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How To Choose The Best Outdoor Wicker Furniture For Your Backyard

How To Choose The Best Outdoor Wicker Furniture For Your Backyard

Your backyard is your own private oasis, perfect for spending quality time with friends and family outdoors. But no outdoor space is complete without stylish, comfortable, and functional pieces, like outdoor wicker furniture.

This durable style of outdoor furniture makes a great addition to any backyard, but it can be tricky to know how to find the right pieces and ensure you’re getting the best quality available.

From the best industry tips for selecting high-quality pieces to styling your new backyard furniture, our outdoor living experts at Outer cover it all below!

Features Of Quality Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Synthetic Blends

A lesser-known fact about this type of furniture is that wicker is actually the name of the weaving process and not the material itself. From rattan to polyethylene, there are many different materials that can be used to create wicker furniture.

The material used will determine whether your wicker furniture is suited for the outdoors. For example, natural materials like rattan or bamboo may look beautiful, but they could fall apart if left outside.

For a quality, durable build, look for wicker made from a blend of synthetic materials. Choices like high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and low-density polyethylene (LDPE) create a tight weave, meaning that there are limited gaps for moisture and debris to settle into.

Durable Frame

Quality materials and quality building techniques are important. And if you’ve ever sat on outdoor furniture that felt flimsy or off-balance, odds are it didn’t have proper structural support.

The structural inner frame of furniture is going to make all the difference between quality wicker and cheaply made options. Check for features like high-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy that is powder-coated for enhanced weather resistance.

Life-Proof Fabrics

Speaking of weather resistance, when you’re spending time in nature, there’s no controlling the elements. To be prepared for everything from messy stains to heavy rain, make sure that the cushions on your outdoor furniture can handle the wear and tear of living outdoors.

Look for hand-sewn fabrics that will stand up to all of life’s messes. And, ideally, you’ll want it to have a nano-coating that is resistant to water, dirt, and everything in between.

Whether it’s kids, pets, weather, or spills, there are many ways for your furniture to get messy, so knowing what to look for to prevent constant replacements is key!

Now that you’ve read about the characteristics of quality wicker, here are some tips on how to find the best outdoor wicker furniture for you!

Tips For Choosing The Best Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Woman laying on outdoor wicker furniture while petting her dog
Outer Wicker Outdoor Loveseat

Find The Perfect Fit

To find the perfect outdoor wicker furniture for your space, you’ll need to know exactly how much square footage you have to work with.

Start by measuring your outdoor space — whether that’s a patio, deck, balcony, or grassed area — to determine the width and length you have available. Remember: You don’t want your space to feel cramped, so be sure to leave some room to get in and out comfortably.

Once you know your measurements, it’s time to start researching outdoor wicker furniture to find a size and shape that suits your outdoor space.

For large decks and patios, consider a piece (or multiple pieces) that will fill the area nicely without making it feel crowded. If you opt for furniture that’s too small, it might make your deck or patio look and feel out of proportion.

Opt for a spacious sectional such as our 6-Seater Wicker Outdoor U Sectional to offer your guests plenty of seating. Alternatively, a multi-piece set, like our Wicker Outdoor Sofa with Armless Chairs, offers just as much seating with a different modular arrangement. The choice is yours!

For smaller patios or balconies, our cozy Wicker Outdoor Armchair Conversation Set or our Wicker Outdoor Loveseat are both perfect options for bringing warmth and comfort to your outdoor space.

All Outer furniture is modular by design to ensure you’re able to arrange and rearrange our pieces to suit your needs, no matter how many friends you have over at your place!

Check The Materials

outdoor wicker furniture with grey cushions
Outer Wicker Outdoor Armless Chair

Once you’ve found the one, it’s time to do a little digging on your outdoor wicker furniture of choice to make sure you’re getting the best quality possible.

Unfortunately, not all outdoor furniture is designed the same, so it’s important to know what to look for to make sure you’re purchasing pieces made from durable materials with quality craftsmanship.

The wicker we use in our outdoor furniture is sustainably sourced to help us do our part for the planet. Our wicker is made from recycled plastic and handwoven by master artisans to ensure maximum durability so that our pieces can live a long, happy life in your outdoor space.

Our powder-coated aluminum frames are cut by hand, and the rustproof stainless steel legs pair seamlessly with our wicker to create a solid foundation for our premium cushions (we’ll talk more about those in just a moment!).

All in all, it takes one and a half days to make a single Outer chair. That might sound like a while, but to us, it’s worth it to make sure our designs are eco-friendly and responsibly made.

We design our pieces with our customers in mind and consider all the details, resulting in the perfect outdoor wicker furniture.

Make Sure It’s Comfortable, Of Course!

Couple having a chat on outdoor wicker furniture
Outer Black Wicker Outdoor Armchair Conversation Set

Outdoor wicker furniture is made to be enjoyed — lounging by the pool, playing card games, laughing with friends, and making memories with family.

