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All-Weather Covers Are Now Here for Wicker, Aluminum, and Teak Sofas!

All-Weather Covers Are Now Here for Wicker, Aluminum, and Teak Sofas!

We understand the desire to keep your Outer Sofas looking good as new, season after season, year after year. Luckily, our Outer All-Weather Cover acts as an added layer of defense against dirt, debris, moisture, wind, snow, rain — you name it.  

It ensures you can keep your Outer Sofa protected year-round, from frame to cushion. More good news: Not only have we restocked our All-Weather Cover for the Wicker collection, we’ve also released Covers for our new Teak and Aluminum collections. No matter your Sofa style or configuration, you can now find an All-Weather Cover to match.

We considered every detail — from sloping angles that shed water, to easy-on zippers that make sliding Covers on and off a simple task.

Durable Fabric And Intelligent Design

Our highly durable fabric is waterproof, recyclable, and fade-resistant for year-round protection. We’ve also employed sloping angles when the Covers are secured on the Sofa or Chair in order to effectively shed water (instead of allowing water to pool and seep through).

Additionally, the snug, tailored fit gives furniture a sleek and intentional aesthetic, even when it’s not in use.

Buckles And Straps Secure Cover In Place

Winds picking up? Have no fear. We’ve incorporated straps and buckles on each leg to make sure your cover stays in place, even in winds up to 70mph! The tailored fit prevents dirt, debris, and water from touching the cushions or frame.

Easy To Put On and Take Off

Forget the fitted-sheet-effect (“which end is up?”). We added a waterproof zipper in Outer blue to help you put the cover on correctly. The easy-on zippers help you orient and apply your cover correctly every time.

Dry Vents Prevent Moisture Build-Up

While we do want to keep water out, we don’t want to seal moisture in. Without proper air flow, outdoor furniture can retain moisture and lead to mildew. We added dry vents that allow air to cycle through without letting any dirt, debris, or water touch the Sofa. Cushions stay dry, fresh, and ready to sit on at all times.

Find The Right Cover For Your Outer

Outer’s All-Weather Cover is designed in three styles to fit your Outer furniture configuration — from Armless Chairs to the 8-Piece Sectional. If you’ve arranged your Sofa in a unique way or have more than 8 pieces, you can simply break apart your Sofa (thanks to the modular design) and apply All-Weather Covers as needed.

The All-Weather Cover pairs with our OuterShell™ technology to act as an added layer of defense in the harshest conditions. It’s the best way to extend the life of your furniture, and maintain your comfy outdoor living area for years to come.