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Outer Trade Member Spotlight: Becky Horan

Outer Trade Member Spotlight:  Becky Horan

Are you an interior designer, landscape architect, builder or hospitality partner interested in working with Outer? The Outer Trade Program might just be the right fit for you. The program offers exclusive perks, pricing incentives and other benefits to members of the trade.

As one of our first Neighborhood Showroom Hosts and trade members, Becky Horan has not only represented the Outer brand, but also promoted Outer to everyone who enters her backyard. She has an eye for outdoor design and functionality that delights all of her clients. I sat down with Becky to talk about design and what led her to where she is now.

Why are you so passionate about the outdoors?

Many of my fondest memories as a child were the times I spent outside. Playing yard games, bonfires, picnics, parties and family gatherings were all so much more special when we had the opportunity to enjoy them outside.

I believe I’m not alone feeling the nostalgia of the outdoors and associating so many great memories with being outside. It's this that drives me to create beautiful outdoor spaces for my clients and their families. I’ve had clients tell me they never even went into their backyards before and now they never want to leave. Besides the fact that being outdoors is so beneficial to our mental and even physical health, it also leaves behind lasting memories and a feeling of joy.

What is your favorite thing about designing outdoor spaces?

I love creating unexpected spaces and details for clients. It can be as simple a modular, multifunctional piece that functions as a serving console and storage or creating a usable space in a corner of their yard they have never used before.

What is your go-to place for inspiration?

I love visiting the coastal area for inspiration. Anything from nature trails to hotels and restaurants. I always come away from a trip by the ocean with new ideas and lots of inspiration.

What are your must-have outdoor accessories?

Well, there are a couple.  First of all, I always try to incorporate bits of nature and other natural elements whenever possible. One of my favorite things to show my clients is how to use their own yard - shrubs, flowers, plants and trees to decorate their space or pull together an arrangement.

From a functional standpoint, I usually try to incorporate some kind of storage. This often gets overlooked when people think about putting together an outdoor area. The key to using your outdoor space frequently is to make it easy. Having a few key items close by can help your outdoor space function seamlessly.

How has your experience with Outer been so far?

Being a Trade member with Outer has been a great experience and a perfect compliment to hosting an Outer showroom. It allows me to offer my clients the benefit of discounted pricing and access to a Trade member rep who assists with any questions or issues that might come up along the way.

Having the ability to show my clients a product right in my backyard has also been a huge plus.  Not to mention, my clients can actually see and feel how great the sofa is even after a couple of years.

Learn more about the Outer Trade Program here.

This post was written by Outer's own Product Specialist, Tabitha Morse.