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Simplify outdoor living with water-resistant, sustainable, stain-fade-mold and UV resistant cushions.

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"No other material on the planet satisfied our need for sustainability, durability, comfort and convenience. So we created our own."

Terry Lin - Chief Design Officer

An outdoor fabric like no other

  • Ultra durable
    Made from recycled materials with nano-coating, it’s water-resistant as well as stain-fade-mold and UV resistant. 
  • Easy to clean

    Simply hose off or machine wash, no amount of dirt, wine, coffee, or tea can destroy this fabric. 
  • Soft to the touch

    We applied characteristics of natural fiber for a cotton feel and chose a fabric with low thermal conductivity.

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Always clean, dry and ready to use with OuterShell®

Your Outer fabric and sofa include additional game-changing protection with the exclusive OuterShell®. Your backyard will always be ready when you are.

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Best-in-class limited warranties

Your Outer seating comes with best-in-class limited warranties so you can enjoy the outdoors, worry-free. 

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