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Design Inspiration: Our 1188 Rugs In Real Life

Design Inspiration: Our 1188 Rugs In Real Life

We’re excited to announce we’ve restocked our Outer Rugs in all colors, so you can add another layer of sustainable, durable, and easy-to-clean comfort to your outdoors. Nothing ties a room together quite like a rug, and that goes for your outdoor spaces as well!

While you’re considering which color and size to purchase, take a look at some design inspiration from our own community. See how they’ve incorporated Outer Rugs into a variety of spaces and styles, and read on to find out what makes Outer Rugs so unique.

The perfect place for Lego construction! Our rugs (pictured here in Seashell Gray) are soft enough for knees and elbows. Photo by Kalani Watson
Host Emily Porche's gorgeous patio is the ideal space for cool nights. Pictured here at her home in Marietta, GA is the Wicker Sofa and Outer Rug in Sand Dune Beige.

The Best Foundational Outdoor Rugs for All Spaces
Like our sofas, our Rugs were designed as foundational pieces. We kept the look neutral to ensure they fit within your decorating design style, but that doesn’t mean they’re boring! Our design has a subtle texture over dominant patterns, hence the understated herringbone pattern.

As seen in these photos, the Outer community has a wide range of spaces, styles, and design aesthetics, and the Outer Rug fits seamlessly within all of them.

Add contrast pillows for a touch of seasonal design fun. Kristin Dion chose the Outer Rug in Seashell Gray for her relaxed California backyard.

Soft Enough for Knees and Elbows

We wanted to make sure that our Rugs didn’t just add a visual component to a space, they add comfort and functionality as well. Made for playing, building, crafting, creating, and snoozing, the fabric is soft enough for bare feet, knees, elbows, and paws.

Erin Wheeler's breathtaking deck in North Carolina lives among the trees. She complemented her Wicker Sofa Set with the Seashell Gray Outer Rug.

Talk about a room with a view. Showroom Host Barak Bar made the most of his Chicago rooftop deck with an Outer Sectional and the Pebble Gray Outer Rug.

Easy to Keep Clean
Rugs get dirty. That’s just a fact of life. Outdoor rugs get really dirty. Our rugs have a dominant color when seen from afar, but upon closer inspection, you’ll notice a dithering effect (made up of a palette of colors) to hide the dirt. If the rug has been sitting in a damp location and is screaming for a bath, we made sure they’re extremely easy to clean. Find out more on that here.

Showroom Host Bridgette Trela's raised wooden deck in Burke, VA is a dreamy escape for sunset happy hours.
Showroom Host Glenn Wira's natucally-inspired deck in Somers Point, NJ is perfect for relaxing on hot summer days. 

Every Rug Gives Plastic Bottles a Second Life

Like with all we do, we made sure our Rugs are not only stylish and outdoor tough, they’re sustainably made too.

We use 100% recycled PET plastic bottles, rather than virgin plastics, to make each rug. This gives plastics a second life, but also lends to the rug’s overall durability. PET plastics are naturally stain-resistant and, like our sofa, retain color and won’t fade in sunlight or after a harsh cleaning.

Actually, the number on the packaging indicates how many plastic bottles were spared from landfills to make each rug.

Which color do you think goes best with your space? We can’t wait to see how you incorporate the Outer Rug into your backyard or outdoor area. Tag us on social, and check out our channels for even more design inspiration.