So, clearly, the furniture you choose to bring life back outdoors needs to be comfortable — that’s a non-negotiable.

The fabrics used should be soft yet durable, and the cushion inserts should feel plush but still hold their shape. Basically the perfect cushion — is that too much to ask for? We don’t think so.

Our hand-sewn covers are made from solution-dyed yarn that’s resistant to mold, water, bleach, dirt, food spills, the sun’s UV rays, and just about anything else you might throw at it. Solution-dyeing ensures that the colors in our fabrics won’t fade over time.

They’re also 100% eco-friendly and completely recyclable. They’re what we like to call “lifeproof!”

When we were creating the cushions for our outdoor wicker furniture, our design strategy was simple — we wanted to make outdoor cushions that felt as comfortable as luxury mattresses.

So we did! The result is a high-resiliency memory foam that’s three layers thick and offers comfort that needs to be enjoyed in person to be believed (which you can do risk-free thanks to our at-home trial).

And if you’re located near one of the Outer showrooms, you can schedule a time to experience our products before you buy, so there are no doubts that you made the right decision.

Whether you’re interested in testing our Outdoor Corner 5-Seat Sectional or want to experience the design of our Black Wicker furniture up close, there’s sure to be a Neighborhood Showroom Host displaying the product you want to see.

Our showrooms are all hosted by actual Outer customers, so you can expect honest reviews as you see, touch, and feel the quality of our furniture. Virtual tours are also available so you can see every angle of our designs and have your questions answered.

You can even order free swatches for a better idea of what to expect from the colors and texture of our fabric.

Look For Responsible Design

Along with a design that is eco-friendly and crafted with the environment in mind, choosing wicker that is responsibly designed ensures you receive the best product. Here’s what we mean by that:

At Outer, our employees are a part of the building process from the beginning to the very end.

Our workers are paid fair wages, offered health insurance, and work in a safe and supportive environment.

You can expect quality craftsmanship in everything from our Wicker Outdoor Loveseat to our Teak Coffee Table.

While it may take nine hours to finish building a single Wicker Outdoor Armless Chair, the result is a responsible product for happier employees, customers, and our Outer community.

Opt For Neutral-Toned Fabrics

outdoor wicker furniture on a blue stripped outdoor rug
Outer Wicker Outdoor Sofa - 3 Seat

When it comes to selecting your outdoor wicker furniture, choosing a neutral color scheme is one of the best ways to ensure that your pieces stay timeless despite trend changes.

Opting for colors like tan, beige, cream, or gray allows you to experiment with bright accessories without worrying about everything clashing.

Not only that, but the neutral color scheme also lets you switch out your accessories with the seasons to give your backyard a refresh more easily.

Outer wicker furniture comes in two neutral-toned fabric options — Pacific Fog Gray and Palisades Cream. If you’re concerned about stains ruining these beautiful, light tones, let our Spill Test put your mind at ease — nothing gets past our fabrics!

Invest In Protective Covers

During all the excitement of bringing home your new outdoor wicker furniture, you might find you’ve forgotten to grab some furniture covers to go along with them. Oops!

While that may not seem like a big deal, outdoor furniture actually goes through a lot in its lifetime.

On top of the battles every couch faces (think spills and stains from kids and pets), your outdoor pieces also have to face the weather each day.

From UV rays to drizzles of rain, heavy snowfall to harsh winds, outdoor furniture needs to be well-protected to extend its life and ensure you get the most out of your purchase.

Fortunately for Outer customers, each and every sofa, sectional, loveseat, and armchair we create comes with its own built-in protection — the OuterShell™.

This discreet cover tucks behind each Outer cushion, ready to be pulled out whenever your sofa or sectional isn’t being used. This helps protect your furniture from everyday dirt, debris, and morning dew to ensure it’s always clean, dry, and ready to use.

For our friends in the cooler parts of the world, we’ve also created specially designed All-Weather Covers to protect your furniture from those harsh weather conditions, like heavy snowfall.

Protecting your Outer furniture with our purpose-built covers eliminates the need to store your furniture indoors during winter. It also offers an extra layer of protection so you won’t get any nasty surprises next time you use your outdoor furniture.

Once you’ve selected the outdoor furniture of your dreams, you’ll notice the benefits of quality wicker from the moment you take your first seat.

Let’s look at a few of the advantages of owning the right outdoor wicker furniture.

Benefits Of Quality Outdoor Wicker Furniture

outdoor wicker furniture
Outer Wicker Outdoor L Sectional - 4 Seat

Low Maintenance

One of the best parts of quality wicker is that it’s easy to clean. The naturally low-maintenance design of our wicker products helps you worry less and relax longer.

When it is time to finally clean your wicker furniture, we’ve made it simple.

