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Outer’s Best-Selling Fire Pit Table: A Closer Look

Outer’s Best-Selling Fire Pit Table: A Closer Look

Outer's mission is centered on creating outdoor spaces that foster connections, and the Outer Fire Pit Table exemplifies how thoughtfully selected furniture can enhance our outdoor experiences. Serving as a central focal point and a gathering spot, the Fire Pit Table extends the enjoyment of your backyard into the evening hours and prolongs the outdoor season as temperatures drop.

Here’s a closer look at Outer’s best-selling Fire Pit Table plus expert tips to help you pick the right fuel options and recommendations to ensure your fire pit layout is safe and comfortable.

A Closer Look at the Unique Design of the Fire Pit

The Fire Pit Table’s multipurpose design allows you to maximize your outdoor space: a sleek coffee table (when covered), a cooking surface with a cast iron griddle, and, of course, a cozy fire pit – all in one. The multifunction design streamlines your outdoor set up, reducing the need for extra outdoor furniture when space is limited.

A detail shot of the ceramic spheres of the Outer Fire Pit Table

A smart blend of form and function, the Fire Pit Table’s innovative ceramic stone spheres not only add visual interest, they also act as a wind guard by keeping the flame centralized for maximum heat efficiency. This unique design feature gently directs heat outwards to everyone seated around the fire pit. The Fire Pit Table provides 55,000 BTUs, enough to warm a large area.

And grill masters will enjoy the easy-to-clean, built-in cooking surface that allows you to remain with your guests, instead of having to dip away from the party to tend to the grill.

A detail shot of a man cooking on the grill-top of the Outer Fire Pit Table

Outer Now Offers Two Fire Pit Fuel Options: Propane and Natural Gas

Outer’s Fire Pit Table is available in propane and natural gas. Both are convenient and clean-burning alternatives to wood-burning fire pits.

Outer’s Natural Gas Fire Pit Table requires a fixed fuel source. To make the Natural Gas Fire Pit Table easy to set up, the entire underside of the table is open to receive a natural gas connection.

Meanwhile, the Propane Fire Pit Table offers portability and includes a thoughtfully-designed propane tank cover that doubles as a sleek side table. The Fire Pit table is configured for use with a 20 lb LPG cylinder propane tank, readily available at any local hardware store.

Designing Your Outdoor Space Around a Fire Pit

When it comes to arranging your outdoor space with any fire pit, safety always comes first.

Outer’s Fire Pit Table should be installed by a qualified service professional and must be installed outdoors, on a flat, stable surface and at least 4 feet (48 inches) away from any building structures, plants, or any combustible materials. The Fire Pit also needs to “breathe” during operation and pulls air in through vents along the bottom edge of the table. Avoid placing anything up against the sides of the unit that could block air to these vents. As with other fire pits, the Fire Pit Table should be in a fully vented area with no overhang or trees within 6 feet (72 inches) above the fire pit.

The Outer Fire Pit Table with its cover to function as a coffee table for an outdoor living space

As for the surface underneath your fire pit, a concrete or slate patio surface is ideal. Outer’s Fire Pit table can be installed on a wooden deck, but should not be installed on dirt or grass.

When it comes to designing your outdoor space, a fire pit is a natural focal point for your outdoor set up, making it a clear area for everyone to gather and relax. Arrange your outdoor seating around the fire pit so everyone has a clear view of the fire. And remember to allow enough space in between the seating and the fire pit for easy access and safe movement.

Our favorite set to pair with your Fire Pit Table is an Outer Outdoor Sofa with Armchairs. These modular core pieces offer you the flexibility to arrange and rearrange your seating to suit your unique space. Moreover, the Outer Fire Pit is specially designed to suit any Outer outdoor furniture frames and materials, so it will perfectly match any furniture you already have.

A mother and son making s'mores over the Outer Fire Pit Table

To complete your space, Outer’s Fire Pit doubles as a coffee table to streamline your layout. But if space allows, consider adding a few side tables (like Outer’s Rectangular Outdoor Side Tables) within reach for placing drinks and snacks.

If you need more advice on how to build and arrange your outdoor space, Outer offers free design consultations. Our team of experts can advise on space planning and help you select the best products to fit your space and lifestyle. Get started and schedule your virtual consultation here.

A fire pit is a fantastic addition to your outdoor space, creating a sense of intimacy and community, enhancing the functionality of the space and extending the time comfortably spent outside. The multifunctional Outer Fire Pit Table is thoughtfully designed to add warmth and fun to your backyard.