• Ultra Durable
    Made from recyclable materials with the same DWR nano protective coating used in performance camping gear, it’s water-resistant as well as stain-fade-mold and UV resistant.
  • Easy to Clean
    No amount of dirt, wine, coffee, or tea can destroy our machine washable OuterWeave™ fabric and our quick-dry foam.
  • Soft to the Touch
    We applied characteristics of natural fiber for a cotton feel and chose a fabric with low thermal conductivity.
  • Safe for the Family
    Creating safe, environmentally friendly, sustainable, and functional furniture is so important, we decided to make our own.
  • Solution Dyed
    Our fabrics are more eco-friendly since they’re solution dyed which requires less dye and the color lasts longer.
  • Recycle Code 5
    Unlike our competition who uses Acrylic which is not recyclable, our fabric is safe for you and the planet.

5 OuterWeave™ Fabric Colors to Choose From

Outer fabrics come in Pacific Fog Gray, Palisades Cream, Dark Pebble Gray, Deep Sea Navy, & Sandstone Gray.