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Why You Should Book An Outer Design Consultation

Why You Should Book An Outer Design Consultation

Here at Outer, we're always looking for ways to help you maximize life outside. That's part of the reason we're pleased to offer complimentary Design Consultations, in which our team of in-house exterior design experts assist you in designing your perfect outdoor space. To find out more about how the process works, and to see some real-life Before & After examples, we asked our lead design consultant Sara Ann to give us a glimpse behind the scenes!

Growing up, working for an outdoor furniture company wasn’t always my dream, but working as a Design Consultant here at Outer has turned out to be my dream job! The home has always been a passion of mine. After graduating with a degree in Interior Design from the University of Georgia, I understood the importance of design and how it can change the way we actually FEEL. It can literally affect our happiness!

Shasheen's rooftop before (left) and after (right) his Outer design consultation. 

Our team of designers have backgrounds in various fields including home renovation experts, interior designers, and fashion. We assist our customers to help them find the perfect Outer fit for their backyards (or balcony, patios, rooftops, you name it!). Our mission is to get people to want to spend more time outside. The best way to do that is to create an inviting, comfortable, and convenient space for outdoor living.

Design consultations are perfect for anyone who needs a little (or a lot) of help figuring out how to arrange their outdoor space. The first step to achieving that is to schedule an Initial Design Consultation call with one of our experts. You can find the Design Consultation application on our website, where you are able to submit photos and dimensions of your space.

Your personal designer will use this information to get an idea of the area they will be working with. Your designer will then reach out to schedule a call as an initial assessment. On that first call, your designer will likely go ahead and schedule a follow up video meeting for a design plan review. From there, they will get into creative mode to produce a few different plan options and figure out which set will work best in your unique space.

Outer Design Consultation for Shasheen S. in Santa Fe, NM

One design experience that really stands out in my mind was one of my first design consultations, for a customer named Shasheen. He’s active, charismatic, and a true design enthusiast. He loved the concept of Outer as a company, the OuterShell to cover the cushions at night, and the modularity of the pieces to create versatility in his space. He knew the furniture would look great on the rooftop deck on top of his classic 1950’s New Mexico adobe home, but he just didn’t know how to arrange the pieces.

Shasheen submitted his application with photos and dimensions, and from there, we were able to schedule our 30 minute initial call. He told me all about his home, the views, the space he thought the furniture would go, and how he intended to use the rooftop. He knew he wanted to entertain, so he would certainly need lots of seating. He also wanted to take advantage of his amazing 360° degree view of the Sangre de Cristo mountains in New Mexico. Because of the history of the home and the incredible views, we knew we had to do the space justice with a fantastic Outer configuration.

Floor plan options for Shasheen tailored to fit his style and how he wanted to use the space.

Once I had put together some options for Shasheen, we jumped on our follow-up Zoom call to review the plans together, where I shared my screen and walked him through the different arrangements. We ended up making a few changes here and there and settled on a large L-shaped sectional. We both agreed that set would be the best use of the space and do the views justice! I sent over the plans with dimensions, but he felt he still needed to understand what that would feel like in the space. We decided taping out the sofa dimensions with painters tape would be a good way to understand the size of the sofa in relation to the actual rooftop. Once the tape was down he knew we had come to the right arrangement!

An aerial view of the L shape on the rooftop, quite the entertaining space!
The perfect seat to enjoy both sunrise and sunset‌‌
Faithful pup, Bear, relaxing after a long day of work. 

Shasheen was certainly a memorable design consultation, and we still keep in touch today! Shasheen’s dog, Bear, is a BIG fan of the sofa.

Working with customers to find the perfect Outer arrangement for their space is the best part of my job. Let’s start your design story today!

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Here are a few more Before & Afters to give you a sense of what a Design Consultation can do for your space...

Tabitha M's Texas Patio

Tabitha recently moved into her home and wanted a space where she could entertain and watch her kids play in the yard. She was so happy with her overall Outer experience she just had to join the Outer team. Tabitha is now one of our Neighborhood Showroom Hosts, and an amazing addition to the team as a Product Specialist.

Tabitha's patio before (left) and after (right) her Outer design consultation. 

Josh M's Outdoor Living Room

Josh wanted to incorporate as much seating as possible and really create a lovely outdoor living area. Something that felt like you had brought the indoors out. They originally were going to go with our classic All-Weather Wicker Collection and incorporate accent chairs across from the sofa. But when they saw the newly-launched Teak Collection, they decided to go all teak! By adding two teak armchairs as accent chairs, they created quite a bit of visual interest while also keeping continuity with the same collection."

Josh's outdoor living room before (left) and after (right) his Outer design consultation. 
Josh chose a beautiful Outer Teak set with Pacific Fog Grey cushions.
Finders of the best seat in the house. 
The final plan from Josh's Outer design consultation. 

Emily W's Historic Front Porch

Emily took her beautifully restored historic home’s outdoor space to the next level with our All Weather Wicker Collection. The classic Wicker material with the clean modern design of the Outer sofa gives a nod to both traditional and modern style. Emily's design consultation helped her identify a floor plan that was the perfect balance between a welcoming front porch and cozy sitting area.

Emily's porch before (left) and after (right) her Outer design consultation.
The final floor plan allows for easy conversation while still providing an ample walkway from the stairs to the door.
Perfect to enjoy a glass of wine or sweet-tea. 
Emily's welcoming front porch. 

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