Use a vacuum or soft bristle brush to remove any debris trapped between wicker strands, use a cloth to wipe off any dirt, and then hose off the frame using a medium spray setting.

You don’t even have to switch cleaning formulas between washing your cushions and your fabrics. Just combine two ounces of mild soap with one gallon of lukewarm water and use it on both the wicker frame and any soft fabrics like cushions.

Plus, the legs of our wicker furniture are made from polished stainless steel. No matter how many times you hose everything down, they’ll never rust.

Long-Lasting Material

Every product at Outer is designed for structural integrity and a longer-lasting lifespan. For our wicker, we use a blend of high-density polyethylene and low-density polyethylene for a strong weave that resists the elements.

We believe in what we create, and that’s why we offer an industry-leading warranty on our products. The cushions and fabrics come with a five-year warranty while the frame and legs of our wicker furniture come with a 10-year warranty.

A product designed to last avoids landfills and is better for the environment. And at Outer, our wicker is made of 30% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable at the end of its long lifespan.

Naturally Stylish

Buying the right outdoor wicker furniture means having a product that is the perfect combination of comfort, durability, and style. Wicker is naturally beautiful, but we take the style of our furniture to the next level at Outer.

Our handwoven wicker design is perfected using a special technique by our master artisans. By using this method, the beautiful and durable weave adds an aesthetic appeal to any home.

With so many ways to incorporate wicker into your outdoor life, we included a few ways below that can help you arrange your space to suit your needs.

How To Style Your Outdoor Wicker Furniture

outdoor wicker furniture set up around an outdoor fire pit
Outer Wicker Outdoor Sofa with Armless Chairs - 5 Seat

Add Accent Pieces

Once you’ve brought your wicker furniture home, it’s time to add some coziness to your outdoor space by styling with additional products.

Our goal here is to give your backyard that same warm feeling that you get inside your living room. Your accent pieces don’t have to be extravagant — for example, you’d be surprised by the difference a simple outdoor rug can make to your space.

Our Eco-Friendly Rugs come in a variety of sizes and colors to suit any style, and they pair perfectly with outdoor wicker.

Each rug is made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles, and, just like our wicker furniture, our rugs are super easy to clean. Simply dry out when wet, vacuum when needed, and scrub it every now and then to keep your outdoor rug looking brand new after every season.

And for an item that wards off pests while looking great and feeling cozy, we recommend our Bug Shield Blanket with safe, long-lasting bug-repellent Insect Shield®️ technology.

These lightweight throw blankets are soft to the touch and ready to be used year-round. That makes them perfect for staying warm in winter or keeping mosquitoes away during the summer.

After defining your outdoor seating area with a rug and a blanket (or two!), add some colorful throw pillows to ensure your guests will always be warm and comfortable while visiting.

Make It Functional

Looking to add some functionality to your outdoor space? Pairing your wicker furniture with an Outdoor Coffee Table is the perfect way to bring your friends and family closer together for those conversations that last well into the night.

Our tables are designed to match outdoor spaces of all shapes, styles, and sizes, so incorporating one into your backyard means having a beautiful centerpiece perfectly suited for you.

If late-night warmth or anytime comfort is what you’re after, then our Fire Pit Table might be the right addition to your space! This multifunctional backyard staple is a sleek and modern take on the traditional fire pit.

Whether you’re cooking some tailgate-worthy food over the griddle or just relaxing by the fire, extend your outdoor season and make the most of your time spent with the ones you love.

Ask An Expert

Designing your dream space isn’t always as easy as you planned. But with our team of professional exterior design experts at Outer, creating your ideal backyard oasis is as simple as booking a free appointment to unlock your vision.

Getting your professional consultation can be done in three quick steps.

  1. Request a consultation with our design team.
  2. Tell us about your project’s details, goals, obstacles, and how you envision your perfect space.
  3. Collaborate with an expert member of our team to achieve your vision.

From space planning to overall exterior design, we'll help you select the best products guaranteed to fit your space and lifestyle. Bringing your dream yard to life has never been more convenient!

For even more easy tips on transforming your outdoor space, check out our dedicated blog post here!

Enjoy Quality Time Outdoors With Outer

outdoor wicker furniture set up at night lit up by string lights and a glass fire pit table
Outer Wicker Outdoor Sofa with Armless Chairs

After reading our guide, it’s easy to see why outdoor wicker furniture is a stylish, durable, and low-maintenance option for anyone looking to bring a sense of warmth and comfort to their outdoor space.

When shopping for your new wicker pieces, be sure to follow our expert tips above including choosing quality materials and craftsmanship, opting for neutral tones, and investing in outdoor furniture covers to extend the life of your pieces.

From our cozy Wicker Outdoor Armchair Conversation Set to our spacious 6-Seater Wicker Outdoor U Sectional, Outer’s wicker furniture is the perfect way to bring life back outdoors!