Aluminum Outdoor Infinity Chaise Lounge

The Infinity Chaise Lounge features clean lines and a sleek design for contemporary outdoor style.
The innovative recline system effortlessly adjusts your seating position without having to leave your seat.
Tighten the sling easily with the patent-pending Sling Tuning System, extending the life of your chaise lounge.
The integrated OuterShell® cover keeps your Infinity Chaise Lounge pristine season after season.
The Infinity Chaise Lounge is designed for maximum relaxation and comfort.
The optional OuterWeave™ cushion stays securely in place with easy-to-tighten loop lanyards. The Aluminum Infinity Chaise is shown here but the mechanism is the same on all Outer Chaises.
The OuterShell® cover neatly stores in the built-in compartment for quick access.
Adjust the Infinity Chaise Lounge to your perfect angle with its elegant design and innovative features.
The OuterShell® cover ensures your Infinity Chaise Lounge is always clean, dry, and ready to be enjoyed.
Enhance your poolside experience with the Infinity Chaise Lounge, shown here with the Outdoor Umbrella and Aluminum Side Tables in Charcoal.
Dimensions of the Infinity Chaise Lounge.
Add the OuterWeave™ Cushion

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  • Ships early July 2024. Most orders in transit for 2-3 weeks.

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The Outer Difference

Weather-Resistant Comfort

  • Robust Aluminum

    Enhanced with a top-of-the-line powder coating, the Infinity Chaise Lounge's aluminum frame boasts superior durability, ensuring resistance to rust and decay.
  • Durable Sling

    Engineered to withstand years of intense, direct sunlight, the sling fabric is also antimicrobial, providing long-lasting comfort and cleanliness.
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty Frame

    Enjoy peace of mind with the Infinity Chaise's aluminum frame, backed by a 10-year limited warranty, ensuring lasting quality and reliability.

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For People and the Planet

  • Bio-Based Alternatives

    The Chaise Sling is made from a special eco formula utilizing a plasticizer partially derived from plant sources — in lieu of a skin-irritating petroleum-based plasticizer — for healthier skin contact.
  • RoHS & REACH Certified

    Have peace of mind knowing the Sling is both ROHS and REACH certified, ensuring that our products are crafted in ways you can feel good about.
  • Emissions Conscious

    Proudly GreenGuard certified, the Chaise Sling has been tested and evaluated to meet firm chemical emissions limits — exceeding even EU regulations.

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