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How To Choose Outdoor Weatherproof Furniture For Your Backyard

How To Choose Outdoor Weatherproof Furniture For Your Backyard

Spending time outside can quickly be cut short by unexpected weather. From snowfall in the Midwest to heavy East Coast rain, the right outdoor weatherproof furniture can ensure your backyard setup stays protected through every season.

With so many materials, fabrics, and designs to choose from, here’s how to find the best weatherproof furniture to fit your outdoor needs.

Choosing Outdoor Weatherproof Furniture

If you’ve ever wondered what exactly makes outdoor furniture weatherproof, then you’re not alone. It’s hard to imagine why any piece of outdoor furniture wouldn’t be made to specifically stand up against the elements.

Let’s look at the qualities of outdoor furniture that help define it as weatherproof and all the ways that weatherproof furniture can and cannot be used outside.

Weatherproof Material

Depending on your location, normal weather is going to mean something different. So, weatherproof furniture should be designed to withstand elements like harsh sunlight, rain, and any common conditions your area experiences.

A misconception of weatherproof furniture is that it can survive the harshest year-round conditions and requires little maintenance.

Although there are varying degrees of weather resistance, most weatherproof furniture is only made to withstand everyday conditions such as morning dew, light snow, and mild rain. In more severe weather, furniture should be easy to quickly move and store.

Here are some of the best materials when it comes to weatherproof outdoor furniture.


Aluminum outdoor furniture
Outer Aluminum Outdoor L Sectional

The most common options for metal outdoor furniture are aluminum and steel. Both are corrosion-resistant and durable, making them suitable for long periods outside.

For anyone stuck deciding between aluminum or steel furniture, aluminum goes further when it comes to weather protection. While steel will quickly heat up in the sun or freeze in the cold, aluminum stays temperate and does not respond to intense conditions.

Unless you plan to restrict your furniture to the shade or a temperature-controlled area, choose aluminum, as it allows for comfort in the cold or heat and is resistant to water, easier to clean, and lightweight for easy moving in case severe storms roll in.


Another exceptional material for withstanding the elements is wood, but choosing the right kind means finding a material that can last multiple decades without rotting or warping.

Eucalyptus and cedarwood are commonly used for outdoor purposes due to their longevity, but the most durable choice for time spent outside is teakwood.

While eucalyptus is a budget-friendly option for those seeking a tropical wood style, it is susceptible to cracking over time and needs regular maintenance to avoid permanent damage.

On the other hand, quality teak is a light golden brown color with high mineral content and natural oils for unbeatable protection. This not only prevents warping and cracking but also keeps it safe in the rain and even repels pests that might otherwise burrow into wooden items.


Wicker furniture with white metal chairs
Outer Wicker Outdoor Sofa - 3 Seat

The final material that hits the weatherproof mark is all-weather wicker. Also known as synthetic resin, this plastic-like product repels water instead of absorbing it, making it an ideal contender for surviving outside.

Making sure the wicker is synthetic resin is important for keeping it protected. Natural wicker can be beautifully made, but it's meant for indoor use and is quickly damaged from exposure to sunlight or ruined by mold and mildew.

Here at Outer, our handwoven All-Weather Wicker is durable enough for a wide range of conditions while still being elegant and timeless. And its rust-proof stainless steel legs further add to its outdoor capabilities and make it easy to clean.

Functional Design

The best outdoor weatherproof furniture is going to be as functional as it is fashionable. Three important factors of functionality are weight, protection, and modularity.


Lightweight materials shouldn’t be so paper-thin that they blow away from a strong gust of wind, but they should be easy to move around for a number of reasons.

Is a severe storm passing through your area? Lightweight outdoor furniture can make moving and storing all items effortless, even if only one person is around to do it.

Aluminum, teak, and wicker all fit wonderfully into this category and are an ideal weight for the outdoors.


Are you looking to rearrange your furniture without having to buy a whole new set? A customer-focused company will create its products with a modular design so that customization can be easily achieved in minutes just by changing the placement of each piece.

Our innovative designs at Outer make it so changing or adding pieces to an existing set is seamless. Non-modular furniture adds unnecessary hassle to rearranging, adding extra options, or even fixing and maintaining it over time.

