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Outdoor Loveseat Buying Guide: What To Know Before You Shop

Outdoor Loveseat Buying Guide: What To Know Before You Shop

Looking for furniture that has the ability to bring people closer together for some of life’s greatest moments? From warm summer weather on the balcony to watching snow fall from covered decks in winter, an outdoor loveseat makes for the perfect addition to every outdoor setup.

Why An Outdoor Loveseat?

Outdoor loveseats are a practical choice for staying comfortable outside. And the compact size of the furniture lets you fill odd spaces in your backyard setup without sacrificing how many people you can accommodate.

Spending time with a loved one or catching up with an old friend shouldn’t feel so distanced. Outdoor loveseats allow you to stay close and comfortable for conversations that carry well into the night.

They are also a terrific way to add an accent to every outdoor setup. The only question left is how to find the right furniture piece that turns your time outside into a special occasion.

How To Choose An Outdoor Loveseat

Discover Modular Designs

When choosing an outdoor loveseat for your home, going with a modular design will make the difference between your furniture outlasting renovations and redesigns and becoming a contender for next summer’s yard sale.

Modularity is a principle in design that allows the consumer to flexibly arrange or modify their furniture based on their needs. Instead of buying all new products when the backyard needs a new look, you can have quick and simple design changes with modular furniture.

With Outer, you can assemble your furniture in any configuration that works for you. Having the freedom to change your mind without changing your furniture keeps things fresh.

outdoor loveseat
Outer Aluminum Outdoor U Sectional - 7 Seat

Look For Easy Upgrades

A modular loveseat works best when the line of furniture has plenty of other products to choose from. If you’re choosing an outdoor loveseat with the hope of building your backyard setup over time, then make sure your options aren’t limited by your favorite design.

From chairs and ottomans to outdoor coffee tables, your outdoor space should only be limited by your imagination. Choose a company with plenty of options in every style to create your backyard oasis without resorting to styles that only kind of match your loveseat.

Remember Memory Foam

At one point or another, everyone faces the unfortunate truth: Not all furniture is comfortable.

Some outdoor loveseats don’t use memory foam in their cushions, which creates a flat, non-resilient seat during what should be a comfortable and enjoyable time. Spending time thinking about discomfort means it might be time to reconsider your seating.

For the most enjoyable seating experience, opt for memory foam in the seat cushion and polypropylene fiber for the back cushion. Polypropylene fiber makes for resilient and lightweight support while withstanding the outdoor elements.

Be Environmentally Responsible

With so much time spent outdoors, asking about your furniture’s environmental impact and responsible design is another step toward making sure every backyard setup can stay beautiful for generations to come.

The good news is many current furniture companies are taking an eco-friendly approach with sustainable, recyclable, and ethically made products.

Not only is Outer committed to extreme comfort with memory foam cushions, but each sofa is also made from 30% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable to keep your furniture environmentally responsible and out of landfills.

Withstand The Weather

Outdoor love seat with a weather cover
Outer Wicker Outdoor Loveseat With Cushion Cover

As the poet Henry Longfellow famously said, “The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.” But you shouldn’t have to worry about ruining your outdoor furniture in the process of letting nature take its course.

Whether your furniture is out in the open or under the roof of an awning, a good outdoor loveseat will either come with a cover or have the option to purchase one that’s custom-fit for the seat.

The best covers will protect against all the elements. Wind straps and buckles can secure the cover to your furniture against strong winds, and vents on the cover can help with airflow during extreme heat and humidity while wicking out moisture to avoid a build-up of bacteria.

Outer All-Weather Covers fit all of your Outer furniture like a finely-tailored suit for everyday protection that doesn’t sacrifice style. Having additional protection on top of your loveseat’s already durable design helps keep it in the best shape over the course of its life.

Cover More Than Just Your Cushions

To match its long life, your outdoor loveseat should ideally come with some kind of warranty as well. A warranty reassures you that you’re buying a durable product that the company believes in and knows will last.

Choosing Your Outdoor Loveseat’s Style

Knowing the best features to look for in your outdoor loveseat is only half the battle. Figuring out which style suits your needs and how to care for each will help you decide what to get before you shop.

Will your outdoor loveseat be placed on an apartment balcony or backyard patio? Is it joining an existing set of furnishings, or will it be the start of a brand new design? These are a couple of the things you’ll want to consider before choosing a style.

Some of the most popular styles include teak, wicker, and aluminum, and they all come with their advantages. Let’s take a look.


Outdoor patio table
Outer Teak Outdoor Coffee Table - Square Leg

Teak wood is a modern and stylish option that can work as a standout piece or in a collection of Teak furniture. Our Teak wood comes from responsibly managed farms in central Java and has a smooth, tight grain with a sunlit golden color.

When it comes to caring for Teak, your outdoor loveseat will actually do part of the work for you. Its natural oils protect against the elements, pests, and rot that can wear it down over time. In a sense, Teak wood furniture was made for the outdoors.

In addition, the manual part of cleaning Teak wood is simple and not labor-intensive. A mix of mild detergent and water and a bristled brush at the end of every season is enough to keep your loveseat looking brand new year-round.


Woman laying on outdoor love seat petting her dog
Outer Wicker Outdoor Loveseat

Lightweight and easy to maintain, Wicker is a strong contender for the ideal outdoor furniture style. Although Wicker isn’t technically a material, the woven design of a Wicker outdoor loveseat makes for a sturdy structure with a casual appearance.

Caring for your Wicker loveseat can be accomplished by hosing it down and letting it air dry. And our inclusion of rust-proof stainless steel legs on Outer Wicker products makes it effortless to clean quickly when company stops by at a moment’s notice.


Aluminum outdoor love seat
Outer Aluminum Outdoor Loveseat

Sleek and timeless Aluminum is a robust material that can win over most any designer. A major appeal of Aluminum for outdoor furniture is that it maintains a stable temperature and doesn’t overheat on particularly hot days.

To clean Aluminum pieces, just hose down the dust and dirt from the frame, following up with a scrub-down using a soft bristle brush and simple cleaning formula. Remember to rinse and let your furniture dry completely before putting it out for your guests to lounge on.

And for all outdoor furniture, don’t forget to clean your cushions to keep them soft and comfortable for years to come.

Try Before You Buy

Outdoor patio wicker set
Outer Wicker Outdoor Sofa with Armless Chairs - 5 Seat

Finding the right outdoor loveseat for your specific needs isn’t always as easy as picking from a lineup. It’s something you need to actually see in your own space to know whether it’s the perfect choice.

Fortunately, we make that easy. With Outer, you can return your outdoor loveseat, sofa, sectional, or any other product for free if it is not 100% to your liking within 14 days of delivery.

And from an entire Wicker collection to a Teak chair for a modern accent, the combinations of simple luxuries are endless with Outer.

Time outside is always time well spent, but choosing to spend it comfortably and stylishly makes all the difference. At Outer, we’re on a mission to bring life back outside. Try a risk-free at-home trial today and enjoy free shipping on all our products.