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Those Are What We Call Nice Legs

Those Are What We Call Nice Legs

When it came to crafting the Outer sofa, comfort was a top priority, but we also wanted to make something that would endure— without a lot of maintenance. The problem with most patio sets is they deteriorate at the first sign of weather. How could we make good-looking, low-maintenance, and rust-proof outdoor furniture?

Here, we look at one fundamental part of excellent patio furniture: the legs.

Lookin' fine 😎

An outdoor chair leg like no other

We realized that in order to make what we wanted (a durable, good-looking, rust-proof outdoor sofa), we had to start the entire thing from scratch. So we did as we always do and made our own custom mold.

We use a process known as lost wax sand casting, which means we first produce the leg in wax and then build a cast around it. We layer silica—from the finest to most coarse grains—to create the cast.

Once the sand cast is complete, we melt out the wax in a kiln, which creates something like a ceramic mold. We pour our molten stainless steel over it. After the leg has cooled, it then gets brushed and polished. Following that is an extensive QA process—all before we give it a final stamp of approval.

Rust-proof outdoor furniture legs

All in all, it takes days to produce one leg—but the results are what matter most to us. One wax mold. One silica casting. One leg and then we repeat it. Over and over again. Our legs are rust-proof, sturdy, incredibly easy to install, even easier to maintain, and hold up to the elements.

We’ve challenged you in prior posts to look at your cushion and how it's constructed. We invite you to find a leg like ours.

This is just one of many Outer sofa features that underwent an extensive prototyping process to ensure we bring our customers the best of the best. It’s all part of our commitment to design innovation, and it’s all what makes the Outer sofa a piece that outshines and outlasts all the rest.

Can't break these legs 😉