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Comfortable Outdoor Furniture: What To Look For, Plus Expert Tips

Comfortable Outdoor Furniture: What To Look For, Plus Expert Tips

Purchasing comfortable outdoor furniture can be a hassle, especially with so many variables and choices for cushions and framing materials.

Here at Outer, we’ve gathered everything you need to find the most comfortable outdoor furniture for your yard. Read on for what you should look for to find comfort in your outdoor living space and expert tips on buying.

What To Look For In Comfortable Outdoor Furniture

The Right Size

When the search for outdoor furniture begins, it can be surprising just how many different sizes there are to choose from. Whether it’s a simple yet functional Outdoor Armchair or a party-ready 8-Seat U-Sectional, comfort should be a priority.

Comfort also goes beyond just the cushions you’ll be sitting on. It’s also important to consider if your outdoor space is able to accommodate the size of furniture you want, or if it will seem too empty. These considerations are the starting point for all things comfort.

To avoid any buying mishaps, measure the space where you plan to have your furniture and determine what you can fit before shopping. Be sure to allow for a little more room around furniture pieces than you might expect to keep things from getting cramped.

Modular Options

Dog laying on comfortable outdoor furniture
Outer Wicker Outdoor U Sectional - 8 Seat with Palisades Cream Cushions

Sometimes life changes, or you want to refresh your space and move things around. This may mean adding more furniture or taking some away. We get it.

When things change, do you store away an entire outdoor sofa because there’s limited room? Or do you buy a couple of chairs that don’t quite match to fill space?

The answer is a lot simpler and more efficient than you might think: Look for modular furniture, and never worry about having too little or too much space again.

Modular options make rearranging furniture easy. This functional design allows pieces to be moved, added, or disassembled to create a new look without having to start from scratch.

At Outer, all of our collections are modular, and we make it one step simpler by providing optional clips with each chair. These clips attach under the frame to hold everything in place and add more stability to a specific configuration so there’s no more stress when reorganizing.

Durable Materials

Comfortable outdoor furniture
Outer Aluminum Outdoor Sofa with Armchairs - 5 Seat With Pacific Fog Gray Cushions

Now that you’ve figured out everything you need for your space, it’s time to choose the best materials. The frame of your outdoor furniture plays a big role in providing comfort, so selecting an option proven to be durable and weather-resistant is key.

Three materials that stand out every time for their compatibility with the outdoors are aluminum, teakwood, and wicker. Here are just a few reasons why.


Other metal materials conduct heat and make frames scalding hot to the touch. But aluminum’s resistance to extreme temperatures makes it an ideal choice for lounging outside on hot days.

Along with being a sleek and timeless choice, weather-resistant aluminum never rusts, decays, or loosens. And here at Outer, we guarantee quality with every purchase. Our frames are expertly crafted with best-in-class welds to make them sturdy and ready for the outdoors.


The hardest and most durable of all hardwood is teak, making it the ultimate choice for anyone looking for a sleek wood design for their yard.

Plus, teak is one of only a few woods that produces a natural oil that repels water to prevent warping, cracking, and extreme damage from rain, snow, sleet, wind, and anything life throws its way.

Our teak goes a step above most products by being Forest Stewardship Council-certified. This certification is the gold standard for wood harvested from forests that are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious, and economically viable.

All-Weather Wicker

Wicker outdoor chair
Outer Wicker Outdoor Armchair

Although wicker is actually the name of the weaving process that creates the furniture and not the name of the material itself, it is a perfect solution for all weather conditions.

The unmatched strength and durability of wicker are due to the materials used to make the furniture. Choices like reed, rattan, and bamboo are among the most common, but many synthetic materials function just as well.

Our wicker at Outer is handwoven by our master artisans using a special technique that results in a beautiful yet durable weave.

And with our patented OuterShell, your furniture is quickly given an additional layer of protection from everyday dirt, debris, and morning dew. Just roll it out over your cushions and never worry about your furniture getting dirty.

Comfortable Cushions

Metal outdoor furniture
Outer Aluminum Outdoor Sofa With Pacific Fog Gray Cushions

Speaking of cushions, let’s talk about the feature that proves just how comfortable your outdoor furniture can be.

