furniture fits your outdoor area like a glove.

Use our configuration quiz to help plan your space, or jump straight into building your custom setup using our Build Your Own Seating tool. Choose from all-weather wicker, teak, or aluminum to create your dream outdoor couch, and then start thinking about accessories.

We love the multi-functional fire table these Outer customers have used to bring warmth and style to their space. A crackling fire one minute, a card table the next — it’s the perfect addition to any family game night.

4) Uplevel Your Landscape With Pavers

outdoor living spaces with unique pavers design
Outer Teak Outdoor Sofa with Armchairs

Creating beautiful outdoor living spaces isn’t all about the furniture and accessories — you need to consider landscaping, too.

We love the configuration of the pavers in this backyard to add an eye-catching element to an otherwise simple space. Adding the paved area allowed this Outer family to expand their living space without renovations and bring even more life outdoors.

Not pictured is their stunning outdoor kitchen, decked-in hot tub, and commercial heaters to keep the space cozy. It certainly meets our definition of an outdoor living area complete with all the comforts of the indoors.

The backyard also features our 5-Seater Teak Outdoor Sofa with Armchairs made from sustainably sourced, Grade A teak. With no oiling or maintenance required, our range of teak seating and coffee tables is an easy way to add a contemporary wood design to your space.

And thanks to our built-in OuterShell® covers, there’s no need to worry about falling leaves, morning dew, or sneaky bird droppings. Simply pull the integrated protective covers out and over your cushions to ensure they’re always clean, dry, and ready to use.

5) Incorporate Boho-Chic Into Outdoor Living Spaces

Boho-Chic outdoor living spaces
Outer Wicker Outdoor Sofa 

This treehouse in Venice, California is the ultimate boho-chic outdoor living space. From the eclectic mix of furniture and pops of color to the disco ball hanging in the tree, we love the personality that shines through in this backyard.

This fun space features our 3-Seater Wicker Outdoor Sofa accompanied by multiple comfy floor cushions. The woven side table, vintage candle holders, decorative pots, and colorful bar stools make this space truly unique.

To create your own treehouse-inspired backyard, ensure you’ve got plenty of lush greenery around (even potted plants will do!), and try adding throw pillows and blankets with different colors and textures to keep your outdoor space interesting.

For added warmth, layer multi-colored rugs on your deck or patio and bring in a rustic fire pit to tie everything together.

6) Get Set Up For The Ultimate Movie Night

Outdoor Living Spaces
Outer Wicker Outdoor Sofa with Armless Chairs

Who doesn’t love a backyard movie night? Comfy seating, plenty of snacks, a roaring fire to keep warm, and your favorite movie playing on the big screen. Total bliss!

To design the ultimate outdoor movie setup, try recreating the cozy way this Outer family positioned their 5-Seater Wicker Outdoor Sofa with Armless Chairs around a contemporary outdoor fire pit.

The modular design of our sofas makes it simple to arrange and rearrange your couch as needed to accommodate your guests. Make your sofa and two chairs into two sofas, or split the pieces up to spread out around the fire — the choice is yours.

Add a cozy rug (featured is our 1188 Eco-Friendly Outdoor Rug in Sand Dune Beige), some soft lighting like string lights or lanterns, and plenty of warm throw blankets to keep everyone comfortable.

Grab the popcorn and you’ll be all set for your movie marathon under the stars!

7) Keep It Classic With Wood And Greenery

Outdoor Living Spaces
Outer Teak Outdoor Sofa with Armchairs

Our 6-Seater Teak Outdoor Sofa with Armless Chairs paired with our Teak Outdoor Armchair Conversation Set makes for a classic combo set against this beautiful outdoor patio.

With plenty of greenery and neutral-toned accessories, our teak furniture is able to show off its sleek, aerodynamic design and golden, honey tones. Sustainably sourced in Indonesia, our range is created with only the highest quality teak to ensure it outlasts other wood materials.

For additional sun protection, these Outer homeowners added a large outdoor umbrella in the same shade of green as their outdoor cushions to keep their space consistent. Sticking with similar colors throughout your space helps give it a professionally styled look and feel.

Finish by bringing in a large area rug and metal drum-style fire pit to create the perfect spot for al fresco meals, a doggy playdate, or a happy hour after work.

Sophisticated Outdoor Living Spaces With Outer

Creating sophisticated outdoor living spaces is simple thanks to Outer.

We designed all of our products, from our 5-Seater Teak Outdoor Sofa with Armchairs to our Outdoor Throw Pillows, to be functional, durable, and timeless so you can enjoy your outdoor area for years to come.

Whether you love the earthy vibes that all-weather wicker provides or you’re all about the sleek look of aluminum, you’ll find the perfect style and configuration for your space among our range of outdoor furniture.

If you’d love some guidance on creating one of your own outdoor living spaces, our Exterior Design Experts are more than happy to help! Simply follow the link to book your free Virtual Design Consultation and get started today.