That’s not the case with Outer.


outdoor teak furniture with cushion covers
Outer Teak Outdoor U Sectional - 7 Seat

Of course, no functionally weatherproof product would be complete without ways to protect every last detail of its design. Teak, aluminum, and wicker are perfect for naturally withstanding the elements, but we can’t forget about the cushions.

That’s why our patented OuterShell protects your furniture by quickly rolling out and over the cushions to ward off dirt, debris, and morning dew. It’s simple to invest in durable furniture that won’t ruin the relaxation of outdoor comfort.

Comfortable Cushions

Speaking of cushions, one of the biggest issues when it comes to outdoor furniture is compromising comfort for durability. Durable cushions shouldn’t come in the form of rock-hard seats, cheap polyester fills, or heat-sensitive fabrics.

Finding a cushion with a high-density foam is a great place to start. Quality foam is supportive, comfortable, and weather-ready, checking all the boxes with zero compromises.

Our multi-layer memory foam cushions at Outer offer luxurious comfort. Instead of sitting on a hot pad that will likely develop mold, relaxing on an Outer sofa is like lounging on a premium mattress for the world's most comfortable outdoor cushion.

When searching for the right cushion for your all-weather requirements, keep in mind that it’s going to be what you sit on every time you relax outside. The more comfortable it is, the more time you and your guests will spend loving the outdoors.

Tips For Maintaining Outdoor Weatherproof Furniture

Outdoor furniture near a pool
Outer Teak Outdoor Corner Sectional

As we mentioned, weatherproof furniture is meant to be the most suitable choice for all outdoor needs. But this does not mean that the furniture will be indestructible and fight against the most damaging conditions.

Following a few easy tips can help you make the most of your outdoor weatherproof furniture and keep it lasting for decades.

Monitor Severe Weather

The first step to keeping your furniture protected is to know when severe weather is going to hit. While teak, wicker, and aluminum can withstand a long list of conditions, properly storing furniture and cushions during weather warnings is good practice.

To make things easier, our OuterShell has a convenient grab-and-go handle to easily transport your cushions to a protected location. Simply cover your cushions with the OuterShell, tuck the end under the bottom of the cushion, and stick it to the velcro.

For vacations or long periods spent away from home, it’s also a good idea to store your furniture in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Invest In All-Weather Covers

Outer cushion cover
Outer Furniture Cover

For added protection, a quality All-Weather Cover will provide your furniture with an extra layer of durability against hard rain, hail, and sleet. A snug-fitting cover will keep the elements out while the weather does what it does best.

All-Weather Covers offer this in all conditions while also being fade-resistant, ventilated, recyclable, and easy to zip on for quick protection every time. Added wind straps and buckles can even keep your cover secured to your furniture in up to 70-mph winds.

Research Cleaning Instructions

Sometimes it’s not the 15 inches of snow and 100-mph winds that will shorten the life of your furniture — it’s the lack of cleaning.

The materials you select for your outdoor furniture will determine the level of care required. Most weatherproof options are going to require minimal maintenance, but seasonal cleaning is essential for a long lifespan.

Wicker, for example, should have any debris removed from within its strands using a vacuum or soft bristle brush. Loose dirt can be wiped off using a cloth, and then the frame can be hosed down on a medium setting and left to dry in the sun.

For any stains that might find their way onto your all-weather wicker, a simple cleaning formula made from two ounces of mild soap and one gallon of lukewarm water can eliminate most blemishes from the frame.

Plus, the same cleaning formula can be used to remove any Outer cushion stains. Spills should be hosed off first, but the rest is easy with the cleaning formula and a soft bristle brush. Be sure to rinse thoroughly and air dry for the best results.

Weatherproof Your Backyard With Outer

outdoor furniture and table fire place near a pool
Outer Aluminum Outdoor Sofa with Armless Chairs - 6 Seat

Investing in quality weatherproof furniture gives you superior protection against the elements without compromise. Although outdoor weatherproof furniture cannot withstand every condition, following these tips will keep it lasting well beyond the warranty.

From weatherproof frame materials like teak and aluminum to an overall functional design, keep an eye out for these features while you shop to ensure the best options for your backyard.

Whether your preference leans more minimal with a Wicker Outdoor Loveseat or more modular with a 5-seat Teak Outdoor Sofa, Outer has an option that’s sure to fit every style. Discover the difference that Outer can make for your weatherproofed outdoor space.