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Let it rain, let it shine. Outdoor living year round, thanks to Outer.

Outer created the first outdoor furniture with built-in covers. Our patented OuterShell® provides effortless protection from the elements. 

“Well worth the investment! The unique cover that keeps the cushions protected from rain and easily tucked out of sight is pure genius!” 

- Lou Ann W

Comfort at the Ready

Integrated into every cushion, this patented cover makes sure your sofa is always clean, dry, and ready to be enjoyed.

Always in its Element

The waterproof and UV-resistant material keeps your furniture pristine season after season, year after year.

Easy to Handle

Secured by easy-to-use tabs, the cover goes on and off in seconds and doubles as a convenient storage case.

Always in its element

Featuring the same nano coating technology as the highest-rated outdoor performance gear, the OuterShell® effortlessly weathers rain, frost, and intense UV exposure.

Easy to handle and store

Built into every cushion, the OuterShell® goes on and off in seconds and doubles as a convenient carrying case. VELCRO® straps keep it securely fastened, and the integrated handle take all the fuss out of transporting and storing your cushions at the end of the season.

Instant comfort

The OuterShell® cover keeps your furniture free from dust, pollen, dew, leaves, and mildew. So you can enjoy a dry and comfortable seat whenever you want.

Products Featuring OuterShell®

All Outer seating is modular and comes with the game-changing OuterShell®. Choose from 3 frame and 2 fabric selections.

10 Year Warranty
10 Year Warranty
FSC Certified (N003524)
What our customers say…
I love the built-in cushion covers. In addition to keeping the cushions dry, they keep them clear of bird droppings and sap.
Colette B.
We love the couch covers. So simple but such an innovative design!
Samantha C.
The covers are incredible. One of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I don’t think I could go without the covers ever again!

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