The truth about so many options on the market is that even the ones with modular design and durable materials can have extremely uncomfortable cushions — or, worse, no cushions at all.

On top of this, the fabric of most outdoor cushions is cheaply made. These are usually developed with low-quality dyes, making it so the fabric quickly fades in sunlight.

Every detail of Outer furniture was thoughtfully designed to combat these issues of poor quality and minimal comfort. Our multi-layer memory foam cushions deliver superior comfort that makes you feel like you're sitting on a cloud, so you can rest easily and comfortably.

An Excellent Warranty

So you’ve found an outdoor sofa that checks off all the boxes. It’s stylish, durable, modular, comfortable, and just the right size to complete your backyard oasis.

There’s just one final thing to look at before making your purchase: the warranty.

If the company you’re buying from doesn’t offer a warranty on the product, then you’re stuck dealing with any broken promises or faulty design when you finally bring it home.

We offer best-in-class warranties because we stand behind our products. Our customers don’t have to worry about whether their furniture will still be just as great in 10 years as it is today.

With this comprehensive list of all the features to look for in comfortable outdoor furniture in mind, let’s go over some tips that will make the buying experience even easier.

Expert Tips For Buying Comfortable Outdoor Furniture

Consider Colors

comfortable outdoor furniture
Outer Wicker Outdoor Loveseat with Armless Chairs - 4 Seat With Palisades Cream Cushions

There are limitless color options available on the market. Figuring out which one will best match your space can be a challenge, and it only gets more difficult when a company offers a product in 20 different shades.

What’s the solution? Go with neutral colors, like our Pacific Fog Gray or Palisades Cream, and make it easy to customize your whole space without having to redesign your furniture when you want to change things up. They’re also easy on the eye and pair well with any backyard design.

Envision Your Style

In addition to considering colors, envisioning the style of your yard is also important.

What does your dream yard look like? Whether it’s set up with a Fire Pit Table and Bug Shield Blankets for the ultimate fall campfires or a section beneath your pergola with string lights and an Eco-Friendly Outdoor Rug, knowing exactly what you need will expedite the process.

For fires and movie nights, a 6-Seat Sofa will comfortably fit your guests and allow for infinite layout opportunities. For quieter nights alone or with a loved one, an Outdoor Loveseat turns the little moments into big memories.

Find Comfort In Living Responsibly

Family picking up trash

What helps set Outer apart from other companies is that we keep future generations and our beautiful planet at the forefront of our efforts. We’re committed to protecting the world in every way that we can.

To start, our Outer Sofa is currently made from 30% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable, plus each chair is made from approximately 100 ocean plastic bottles.

We incorporate sustainable design elements into every product we release and are proud members of 1% For The Planet. With Outer, living responsibly and living comfortably are one and the same.

Try Before You Buy

We know that preferences change, and something you love online might not be exactly what you hoped for when it arrives in person. Having peace of mind through a risk-free at-home trial when placing your order can make all the difference.

At Outer, we carefully consider every design detail and ensure quality construction of every single one of our products. So, if you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we’ll take it back — even if you’ve used it.

If you’re located near one of our 1,000+ neighborhood showrooms, request an in-person visit and come experience the quality and comfort of Outer for yourself. Plus, you get to talk with a real Outer customer for honest reviews to give you total certainty before you buy.

Live Comfortably With Outer

Woman laying on comfortable outdoor furniture while petting her dog
Outer Wicker Outdoor Loveseat With Palisades Cream Cushions

Now that you have everything you need to select the most comfortable outdoor furniture, it’s time to start looking for your dream design.

Remember that comfort goes beyond the cushion you’ll be relaxing on. The perfect size for your space and the durability of the materials help make your outdoor experience as comfortable as possible, too.

Our selection at Outer is sure to offer something that meets everyone’s needs. From infinitely modular designs to eco-friendly and timeless styles in teak, wicker, and aluminum, there’s no telling how many ways there are for you to build your gorgeous outdoor living space.

Whether it’s our Wicker Outdoor Loveseat in black or a 5-Seat L-Sectional in teak, all of our outdoor furniture is crafted with you in mind so you can live better, outside.